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  1. I experienced it myself today. i tried logging in. I've never had issues in the past during rolling restarts. I kept trying though. I did end up ultimately being able to log in. I did also submit a ticket hoping to bring the issue to their attention
  2. Discord maybe an alternative option for them to use. I've noticed other Second Life communities use it for event announcements and etc.
  3. Hello guys, I am looking for someone who is great at building and is familiar with anime. Right now i am looking for quotes of prices. If you are interested in helping me out rebuild my location please contact me INSIDE second life. If i am offline please leave a notecard in my Legend of Zelda wind waker mailbox. Feel free to have a look around the land to see what i have. Just about everything will be remodled http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dedicova/53/194/2501
  4. A friend of mine just showed me a great system no longer need help!
  5. Hi, i have been looking high and low for a proper racing system. I have yet to find one! And what i mean by a proper racing system i mean one that can count laps for looped courses. there isn't one on the market that has what i am looking for i contact shi industries about theirs and they gave me theirs free of charge but it wont work. There are racing systems out there but none of them do what I need them to do. Im actually shocked there isn't a proper racing system out there with all these race vehicles. I see some that looked promising but after reading into them they a e for horses and I have 0 interest in horses. If you know of a PROPER system where it can count laps like 3 or more then please contact me. Im also willing to pay to have a custom one made if i absolutely have to. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dedicova/91/173/3020
  6. Hi ya'll!! I have shops for rent on my land!!! Come by Hiroto Esates. 2 prims per L$1! Its an adult sim so please fallow LL Guidelines for adult sims. Also use the teleport board located near the landing to get to other areas of the land!! Enjoy the area, Fishing, Greedy cards against the humanity and more!! The land is perfect for selling your buildables and breedables. Please read the rental agreement the rental units give you.
  7. So lets say i want to sell L$978. Thats my quantity i want to seel, right? so then i just put in the exchange rate L$250. not L$250 as quantity and not 1 in the exchange rate. i think i am starting to understand
  8. I still don't get it. i do not understand. in all i have L$978 but im selling L$251 obviously. I honestly don't know if i have it right or not
  9. Disable RLV in your viewer and restart it. That's the only thing i can think of
  10. Ok i got two answers already but they seem like totally different answers now. I am even more confused now than i ever was. I'm now thinking i cant just pony up L$250/1. The answers now feel like i have to affer more than 250L and make the usd rate higher to match the L$250/$1. i am so confused now. I have a learning disdability and the two answers seem to conflict with one another. i have a real hard time comprehending. which leads to miss understandings If i am doing this correctly please let me know. this is what i gathered from my understanding form my previous question. 
  11. Ok thank you so much!! I am actually thrilled that i actually understood!! this changes everythign for me now!!
  12. I am trying to learn how to Limit sell and from what i have read, I am very confused. I have a learning disability that makes it hard for me to comprehend things sometimes. Right now the Offer to sell rate is L$250/$1. So does that mean I should be Selling L$250 for $1? I need this simplified for me to understand better. If i am understanding this correctly please let me know. And if i am correct should i just make Multiple L$250/$1 orders?
  13. Are you you 30 days old or older? Need a Job? Why not be a host!! Looking for male hosts for an all male staff!! Furries and Nekos are welcome to apply!! We are looking for hosts to throw a party every week! Once you finish the application pleae teleport over TexRMoon and drop the letter in my Red Mail Box!! Its on the left hand side of my door to my shop. If you are accepted as a Host we will be giving you note cards and 3 group invites! Land Group, VIP Group, abd Staff Group. TexRMoon Job Application for Dancers, Hosts, & DJs When you are finished please drop the application in the mail box next to the entrance to my shop. I will ignore direct notecards sent directly to me. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuyto/148/196/97 ? **APPLICATION WILL BE HELD FOR TWO WEEKS ONLY** **Fill out completely the application, or it will be discarded for lack of information, also please attach a photo** *BY SUBMITTING THIS APPLICATION I SWEAR THAT THE PERSON PLAYING MY CHARACTER IS 18 YEARS OLD OR OLDER AND NO ONE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 WILL VIEW OR USE MY AVATAR AT TADD'S CABARET & DANCE CLUB* IF YOUR AVATAR IS UNDER THE AGE OF 30 DAYS OLD, JOB APPLICATION WILL BE THROWN OUT! *** Please Read, fill out, and sign Below this application, then return to me - Russ Artorius Morlim (russ.moonites)*** My main goal here at Club TexRMoon is to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves and have a DRAMA FREE experience!! Change the name of the Card to your SL name. NOT YOUR DISPLAY NAME! Acceptable Example: Russ Moonites Unacceptable Example: Russ Artorius Morlim Which of our Positions are you applying for? Do you have previous experience in this position? NOTE: Experience is not necessary but improves your chances of being hired. How did you hear of Club TexRMoon? Today's Date: SL Name: SL Date of Birth: If you have had any previous experience working in SL night clubs please feel free to list them below. Again this will not harm your chances of getting a job here just improves. Can you please tell me a little bit about why you want to work here? What can you bring to Club TexRMoon? When are you available to work? Give me a Small description of your personality and why you would be good for this position. Please make note of the following: Dancers keep 80% of the tips. Hosts keep 90% of the tips. DJs have the option of bringing their own tip jars so as long as said tip jars aren't overly primitive and they keep 100% of tips. Even if they use one of our tip jars, DJs get to keep 100% of the tips. If you don't already have the 2 notecards required for SHX Shoutcast Boards please fallow this link. http://www.shxonline.com/src/ncwiz/ If you are teleporting in from out of the sim please take the elevator it will take u next to my shop. When you are finished please drop the application in the mail box next to the entrance to my shop. I will ignore direct notecards sent directly to me http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kuyto/148/196/97 ?
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