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  1. It's kinda interesting that you say i am 'Guessing' when the real question is not even to do with the back story. It's me asking a SIMPLE question that only needs a SIMPLE yes or no answer, not more accusations and judgments. YES or NO, are Lucky Eggs a violation of the TOS. If you can't answer that then don't waste my time with your own 'guesses'. Thank you.
  2. So a friend of mine recently got reported for having a no-lose sploder, and I guess was told if anything else questionable was found on the sim they could be banned...the only other thing any of us can think of is the Lucky Egg. If a no-lose sploder is a TOS violation, then is the Lucky Egg also a violation? Why or why not, and should we be worried about them losing their account over this? (If no-lose sploders are so terrible then they shouldn't even be 'legal' on marketplace, just saying.)
  3. I'm not quite sure what happened, but since I updated my viewer, my local chat does not translate foreign languages into English for me anymore. I've double checked to make sure the box is checked, and it is, but it doesn't translate. Does anybody know why?
  4. Yeah, it dawned on me that I had it set that way, thank you!
  5. Ok, so I have an alt that I want to give edit rights to, but when I click on her profile it says this name is unavailable. I can see everyone else on my friends list profiles, but not my alt's. I know there's no issue with my alt as I was logged into that account last night. My alt can see my profile, but I cannot see hers. Why?
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