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  1. I notice that second life didn't change in a decade. Exemple you have your profile picks. This is not a picture tool because the picture change askpect. It is ugly picture the ration hight wide change and the form change. That is terrible People use it as additional bio. and land mak That tools has not been improved for years This is just an example.
  2. I want to thank you all people who partiticpated at this thread. I already did some steps forward even though that I must admit that I didn't read all the long loooooooong posts but I should. I am very good at procrastinate. Reading english demand me huge effort and time. But I will do. If I read one post per day and try to contextualise it. I am sure I will get many good things. Sorry for my way of communication. Maybe you don't follow (understand) me or I don't follow you. I didn't want to offence anybody. I understand that this forum is only one world the web forum and secondlife is an other way. So it can help me untill a certain point and there is separation between the 2 worlds. Link in this forum is only http or https and links on sl is landmark and does not work here (at least for me) 2 sl people help me in sl in sending things and landmarks and giving advice. and I would like to give thanks to them. And people who are against my attitude. ... It doesn't matter And that will help to go forward either. I am learning with my errors. I have 3 pages to read now.... How many days for that ?
  3. J'ai comme l'impression que je viens de me faire engueuler. J'ai du faire quelque chose de pas bien du tout. Pas grâve c'est la vie. Je relirais tranquilement aprés. Peut être normal j'ai rien compris. Je ne suis d'ailleur pas sûr de m'être fait comprendre. J'ai quand même l'impression que tout le monde est contre moi à me taper dessus. Mais je comprends mal l'anglais donc j'ai peut être pas raison.
  4. He he Do someone have humour !!! If I change my profile of course that will not change my avatar. I reply to the person who give me that advice. An apply it to prove it that this advice is useless for avatar. Yes maybe for genaral it is better to have a good description. BTW I am not good ad writing a good bio at all but that is an other story and out of topic. I think I know what I will do. I wrill create a new avi if I want to continue 'playing'. That play is not fun anymore. Many post tell me that a bad avatar is not good. OK That will help me to know. Otherwise I would not write such question here. I received many advice to keep normal body and mesh thinks. OK it is a good general things. Now I need more precise things. Where to go ? Do you have group special for old noob like me. ? I think My avatar is completly ill and I ask where is the hospital and people say you are sick go to the hospital (shop) !! I don't konw where is the hospital. You have to pay the hospital and I have no money. And Finaly I am dead. Hooo my english this morning is not good. After you have misunderstanding.
  5. I changed my bio maybe that will help my avatar to be improved.
  6. OK I am wrong. I totaly misunderstood that topic. I am not in the same situation. sorry for my wrong message but I cannot delete it.
  7. 13 hours I can make first synthesis - Thank you all for your answers. I didn't expect such reactions. I thouhg that this forum was dead and maybe in one month I will get someone who reply. - This post was in Avatar section. Maybe I will write the same kind but in friends section. So the topic was how to improve my avatar not how to make friends or something like that. I explain all just for the context and it is easier to understand. Concerning the Bio yes it did it on purpose just to test it. - My conclusion : I have to go do the market place that could be easier to find things. I loose my time in sl shops and that is so discoraging. I cannot find what I am looking for. - I understand that there is normal avatar and mesh avatar. I am normal --> that means for sl not normal lol. They also call it standard. I should be mesh or at least have one mesh. I don't know if I understood exactly what mesh is but maybe this is where you have alpha layer. - I will make a break now and when I have enough energy or motivation, It will be kind of challenge. I will try to find out something. and I will test how people react. - It is hard to have feedback. That is my mean problem. I should wait untill people leave me or don't talk to me and then I understand that my avatar miss something. That is why I am here is this specific topic of avatar and I would like to have feedback.
  8. I don't know what you means by telling that. But I explain my remark. I am glad that I am not the only one in this situation. That is more a positive remark.
  9. You are in the same situation than me execpt that you have L$ SL changed in the bad direction these last years.
  10. When I am shopping Shops are like that ....
  11. I also notice it is much more easy to be a woman than a man.
  12. I start rreading http://meshbodyaddicts.com/ but I don't have prerequisit. It start when we have something to update. I have nothing First I need to find out cloth or skin or I don't know that is the hardest part because My inventory is full but not with the right things probably. Where and how to get it ? Yes I am a man and I don't have lot of money.
  13. I hezitate where to put my post : avatar or friends Yes maybe it was not the right friends. I know but she was not totaly wrong my avatar need improvement and I am alone to try to do it. It is something I am not good at. First because I understand that I need to go shoping and I hate shopping. I tryed I get lost. I search search search spend lot of time and I have nothing.
  14. I understand something. If you are mesh you are something if you are no mesh you are nothing. I am nothing
  15. I was in sl few years ago, it was fun I had friends then... I stopt. Now I am back and my friend list is empty and people are not the same. As soon as they see me they leave. I understood that my avatar was not ok for them. But they did not say me what was wrong and how to change it. That is why I am coming here. Yes I am a newbie with an old avatar. When I ask that question people don't answer. They say fix your avatar. So Now I hope you understand me. I was never good at shoping. And when I go to shoping, it take so long to show something. English is not my language. and SL language either. Now I am lonely and I am not able to make friends because of that. What is the best fix my avatar or create a new one ?
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