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  1. Will also email. Thing is I am looking to make games, not so much a weapons thing. If you would be fine in meeting half way ie doing games and guns then its a possibility for me. As I am not heavily into guns but if we worked well together, on both sides mind you, then I see no reason to mediate between the two interests. If you'd also be interested. You can send me a IM inworld or notecard. I also posted here looking for others so hopefully we can talk further. And I can even show you my current work. My original ad > https://community.secondlife.com/t5/Wanted/Looking-for-a-business-or-people-to-help-manage-games-products-I/m-p/3059894
  2. Do read this post in full if you wish to work together with me. Had a few people message and only go off the title itself. Serious inquiries will take the time to read everything. Brief About Me And Work I was working but ended up having to pause because of a brain tumor. I am now recently back to working in SL. What I Am Seeking I am looking for contributors to help me with games and many other products I will be making in a collaborative effort. Be it a currently running business that works with me, or a group of people I am able to get together to make games with. Required Skill(s) - please have one or more of the below skills Must be able to produce mesh items based on game requirements/needs.Have a website where game activities etc can be posted to. And do all the management to that hosting.Ability to write game manuals and other in-game materials.Submitting items to the MarketPlace for sale, along with marketing and advertising for the products in-world.Suggested Skill(s) Be able to provide nice graphics for game elements and more. If not I can do this as well. Moderate to advanced understanding of a few languages so that discussions are easier. (PERL, PHP, as well as LSL)Additional Requirement A good grasp on English (even if it is not your main language). Initial Work The first game in a line of games to come, is a sim wide rezzing game which originally was labeled as 'City Coin Hunt'. Some reading this may have seen it running in Business Park or in a few small areas. I will only talk deeper on this game and other products to people wishing to genuinely work with me. End Note Please understand I am seeking contributors to my work, not people to hire. Rather people to work with. And if you are a business simply the same, not looking to be hired, only to work with you. You will be given exclusive right to my work while I maintain ownership of any work I do. I will sign contracts to ensure fairness on both sides. For those interested please send me a notecard or a IM (only IM if I show online) to Sieben Ochs. And I will also demonstrate the current game to those serious about working together. - Sieben "seven" Ochs
  3. I code in various languages as well as do art and design work. So doing LSL and PHP work would not be hard at all. Currently working on a game in the sim Business Park. Curious what you have in mind. IM or send me a notecard as its rare im on forums. Would love to talk more. P.S. Attached some random pieces for the game plus a random "much safer web version" of my digital art. Often more into dark and gore. But I can digitally paint much of anything. Yes may not be needed but I can often code and provide concept works of what I am also doing. - Sieben Ochs ("seven") 
  4. I briefly skimmed some replies. When I first joined no matter where I went it had lots of people. Then again so did The Palace if anyone remembers that 2D program. I feel it is simply time that does a program in. Some will move on to new and better things for themselves. Every product has a shelf life. And at this point I think Second Life is simply nearing its end. That end may take up to 4 years or less but it will come soon enough. People talk of SL 2.0 but then fail to read heavily up on it. It is not a SL 2.0 in the least. It is as I said before something to move to for those that choose.
  5. Well I got I would be charge if owning it through a charge month. Was just curious if it was higher for just a few days. Then lowered back to the standard tier. If it would be charged. One thing that made me ask this was the way they worded land tiers. And the wording of "tier fees are only charged for the total amount of land actually held within your billing cycle". If the land is only held for 2 days. Then sold would that be considered still within a tier or a increase in ones tier. If it went over? Since its held then released well before the billing cycle ends.
  6. Hello like the title says. Anyways I want to upgrade from 1024 ($5/mo) to 1536 ($8/mo). Thing is would I be charged a higher tier fee for momentarily owning both lands? As I will have to buy the new land. Place everything there. Then place the old land for sale. And wait most likely a few days for that to sell. Just wanted to know through these few days would LL charge me a higher tier?
  7. Given the way gifts is being called. There is no need for gifts = gifts++; over just using gifts++ or ++gifts. Only changed it minorly. As the duplication of is or is not owner bugged me. And a simple one time call to an else works. integer gifts = 0; // sets initial value to zero default{ on_rez(integer start_param) { llResetScript(); // this resets whenever the prim is brought from inventory } state_entry() { llSetText( "Touch for a Landmark", <1.0, 1.0, 1.0>, 1.0); //sets the hover text "message", color (here white), and intensity (can be zero to 1.0) } touch_start(integer total_number) { if ( llDetectedKey(0) == llGetOwner() ) {// if the toucher IS the owner (==) llOwnerSay((string)gifts + " people have gotten landmarks from me!"); } else { // if the toucher is NOT the owner (!=) // count up one from previous value ++gifts; llGiveInventory(llDetectedKey(0), llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_LANDMARK, 0)); llOwnerSay((string)gifts + " people have gotten landmarks from me!"); } }}
  8. -nods- Just giving my two cents as it were. Though I guess in the end it really is, as you say, subjectable to means. Speed and stability is often a bigger factor for me. And with Mysqli that is very true over PDO. Someone else may opt for something else. I would still say that should be a prefered even for SL. Because when is a novice or standard user going to really try and take full advantage of PDO, and its offerings? I just wouldn't suggest using PDO unless I knew exactly what the end means was for. Where Mysqli may be sufficiently used in its stead. If you forgive the analogy. Its like saying you want to drive 1 meter in a Ferrari, when you could have walked it. Its the same -groan- feeling I get when someone compiles a script in Mono when all it does is say "Hello World". There is a reason why scripts can still be saved in both formats. And always reasons for why one may be used over another. And really from what I see of the request I see very little need currently for PDO.
  9. Mysqli will be faster than PDO. You can see more benchmarks online that prove this as well as : http://jonathanrobson.me/2010/06/mysqli-vs-pdo-benchmarks. You may find tests that may prove the reverse. Though it is a very known truth that Mysqli is faster. Just PDO nuts try to invalidate with convoluted methods to testing. Don't believe me and do your own reading. Its nicer in the long run anyways. Mysqli is still currently more stable than PDO. Anyone needing proof should have experience to know this, or look it up on the web for more information. And concerning how the majority of users in SL need a functional system over a OOP with some flare. It really is better to stick to Mysqli. If anyone says PDO is more secure, you can do the very same with Mysqli its a moot point. You aren't designing for the U.S. government. So trying to structure code like a tank that only ever runs over a rubber ducky. Is a bit silly and unneeded. People should inquire to the applicability of the end means before the designation of a given path. Just a random simple script. string URL="https://www.somewebsite.net/myphp.php?"; list http_parms = [HTTP_METHOD,"POST",HTTP_MIMETYPE,"application/x-www-form-urlencoded"]; key http; list sendData=[]; process(){ integer len=llGetListLength(sendData) & 0xFFFE; // make it even string body; integer i; for (i=0;i<len;i+=2){ string k=llList2String(sendData,i); string v=llList2String(sendData,i+1); if (i>0) body+="&"; body+=llEscapeURL(k)+"="+llEscapeURL(v); } http=llHTTPRequest(URL,http_parms,body); sendData=[]; } default { touch_start(integer num){ integer points = 1234; sendData = ["points",points]; process(); } http_response(key id,integer status, list meta, string body){ if(http==id){ integer i; list lbody=llParseString2List(body,["\r\n","\n"],[]); integer count=llGetListLength(lbody); if(status == 200){ for(i=0;i<count;i++){ llSay(0,"["+(string)i+"] "+llList2String(lbody,i)); } } } } }
  10. To be honest given the two calls. Since one is without a sleep and the other is. Instead of creating more scripts to function around a sleep on a mass execution. I'd just use the llEjectFromLand = mass llTeleportAgentHome = singular. Then store the keys recently ejected. So if any happen to come back. Then execute llTeleportAgentHome. The interval between those who have been ejected to those coming back. Would most likely not be very many. Or within the same time. And if any happen to be in the same time while sleep is in effect for llTeleportAgentHome. Just have it call llEjectFromLand. And just use llTeleportAgentHome when its available (off sleep). Just a suggestion.
  11. Hello, I am working on a multifaceted update server. Of which I have coined most humorously to myself as AESIC. Or as it will be called on the market NEX Product Update Server. The thing there is it is still being worked on by me. Have a bit of things to do still. All in beta currently. Even examining Goggle apps and how they might work with it. I am wanting to know, brainstorm. What sort of things as a seller would you find needed/useful in a system of this nature? It has a bit it can do from outsourcing html objects and data to external sites. (looking into google apps a bit). various security protocols, and in-world methods for connection (from http to email, to external to internal pings, etc), bundability for items to be packaged along with updates, ban list, allow list (for times you want others/co-workers to add to the system without owning one, just add them to the allow). A list so far of menu items: (basics not commented on, can read more on product page if you like, or ask a question) product and more details here : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RS-NEX-Product-Update-Server-HTTPS/3645872 if you'd like to test it, you may grab a free client here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RS-Test-Product/4205503 http://oi49.tinypic.com/1zq83f6.jpg Info - Message - regardless if server is offline or online you can customize a popup menu client users see on connect Password - on/off - server status http://oi49.tinypic.com/2pobfrp.jpg allow > allow controls along with control for allow drop. which will enable you to decide when you want the allow list active. ban > ban controls. package > package controls along with control for allow packing. which will enable you to decide when additional materials are to be bundled along with updates. report> email- IM- limit-limit to check for before reporting automatically. list updates- Export- the ability to send custom html, objects, commands/data to a external source/website. there will be no static website to sign up/manage with. you'll be able to customize and build your own site around the data it sends out. which will also allow you to optionally code a structure of systems together from a website perspective. This will allow for others to offer hosting and development services on a web-end for customers. or if the customer wants they can have it off on their own design and display. Method-control on server end how clients will react to updates, from die, disable, to do nothing.
  12. Agreed. I used to be here years ago and just now back. Though in the past this is how I worked when doing custom work. If it was simple even if being massively resold. A single price was fine. If it was more for private use or limited use. Same thing. When it came to larger things a percentage of sales is more desired. Not only is it a good thing for the seller but also the scripter. You also do not have to make the script modify. As well as make updates willingly on a good bond with the seller. Truthfully I think some scripters sell themselves short. Very talented. And some not short at all. And not very good scripters. So defining things off time can either be fair for both seller/scripter or fair only to one end of the work (either seller or scripter). So I couldn't agree more with OP. Doing this percentage of sales keeps it more balanced, fair. If the seller doesn't like it. Then simply try to talk to them about it. If they don't budge simply move on.
  13. While interceptions of ones actual inventory is not allowed. There are still suggestions. You can take them and mod them further from the stated. You can still use the "black box", create a script that links from it to the actual vendors. Additionally, if you get the ANS version it reports what it is doing through linked messages. You can then modify these calls into the linked script. Which then in turn works with your vendors.
  14. Hey, Just thought I'd share a little silly thinking on my part. It is the months of the years. Represented by 1-12. Then a logic of what each month is offset of from 30. Red : Add top and bottom together = number to the right Black: Add top and bottom/right together = number to the right 1st month and 12th month mirror: Red (1st), Black(12th) Change in sequence at: 8th month Out of pattern: 2nd month Connected months: Always 1, avoiding 0 (which also includes (-2 / -1 counting leap year) It all has a nice logic flow in the pattern. If you ignore the changes for a month to the 2nd and 8th month in the diagram. Red and Black lines sequence with the 2 being mirrored at the ends. What I look at when I am bored -heh- Was having a bit of fun. May play with this a bit more some other day. Anyways have a wonderful night.
  15. Time for bed for me as its now 7 A.M. The verification and loading mechanism for modules is almost done. To see what modules it has, or will have. Check back. And determine if its something for you. Only you can determine what modules you need/want .. I will just make them and the server. =) I really love the way Titan Panel loads and verifies its modules. To ask exactly what it will have .. I will not limit myself to a "this is all it has". I will also in time create a open source API. So anyone may create and distribute modules of their own. API constructing will not be basic when I get about to it. And when I feel it has matured better. OK really off this time .. its 8 A.M. was just reading some interesting theories and solutions. Regarding RPN and generalized computing. I'll post updates and concepts as I think them/make them in this thread. Just a idea though for library inclusion. I have always loved CPAN! (http://www.cpan.org/) .. Maybe using some sort of system to allowing people to openly share and distribute their created modules. This most certainly would aid in the interest of the system. With a open architecture. Well it would be like how http://www.curse.com is for game add-ons as well. Not sure I would like to just use the MarketPlace for all of these. In the end this is just a much further idea. More localized thought exists in creating a effective module set to start. Default set in other words. I have always loved how openly sharable CPAN has always been. The reflective data shows as well. The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) currently has 104,272 Perl modules in 24,345 distributions, written by 9,535 authors, mirrored on 268 servers. I figure to code the servers, relays,clients on both ends (SL and web systems). The module loading mechanism. A database management. A method of packet delivery/execution. And most likely a safetynet coded into it, to soft crash a system if it critically errors (if it can). So it doesnt heavily disrupt a users service (in short a system recovery). A basic set of modules to start with (and add more later). Seems so short writing that here. Though I know this will take me all a while. This thread will serve as my posting updates to whats been done. Check back if you care to see how far it gets =) And of course since this is directed at merchants. Comments and suggestions are welcome. As well as testers once the system gets further built.
  16. You may additional contact http://www.facebook.com/andyroehrl .. and ask them the specifics of their system. And the steps needed to terminate something. If anyone would know I am sure he would.
  17. For me on a sole creative base. I personally would never settle for 50%. If I've done 100% of the work. Advertising is important .. yes. However I would say a cut of 10% to be more acceptable. If the marketing means to be of a effective distribution/traffic. You additionally will find more willing to cut in at 10% in trade for good advertising. Just my two cents. This can all be willingly ignored.
  18. I wrote this thread to be more in depth and not much is needed in suggestions. Though they are ok to post here. This is to serve more as a delivery concept aka my own brainstorming. Additionally the other thread is a bit drama ridden. And I do dislike drama. So I will kindly request that you remove the so not so kindly posted link .. to the other thread. Which I would rather see vanish. And will keep posting in this one as progress is made. Thanks. Otherwise it serves to me that drama is well and alive with you. I'd rather progress past that, and I hope you agree. =) And as said before Sassy. -looks up- When one engages a server .. a server can and will solve any and all given targeted means of the end user. Or tries to. Hence the conceptualized ideas of a PnP nature and additional modules. If you need more information on server mechanics may I suggest a light read of APACHE and its modules. A servers limitations should only be what a end user seeks it to be. For example if you want only a storefront, then that is all the modules you'' want. That will enable just a storefront. If one has to ask "what problem are you trying to solve". Then honestly I believe a server may additionally not be what you are looking for. This product, its ideas, its means of deployability, are not for the beginner or the "what do I do with this" type. This would also imply that APACHE (or any other system like it) exist in the same method, which they do not. Use of this as with any server will require more advanced knowledge, of what a server is and how to use it. If one lacks this knowledge then the server might not be for them. Simply put. A good test to see if managing a server is for you. Simple and easy to do. Is read up on running a server and how to fully manage it. If you can read through it all, and fully understand its designation and effictivity to you. Then yes. Will my offering be as complex/complete as APACHE? No. And in a merger between PHP and lsl, never will be. Will it try to do something few systems in SL currently do? Yes. Will it be a lot of work? Yes. Do I have time to truly sit and dumb it down to pins and needles for the basic user? No. So this requires some knowledge before use.
  19. Also on a side note. I am not employed by SecondAds. Wili Clip (CEO) knows of my work on this and BidBoards. I am working with them, not for. Termination of that "for", can occur at any given time .. with or without warning. Sieben Ochs "seven" [Reflect Solutions]
  20. NEX is the codename for my little project. Which was to reinvent a much bigger and better system than my older system. Which was dated back in 2008, when I was initially more around. The older system however was simply a in-store update system. It was fully drag and drop aware (I always hate messing with listens and notecards .. don't you). With a loadable client with product cards. Which verified and registered the items, and client to the store owner. And who could later offer these clients with the product cards. All of which included data. It maintained itself nicely in the market as a free solution. As I came back I started to notice, more and more, of a need for myself. To making this concept. Guess some things just tie in that way. -- Short History -- Most of the below I coded many years ago in PERL. I also rewrote it in PHP just to play with the language some. P5 was a checksum method originally developed under Plan9's checksum. I thought of some added ways to using this method. Which actully worked very well when I had used it for a then simple idea for a message board. Captive Flower Message Board was a simple delivery of a board from me all in PERL. I would love to try and rewrite P5 in lsl. However, lsl is too limited for what P5 would require. I wanted to come up with a system, that worked as much as possible in-world. It still uses web server integration. For things that would either take lsl too long, cause lag, limitations, etc. The database also was written for CFMB. It was a database I had used many times over. Though until its full rewrite is completed I want to just use MySQL. I may even just abandon the database I wrote and just use MySQL. Still thinking about it all. I sort of like using my own things. =) Current road map of NEX : (read below each for a general idea) -- Web Server Integeration (PHP/MySQL/Checksum) -- Each in-world server, client, and relay will at times engage the web server for various storage/functions. The data will be encoded and stored, and also validated with P5 before execution/delivery. (simple enough eh) -- Second Life -- Email/HTTPS support along with V2 specific functions. The basics of this for the core system. Is that servers that are created will link together. Populating a designated "map". The relay will be scripts on the web server. Which will also perform robot activities. So data will be managed in a network, with robots that will scan and target specific datas for examination in the "grid". The servers will do load sharing and multiplexing with other objects in and out of SL. If at all possible the in-world servers will try and manage themselves, as much as they can. They will even target other on-world servers for a network topography. Each server will be connected to a out of SL system. That will do the tracking and management of the active servers on the grid as well. For the clients and relays to work with. In short itll let the servers in-world manage this as much as possible. However, if it finds any issues, errors it will enforce its rules. Of what there is and how they should exist. Like a big brother. It may sound a bit redundant with some of the things I have discussed. However, I feel a good system has redundancy in case something goes boom. Something that can assist or take over, etc. NEX will include PnP modules that will have dynamic web pages created for them for customization. V2 =). NEX I hope to grow into a web server from within SL. I know some will say "oh the lag", "it can't be done", "why not do this", and so forth. I will just simply say its a test on some ideas. SL makes for a wonderful testing ground. It may go boom. It may not. I don't ever look at something and say thats impossible. I believe everything has a end discoverable means. All it takes is testing and finding. Will never say I am smart enough to discover the end. So I call it testing. Some ideas I have I want to use from a addon in a game ("WoW") .. And that is Titan Panel (http://www.titanpanel.org/). It has given me ideas how modules will work within the system. As far as what modules to create. I had some random ideas. You can tell me if they are silly/stupid. * A updater module * A in-world shopping module. Yes I know we have the current shop. My silly idea was about "what if". What if we could link and manage a group of merchants we want to associate with. As in a combined shop. Where only those products from our grouped merchants can be accessed and purchased. And possibly discounted using the system. You could then use this like a normal shop with a shopping cart. * Ad server module. Ever get tired of the ad systems all being seperate? This would require of course the ad agencies liking the idea. And allowing for a compatability layer. The module will then link and show ads from all ad services combined. And also allow the interjection of your own service. If you plan to host one with the module. If none actually like the idea. Just making a freely available ad server. * BidBoard module. SecondAds related and owned. With this offering I want to combine and manage all the BidBoards into a central location. Which will manage the new BidBoards using multi faces. They will be able to turn off/on any BidBoard in total or singular. Blacklist owners/renters etc all from it. If you think I have been too wordy. Or made it sound complex, it really isn't. So don't think itll do the dishes. It's just something I thought would be nice to build .. from me to you (the community). Suggestions, comments, m&m's always welcome. If you have any thoughts or ideas on how to do something better. Please say it. And i'll do my best to see its inclusion. I may even open NEX to others, to help me build a system to offer to the rest of the community. In a much shorter time frame that is. Though, that may be a while until things are more progressed on my end. Something for others to really see in effect. P.S. I may not be entirely non-babble free. If you think something should be worded differently/better. Also suggest that. P.S.S. My offerings are usually what I can offer in the short time I often have, to offer them with. Blasted real life and work gets in the way. Sooooo NEX in short will take me a while between managing real life and SL. Don't shoot me for saying "I don't plan to make a career out of SL offerings. And most likely never will." If NEX ever gets fully built and takes off (unsure). I will then have to find a lead developer to replace me. Though I think this would be a wonderful thing to see if it could work effectively. Even if I later pass it off to someone else. To at least keep the project going. Plussssss I may rewrite a lot of this later. It is after all early in the A.M. for me and I am tired. So silliness may have crept in unwantedly. Sieben Ochs "seven" [Reflect Solutions] - Never enough m&m's -
  21. ANS scripting will not be retired. It will still continue to work even in the new implimentation. Only the "Magic Boxes" themselves are retiring. Not the ability to script into ANS. ANS scripting if you actually read will continue. So that scripters and merchants can further take advantage of it. From the FAQ iitself : Automated Notification System (ANS): ANS allows you to integrate Marketplace notifications with your back-end operations either via your website or scripted object in Second Life. It will be replaced with a similar functionality in Direct Delivery to address the same goals and will use the same format as is currently in use to ease migration. --- "ANS will continue yes, but not by sending data to inworld objects. At thus point this product will not work." Misconception alert .. this product isn't connected fully with the "Magic Box". Works "WITH" is the key word here. Please read below. Which states a bit of what you have said. As well as what it does. --- And on a personal note if I may. If you don't like something or don't care about something. Don't flame a thread about the conditions which you feel is important (when you have no possible way of knowing the way its entirely scripted/works). There is no statement you will find that supports the logic that ANS will die off with "Magic Boxes" (So this product WILL survive PAST "Magic Boxes"). This product isn't fully connected with the "Magic Box". Rather a outside server that integegrates with the scripted item. When "Magic Boxes" are finally retired. Work will be still under way to enabling itself with the new method of ANS. Edit: Forgot to mention, for those that may notice its a outside service interaction. Myself, Reflect Solutions, nor anyone connected with Reflect Solutions. Collects or stores any personally identifying information or habits. We respect your privacy. Please have a wonderful day, Sieben Ochs [Reflect Solutions] P.S. I can see lots of ill-concieved logics also being applied to my A-Star implimentation. Now that LL has pathing coming. And that again will not die off because of the new pathing .. rather I'll work to advance it. Its a old script and a fun one. Where it calculates pathing points around objects. I'll see what I can add to it also for further advancement on the pathing calls. I am a programmer in real life (this is not just a scripter, C/C++ that's a programmer). So I am trying to add what I can to the community in its limited scripted language.
  22. I am very happy SL will now have pathing methods available. Additionally I have worked on a A-Star implimentation in world. That will be further enhanced by this new pathing. I am just curious how many others are excited also =) Read up on new pathing methods from SL. As well as A-Star if you don't know. I think this will add a lot more interactive depth. Now if only they'd fix their email function not to be so dodgy ...
  23. I will say to others since it seems to be needed on a mention to read : MarketPlace Direct Delivery FAQ ANS is NOT being done away with. ANS will in FACT be usable with "Magic Boxes" until the end of their life. As well as with the new system. With that again said, and out of the way. Open enrollment for testers to my new system for current and future applicable means. Is under way. Send a notecard with information on you and your shop if interested to "Sieben Ochs".
  24. Dear Miss, Here is just a few snippets to read. "After Direct Delivery is available in production, Merchants will be able to choose the delivery method until Magic Boxes are retired (over time, using a phased retirement process). More details will be provided closer to the retirement of Magic Boxes." "What about gifting, ANS, and so on?Working with the beta merchants, we are reviewing and testing the way various current functionality will be addressed with Direct Delivery:Automated Notification System (ANS): ANS allows you to integrate Marketplace notifications with your back-end operations either via your website or scripted object in Second Life. It will be replaced with a similar functionality in Direct Delivery to address the same goals and will use the same format as is currently in use to ease migration. " ANS is NOT disappearing with the new system. It is being reinvented =) And Magic Boxes will slowly be phased out .. not a bam ok you are to do this or be left out. Theres still a lot of time I assure you before the slowly phased out comes to pass. And even when that happens ANS itself will NOT be gone. It will exist within the new system. So the application for this to continue. Here and now and in the future is just the same =) The snippets and other details can be found here : MarketPlace Direct Delivery FAQ With that said and since this is a request for testers. You may either request to be one of the testers. Or hope my product sees a nice life even past the reinvention of ANS on the new system. Kind Regards, Sieben Ochs "seven" Reflect Solutions
  25. Reflect solutions is currently seeking a tester base for its ANS enabled product "ANS/2". This product enables sellers of MarketPlace items to do various things (All from the "Magic Box" itself.). More to come later, such as : 1. Thank buyers for a purchase. 2. Invite buyer to the product group. 3. Gift the buyer with another item as a thank you. 4. Reports the buyers name to a outside object. 5. Reports the item bought to a outside object. If you would like to be a tester please send a notecard with the title "ANS/2 Tester Application" to "Sieben Ochs". In it tell me a little about you and your shop. Testing spots will be limited. And are on a first come first serve basis. What this involves: You get a freely usable product for your marketplace items, in return for you testing. If you fail to report testing results, your product charges will not be extended without a fee. For more information and a show of the product visit : ANS/2 (MarketPlace listing to ANS/2 that works fully with the "Magic Box".) To test exactly what this is buy the 0L Test Box on MarketPlace. On send of the item ANS/2 will thank you for the purchase from that "Magic Box". It is a 1 prim default cube (box) .. nothing special about it itself. Try it yourself. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Test-Delivery-Box/3196213 --- Future developments will include: Object Tracking (hour/day/week/month) Buyer Tracking (hour/day/week/month) (Tracking buyers specifically or in total) Purchased amounts (hour/day/week/month) Sold Units (hour/day/week/month) Specific Actions For Items And more ... --- Once this is done extraction methods of data will be restricted to ANS enabled products solely from Reflect Solutions. It is enabled limitedly for others to build companion products of their own. This will end after the testing phase is completed.
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