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  1. @ Dearest market place is fked been doing it for years and haven't been able to put in products for a week and support don't do *****, so it's not you doing it wrong it's market place
  2. ah thAnks guys i kinda wondered if was lAyers of mesh or just a script thanks. yes she is too expensive nice but very pricey i will make some when get time but will not charge that much i just do it for fun, i have tons of mesh again her stuff looks nice Laylas but would like everyone to be able to afford such thing , so thanks again just wasn't sure if script or layers now i got it thanks again first i gotta get my beach mansion done lol
  3. Hello every one, I have been searching for the script that strips mesh clothing in a 10 Stage Strip or less to put in my clothes, I can't find a scriptor who knows how this is done, if any one knows some one or where i can buy this script pleAse message me in world, thank you in advance- just removed like old days I'am not looking for- i need clothes removed in stages , like a sexy stripper opps & done by a click with public or private to strip you-thank you be blessed
  4. are ya still looking you can IM me inworld
  5. are ya still looking?
  6. [REMOVED][DELETED][DONE][DON'T CARE][RESOLVED][DEAD][OLD THREAD][MOVE ON][NOT ACTIVE] [remto] [enlevé ] [rimosso] [löschen ]
  7. i agree Rhonda Huntress lol but w/e makes there sad little lives better i guess :)
  8. lol w/e think what you want just common courtesy to reply but guess you didn't have proper up bringing lmao could say same to you cuz um you replied didn't you ha, just a reminder i did start this thread by a simple question that turned into childish comments, so yep i have a right to comment as well, i love how people judge with out knowledge
  9. Lillith Hapmouche lol it is funny and they keep going on after months of it being done lol it kills me
  10. @ @BilliJo Aldrin oh lawd you must be her alt or friend lol good luck to you looks like you try to get stuff started 'sweetie' as you say just sits back and laughs at people like you, sorry about your boring life hahaha can't wait to see intelligent replies to this laughs harder, go for it cuz i will be the last one laughing this is sooooooooooooooooooo amusing
  11. @ @BilliJo Aldrin lol glad i have no drama in my life, hey guys this thread is done sorry but have fun and be happy in life..bless all
  12. [REMOVED] but won't delete so laterz all
  13. sorry she is stalking me on here and in game but thank you for your input Sukubia
  14. wtf will you stop stalking me, I DO NOT TALK TO YOU IN SL AND I DO NOT WANT TO, YOU ARE NOT A BDSM SISTER AND I HAVE TOLD YOU ENOUGH YOU ARE NOT WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR, please move ob and stop stalking and writing about me or my comments or i will report you, this is the last time I'm warning you- YOU ARE JUST MAD BECAUSE I WON'T TALK TO YOU IN WORLD, IAM SORRY YOU ARE NOT A KIND PERSON AND LIED SO AGAIN WE DO NOT WANT YOU IN OUR FAMILY, THANK YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY
  15. @ Talligurl, it's called a slave sister i made that very clear and have one thank you so write that down, guess you don't know what a bdsm sister is
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