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  1. Hi there! I'm looking to rent a 4096sqm. commercial parcel for my neko store. I'd like to rent from someone who's rental business has operated for more than two years! I've listed below, what I'm needing. Feel free to send KoolKitty Zuzu a notecard in game or respond here with what you have available! --- Need --- 4096 sqm. parcel Mature Rating (no adult) Atleast 937 prims available (no more than 1,000) Full control of about land info/media/deed to group, etc. Thank you!! *KoolKitty Zuzu*
  2. Hmm... as I've said... I'm new to scripting. I'm not sure how to use any of those without an explanation of some kind. -laugh-
  3. I'm new to scripting and such and have a noobii question ^-^ How does one check the time on a script? Thankies!
  4. After the Marketplace update this morning, I've stumbled onto a problem on my store. ALL of the items listed are of General Maturity Level, but for some reason, now only show under the Adult Maturity Level setting. I've contacted support, but was wondering if anyone else has had this same issue? UPDATE: -sigh- I believe I've found a solution. A rather irritating one at that, but hey, it's a fix. Relisting each items seems to fix the problem. =P
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