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  1. Hi Liz, I'm no professional but the head itself is not really what will make you look how you want - although it can help. An example would be if you google Catwa Catya head and look at the images, all the faces seen are using that head, but different skins. It's the skin that is key. I would suggest you start your quest by looking for more mature skin appliers for mesh heads. One example I found on googling 'mature skins mesh head' was this https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Izzies-Age-Yourself-LeLutka-Bento/11968726?id=11968726&slug=Izzies-Age-Yourself-LeLutka-Bento by Izzie for Lelutk
  2. This would be easier to believe if you weren't raising the limits for Premium members at the same time. Let's face it, LL isn't run on a shoe-string, SL has funded Sansar (or that is popular belief) and will continue to do so as it doesn't seem to be taking off in the way it was hoped. You're purely and simply hoping that the people using SL for no fee will 'feel the pinch' of being a standard member and pay up to go Premium. I used to have Premium membership and paid it gladly when I could afford to do so. Now I'd rather eat my own feet than be shoehorned into it by the company's shortsighte
  3. Thanks both, I'll work my way through that and try to get to the bottom of it
  4. Hi, sorry to bump an older thread but I am experiencing this now and I too have been through all the checks named in the original post. I recently switched to BT infinity and am thinking it must be to do with that but they are saying not. Please can someone return and comment on how they got around this issue? Thanks
  5. At last! A solution that actually seems to work. Thank you Everyone who is talking about adjusting hover to account for ao animations obviously hasn't had this issue. You are in the ground usually with only your head poking out, for no reason at all.
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