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  1. Yep, we exist. We're also wondering how every time we try to date in SL, we end up with 40-something year old married women. Sounds like we have a similar situation *smiles*
  2. Just wanted to add that when it comes to virtual worlds in a web browser, you end up being jack of all trades and master of none by default. That's usually the tradeoff, and ultimately why I've never been excited about that particular flavor of virtual world implementation. Thanks for the mention, Indigo...
  3. If anything I'd associate this option with automatic age verified accounts on entry, and remove the wording which seems to assume whatever Linden Lab is offering in this venue is separate and competing with the market. A selection of high quality anatomical packages could be created by the top market and made as new-resident packages, to be selectable by the resident on making the avatar: one package (no pun intended) per avatar. The top market could then put together their anatomical packages for the new users and submit them to Linden Lab for verification that it meets criteria and detai
  4. As an aside, the concept I was referring to in relation to procedural textures is that if we are generating the textures from the same underlying data, by which we are extrapolating the detail as a mathematical routine, then the lower fidelity takes less time to generate versus the high fidelity. In a static world, we're choosing a preset level of fidelity and forcing the clients to generate to that level (or preset levels) which I would readily agree would be costly for lower end systems to maintain. However, the idea that I was getting at was that procedurally generated textures can be gene
  5. Of course the Viewer 1.x also had a nifty feature where in order to actually teleport you had to be completely naked. So quickly (convieniently) we forget the rocky road of development that got us the Viewer 1.x series to begin with. Let us not forget that if we had the same attitude we have today toward Viewer 2 toward Viewer 1 when it began, we'd never be here right now. Especially when a new viewer, written from the ground up, comes out and so many of us bash it when it's barely had a year to get things together. Let's take a breather and remember our roots, and apply our once ample forgi
  6. I still don't use Viewer2/any version and... I'm not interested in downloading a different beta every week and... I'm not interested in downloading a different "Official" viewer every month. Plugging and chugging code until finally something works right is not my idea of a company I would do business with on a professional level. Good thing this is only a game! Usage of Viewer 2 is completely optional, and comes down to personal preference. As for downloading a beta every week, or an official viewer every month, I do recall the announcement that updates will be streamed in the backgro
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