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  1. Just wanted to add one other AV. I've never used her - I don't play a child in-world, but I was curious about the Genus BabyFace head and a regular non-kid skin without any makeup or post processing. I put her details on the tagged Flickr post for this challenge.
  2. I decided to go with my aged av. I have been letting her get older year by year. She used to be a glamour girl, but she is fading :).
  3. For the OP--the ONLY reason they need to approve the sale is if the sim is not being moved. Just tell whoever is buying it they need to move it as well as rename it. That comes "free" with the transfer to the new owner anyway. Case solved. You don't have to have approval from neighbors uless the sim is not moving, or its moving to another spot that also has people around it.
  4. There's nothing more traditional than a quickie Valentine's Day wedding in Vegas. In honor of this most romantic of days, the Little White Chapel on the Weir sim will be hosting Valentine's Day inspired wedding's the entire month of February. There's even an Elvis style minister available on request. Find it at: SLURL http://slurl.com/secondlife/Weir/76/130/23
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