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  1. i am not able to teleport to the hells end region - this is the only region i can not telepot to - other people can teleport to hells end and have sent me teleport requests - the region is G rated - i set my bandwith at 500 - i am not on a bann list - i have not blocked anything - i tried going to hells end on the log on screen as the start location

    any help would be appreciated -thx


  2. In v2.0 - when i do a product search i can not find the merchant list of objects, object coordinates and "GO" button

    In the 1.23 version of the viewer, "all" tab search results for object searches would yield a listing on merchants with that object as does v2.0, but on the 1.23 viewer i could click on the merchant name and see a listing of objects in that merchant's store along with object coordinates and the "GO" button which would teleport you to the object location


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