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  1. hi there everyone. i have a building model in sketchup all completed. im just having trouble importing it into second life. it may be too big. i can select it in sections and import it but i simply dont have the experience with the settings and getting low land impacts. no meshing or building needed just help to take it apart, upload and put it together. thankyou in advance. please contact me inworld @ taylor2 spyker thanks
  2. thanks, emailed and hopefully buying off u 2morrow, thankyou
  3. very interested, i would love to purchase asap please
  4. hi everyone, im looking to buy a full region asap, please IM me i can do a fast transfer and payment, much appreciated taylor2 spyker
  5. hi everyone, wanting to buy a full sim asap, please IM me inworld, thankyou so much taylor2 spyker
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