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  1. Looks like you're doing it right! Chest is the right point since it sits still (I think neck rotates a little, as you saw). I use a system body but I still don't own any necklaces that I've not had to modify heavily in order to fit them - my guess is because breasticles start around the throat on the system av, if you're not super-endowed then the angle of this slope is... atypical. For me the important parts to modify are usually the lowest-most point (often displaced due to cleavage) and the space between the collarbone and shoulder. Looks like you might benefit from having hair that covers the back of your neck.
  2. This isn't support@secondlife.com, you should try doing as the error message said. In truth though, your IP address was blocked - probably because you're on a dynamic IP address (like most European users). You can try powering down your router, waiting a few minutes, and then powering it back up. This should give you a new outbound IP address. Note that the perfect solution is getting the block lifted by contacting support, so that it won't affect other users on your ISP.
  3. I don't think I can answer all of these questions, but I do watch quite a lot of Youtubes and web-cartoons in SL. I don't use a product, I wrote my own script (that's like, my whole thing). I'd be highly skeptical of renting movies in SL, since there's no reason to think that your fees go toward the rights holders of the movie. You may still find yourself in hot water. Netflix won't work in SL because it requires Microsoft Silverlight, and the integrated SL browser doesn't have this. I don't know about Amazon Prime, I wouldn't pay for that service. For Youtubes I mostly copy the embed code from the video, so it looks something like https://www.youtube.com/embed/v=blahblahbl TV is definitely less of a thing than it used to be, I really miss the old MST3k showings.
  4. Sassy Romano wrote: Oh please, bring on the legal cases against the UK in that case since the UK government has and will continue to collect and store IP address records as part of what is being loosely referred to as an "internet connection record". Ok. IPT - Bulk Data Judgement against GCHQ/MI5/MI6 But also, some of the details of these brand new developments haven't been tested in UK courts yet, since they rely on case law and GDPR comes into full force in 2018. I fully expect it will be fun times, the UK will still be required to comply.
  5. Thanks Callum, that's a cool link. Interesting how things change!
  6. Syo Emerald wrote: Your IP adress is not a secret and not personal. In terms of how SL see it maybe, seeing as LL are based in California. But you may want to be aware of... Wikipedia GDPR Which could make it a crime (with fines attached) for folks in the EU (or working off of EU-based servers) to be attempting this nonsense. 'Course you'd have to chase them outside of SL, but that's easy enough. For practical applications, IP address can become personal data if combined with other data, such as account name. Which would be what these folks would be doing.
  7. Probably caused by a poor Internet connection on your side. Don't use Wi-Fi - use a cable. Check that you have at least 1Mbps downstream. Reduce your draw distance.
  8. Maybe you're standing in a No Script parcel, or the tool has broken - you could try resetting its scripts. But Alwin's right, we can't debug scripts here.
  9. I'm hardly an expert on RLV, but I do things differently. I'd add '(nostrip)' to the end of each asset's name inside the .core folder. In the case of NoMod assets, create a handler folder with the new name (+ (nostrip)) and drop the NoMod item inside. Does that give any more success?
  10. Amethyst Jetaime wrote: LinuxGod4u wrote: 1- In the beginning you had to provide SL with your DOB, etc., so as to verify what gender/who you were, but that changed so now you have not a clue to who/real life gender you are chatting/roling with. To my knowledge age and gender of your RL were never available to other residents. Correcto - these were never public information. Nor would they have ever been, Linden Lab has always been very clear on resident privacy and acceptance of incongruent information - to the point where I'm almost surprised to find an alleged oldbie who advocates for "verification". In addition, I've never confirmed my gender to LL - and they've never asked. In 2006 I did still have to provide Payment Info On File - but using a credit card reveals no private information except your name and that you're aged above 18. LL have my DoB on file as well, but that's all. Really I'm jjust posting to corroborate since I've very recently had to think about the information companies have about me.
  11. If you received an item to your inventory (it was given to you) by a scam vendor, simply delete it from your inventory and you'll be fine. These scams can only hurt your account if you wear them or place them on the ground - they typically try to drain all of your Linden Dollars (L$). Just make sure your boyfriend doesn't do that.
  12. In your standard/system avatar (not Maitreya) it could be happening because you're not wearing either a glitch layer or an associated with the outfit. You can alternatively buy many types of alpha layer. They basically make parts of standard avatars invisible.For Maitreya, it probably has a HUD or fancy gizmo that can hide parts of the mesh body.
  13. Avast is different to Avastar. Remember that this is paid-for software produced by a Second Life resident. http://avastar.online/reference/install/
  14. Take a chill pill. SL's groups system is not reliable, highly buggy and barely suited for the purposes most residents use it for. It breaks all the time, there are inconsistencies everywhere. There's no mystery, this isn't evidence of any strangeness. Just don't rely on groups and you'll be fine.
  15. I wear mesh clothes (about half the time), have mesh hair (took me a couple years though!), but keep my system body. For context, I usually don't change my 'base' very often - same face, same hair, same identifiable marks - and I'm often complimented on my distinctive appearance. Lots of reasons, not the least of which is the size of my non-mesh wardrobe and my custom-painted skin (+ tattoo layers), and the ability to adjust my shape (incl. alpha, body physics, tattoos, cyborg implants) just using RLV folders. I can also make the clothes/alpha layers/tattoos myself without any hassle* (HUDs, amateur scripts, appliers) or modelling. My avatar has spent a really really long time lookin' good already, using a generic mesh* or piling a tonne of time* into trying to do the same thing using more tris* and stacks of appliers* isn't practical or efficient. I'd have to figure out a lot of not-very-practical-skills* just to make my own bodyparts look the same as they do now and I'd lose functionality ('cause just about every part is scripted or RLV-accessible). No shade on the folks that choose something else, but I'm pretty happy with how things look right now. If I wasn't, I would look at alternatives - like I did with my hair. Hope that helps. *Subjectively. I'm sure some folks, some products, could reduce the hassle and some of the skills might be useful sometime eventually but I've got stuff to do with my life.
  16. Rolig's right, there's nothing we can do about this. My guess is that one of the systems involved in the posting of events (it could be a local problem - something you can fix?) is using Windows-1252 instead of UTF-8 for character interpretation. Check you're only pasting standard characters (e.g. by pasting from a plain text editor) or are using a standard English keyboard/localisation set in your Operating System. Especially, do not paste data from Microsoft Word. Good luck! Reference: Stack Overflow - Symbol showing on page
  17. Definitely check out both films! I'm sure there's book versions if you prefer paper. Imitation Game directly followed Turing during the Enigma events, while A Beautiful Mind followed John Nash - mathematician who developed founding principles of Game Theory. Thanks for the historical clarification! Like I say, memory issues - I piece together the things that I can from external sources. I think the flowchart writing idea is a promising one! You could try something like NaNoWriMo - I'm sure there's more than just me interested in your stories - fiction or no. Enjoy all your weekends.
  18. Phil Deakins wrote: An interesting (to me) aside: I've just read a book about Gordon Welchman, who, along with Alan Turing, was one of the main people at Bletchely Park. It was an interesting book, made more interesting to me because I learned that GCHQ is the continuation of Bletchely Park, and I trained to maintain and repair a particular cipher machine there. I trained on others during my normal army training, but that particular machine had to be learned at GCHQ. So I'm Bletchely Parker - twice removed That's awesome. I recently saw The Imitation Game film about Turing's work at Blechely Park, but I've had a long-held love of A Beautiful Mind (very similar, and I relate to a little more closely) for ages. Can't say I've ever been inspired to go too closely to the modern incarnations but I love all those stories - people realising for the first time that computers exist and that they are super-compatible with them. I kind of wonder what we'd all do if Amstrad and BBC didn't do what they did! Under my own steam I wrote five small philosophy.. things. Shorter than books (they were published in psych. journals), but like you I'm terrible at fiction - no patience for it (my latest work is fiction, but very loosely, and it's taking forever). Writing is still very much a hobby - one of many - but definitely one I wish I had more time and patience for. It's been really cool finding more about Theresa and Wherorangi's backgrounds too! Thanks for sharing. I really like the sound of the broadbrush approach of Wherorangi's backgroubnd - and I could definitely use more peer review!
  19. Phil Deakins wrote: I was about 40 when I started. I bought an Oric home computer in the mid-80s because I wanted to write a programme that would sort out which videos to deliver to which customer. So I learned the BASIC that came with it and, eventually, I succeeded in writing the programme. I'd been trained in electronics (cipher machines) in the army, and computers certainly interested me a lot, so I then learned to programme in machine code. After that, I took the Oric apart, drew it's circuit on paper and learned what every part did. By adding a chip, I actually improved its memory, but only for machine code programmes. I made use of the 16k of RAM that was overwritten by the ROM. I then started up in the computer business, inventing, manufacturing, and selling add-ons for a certain make of home computers (Amstrads). It's been interesting Nice! That's cool work. I don't think I got on the scene properly until Compaq started being practical machines in... the 90s? I started off on a 386. I'm also 29 - not a secret, the problem is (biological) memory, mostly anything before I was about 19 (incidentally, the age I joined SL) is missing except on paper records. I think my biggest application of BASIC was a chatbot, nothing as complex as Alice/Eliza but I've always liked ciphers too. While I was still in compulsory education I co-authored a book and interactive CD based around Fibonacci - a distraction from writing the foundational code to my desktop personal assistant (which is still running, though it's moved languages and datastores a few times - it's now purely online). But yes I know it doesn't matter - except for the previous discussion on subjective knowledge/difficulty. Just interesting!
  20. Media mostly runs through your PC - check that you've got all required codecs to play this file outside of Second Life. I don't know what you're trying to do, but I would advise against using a fixed-length MP3 file as parcel media. If this is a streaming file then... see if you can get it in OGG format, Second Life prefers those.
  21. Phil Deakins wrote: I just take her gender to be what her avatar is This is all I ever use - unless someone states their wishes in another way. I don't even know how long I've been writing code - what even counts as code. I picked up BASIC before I was ten from a rusty Commodore64, then wrote websites and computer games - well, console games - before I was twelve (though to be fair, my main interest at that point was CG graphics). Scary to think that's a bit past 20 years ago! Heck, I've now been writing LSL regularly for a decade. In lots of ways though, I'm still an amateur. Phil Deakins wrote: I could write programs without the 'me' but I don't want to dilute the english language My boss would like you!
  22. Envy is one way to see it, again not knowing her background (or gender, but I'll take cues from you since you seem to be sure) I wouldn't like to guess one way or the other. My reading isn't that she accused you of lying, but I can understand that you might feel your prestigious history was impugned. I can understand that the times they have a'changed - I am very much one of those programmers who prefers to write my own code (perhaps like you, except that I write programs without the 'me' ), mostly because I think without firm control it's hard to prove that bugs and exploits weren't inherited. I didn't learn how to code all that long ago, but my approach is definitely out of fashion in the wider industry. It's not much new learning, getting familiar with the 'plug-ins' people seem to enjoy using today - Bootstrap, Node.js, jQuery... and it certainly saves me trying to kludge my way through Javascript just to find a few CSS selectors, or figure out how to handle IIS's magically stupid way of managing ODBC connections. Code isn't a monolith, I don't see the point in comparing masculine sexual appendages against a ruler. I think the more pressing question is that with so many brainy folks in this thread, what else can we get done?
  23. If you're looking for a Dom I assume that's because you also have an interest in BDSM - otherwise it's probably an unecessary task for a new user. You're right that many Dom's will be very wary of new users, as spending L$ on them usually disappears. Some are more charitable, but really my personal feeling is that it's your responsibility to become equipped and familiar with your gear before looking for a partner to play with. My opinion is that you should be spending this money so as to demonstrate to potential Dom's that you're worth investing time (not L$) into. You could also spend this time learning more about SL, and exploring.
  24. For clarity, I don't care about this point. I understand Wherorangi's reason for bringing it up (same as mine and Theresa's point that difficult is subjective), my feeling though is that for one reason or another this failed to land. While I don't know either of your skill levels, you've both clearly got brains. If I was to pick a point, it's that Phil keeps spelling it 'programmes'! However I think I can see what Wherorangi's getting at - I had a friend recently get hired into their second programming job (web applications). As part of their application they were given a small task to complete. My friend wisely used Node.js to complete the task, saving time and reducing "reinvention of the wheel". Other applicants - writing "from scratch", feeling that original work was superior to relying on external resource - failed due to the time constraints imposed, and not realising the actual depth of the task. Braininess and fluency aren't necessarily the leading points that get you hired in 2016. Reinventing the wheel costs agile companies their lead. Don't make me drink script you both under the table.
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