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  1.  If I'm reading this right, your crusade is to troll Adult places and report folks who don't pay attention to the fact that you're wearing unsuitable and inappropriate avatars? What a weird and risky way to spend your time. And then to advertise it - even recommend that others take risks doing the same. Yikes.
  2. DannahX wrote: Want to be a part of the pokemon go SL version? Lol. Someone's sure never heard of Copyright law. TechCrunch - Beware Fake Pokemon Go Apps (as some examples of what happens to folks who fall for scams like the above) Wired - Nintendo Takes Down Fan-Made Pokemon Game (and just one story - pretty much a best case scenario - of what could happen to folks who steal Nintendo's intellectual property)
  3. Ask whoever produces it. Answers doesn't provide support for random creators products, and most businessfolk have their preferred support methods.
  4. Yes, to the extent that avatars can get pregnant (which, really, is no - but you can play pretend, right? that's what everyone means by pregnant, right? They don't want the messy squeezy stuff, just the look of it) Just use the Marketplace to look for... like... pregnant belly attachments... or... whatever other aesthetic look you're going for. This isn't my area.
  5. It's difficult to read your question due to a poor quality translation. You probably belong to a group with a liability attached - it's asking its members to pay for group costs. Your clue is the name of the group owner that's mentioned in your post. Use this to find which group is reducing your L$, and leave that group.
  6. Penny Patton wrote: There's an attachment point called "Avatar Center" Ohyeah, they changed it to Avatar Center. Thanks Penny.
  7. Oh! I see. The best answer to that, then:- Build a cube somewherwe with rez permissions Take it to your inventory Travel to the store and stand next to the furniture. Attach the pre-built cube to your Root attachment point Scale and move the cube as necessary, then take down the scale.
  8. Er. Build a cube prim, scale it until it meets the size of the furniture, and then note down the scale of the cube? Just like before.
  9. Build a cube prim, scale it to fit the space, and then read the scale values. Check out the Knowledge Base article here for a more thorough explanation.
  10. Haha, no. Check your transaction history.
  11. Try placing your offer here. It's unlikely to be seen here - the Answers service is to provide help to users.
  12. The error message you posted has nothing to do with your account. Resolve the issue with your NVIDIA graphics card and/or driver in order to be able to log in successfully. We can't help you solve this problem, since it's on your PC.
  13. I totally agree that having to guess the first names of people named 'Resident' is not a useful or practical way to recover accounts. Despite the tone of Alwin's post, he's probably right - you're going to have to file a case ticket and ask for a more sensible shot at recovering account. LL will typically ask for you to send them a scanned copy of identifying information such as a driving license. You can file a create a case here. Good luck!
  14. I listed a half-dozen bulletpoints that weren't blaming the user, nor their hardware. It wasn't practical to list every reason why people might dislike SL, but that wasn't the point of my post. Companies choose games to bundle based on quite a few factors, the primary one that SL would fail IMO, would be ease of play - the part you bolded points the blame at SL's present culture (by nature of it being an uncontrolled online space) and development path, not the new user. I agree with you that blaming hardware alone isn't very satisfactory, but preferably from the angle that SL has had plenty of time and opportunity to make itself more hardware-friendly (and largely, failed at this). My position wouldn't ever be that it's the new user's fault for not being able to have a high quality experience of Second Life. O'Leary would run a mile - I'm pretty sure I've made that clear.
  15. Theresa Tennyson wrote: Another problem is even if masses of people decided to try Second Life, the architecture of Second Life couldn't handle the strain as it now exists. SL just wasn't designed as a mass-market thing and it can't scale up readily. Right now some destinations already fill up and lock people out with the trivial population of SL as it is now. A large population doesn't necessarily support more places, it just makes the comparatively few "hot" places need to support more people. This is true. My understanding of the back-end is that it's very bottom-heavy - each recently-accessed user account weighs on the overall system to the detriment of everyone else. There was a time when the servers were better equipped for high numbers of incoming people, but I fully expect that any sysadmin worth their salt would've annexed this capability by now. On a region-to-region level too, this would prove troublesome. I don't know how many Korea sims there are now, nor how many London City contains - but I'd hazard at 'not enough'. If new users expected to be delivered to any kind of 'experience' (e.g. something from the Destination Guide) I imagine we'd be overwhelmed within a day or two. I mean there's what, a couple hundred million or so installs of Windows 10? Even 0.01% of them playing SL would likely take out something critical.
  16. Wow, that takes me back. O'Leary's shovelware kept me occupied during the late 1990s. But no, Windows shouldn't be bundling applications at all in my opinion. Windows 10 flings a whole tonne of junk at the user including Skype, SkyDrive and Candy Crush. All these applications do is hassle users with ads, waste space and bloat the downloadable updates - well, and poison customer good will (doubly so for commercial customers). Second Life also doesn't have the 'reach' required to make a positive impression on the Windows userbase - no-one cares or will care that it's been bundled, and any passing visitors that Second Life gets will be unprepared, unwilling to learn and uninterested in the opportunities Second Life offers. Candy Crush's main features include:- Friendly, brightly-coloured and consistant experiences Child-friendly content Quick and easy to learn even for non-English speakers A very quick 'time wasting' activity Doesn't push the hardware or networking capabilities of the PC (risking poor performance, reflecting poorly on Windows) Doesn't expose the player to an unfiltered Internet (which risks poor experience) Any game that ships with Windows would need to appeal widely in the same way. Microsoft don't bundle Minecraft or Halo with Windows even though they own the rights to these - because they'd be unsuitable. Minecraft has online play (and chat), and Halo is aimed at teens/adults due to violence, online access and a story that requires active interest. Second Life, too, would be unsuitable. SL is a primarily adult service, has a dramatic learning curve that requires intense time investment and - by virtue simply of it being an Internet chat service - it routinely creates controversy and exposes its users to the potential for abuse. It also takes a fairly advanced computer user to be able to troubleshoot problems with Second Life. All of this would make it incredibly risky, even dangerous for Microsoft to consider. (None of this talks about LL's avoidance of getting trapped in Microsoft's past traps - OpenGL, OGG and other technologies keep us free of Extend, Embrace and Extinguish) Together this would - at best - further reduce popular public opinion of Second Life. In reality it would probably risk reducing popular opinion of Windows far beyond the minor annoyance that Candy Crush presents to corporate users. Second Life doesn't offer anything positive or interesting for the passing user, it doesn't channel users toward the Windows Store and it's not compatible with Microsoft's Surface or HoloLens adventures. There are no benefits to Microsoft in attempting this. Gosh, that all sounds harsh. I feel like I should add that I flippin' love Second Life - the negatives in this scenario would be caused by incredibly poor knowledge of what encourages users to come here rather than specific issues with the platform on its own. Second Life does well when people can seek it out because they are interested in the concepts and community that's already here.
  17. Australia went forward (forward! It's summer there!) two weeks ago. Everyone's doing it at different times. Time is bonkers. :-)
  18. Sounds like you're panning further away, not zooming in. This will cause a change in LOD - Level Of Detail. I wouldn't advise changing debug settings, since this will only change the way you see yourself. It won't fix the problem for people who are looking at you. LOD settings are determined by the uploader of the mesh you're using at the time of upload.
  19. In this thread: New user decides a decade-old platform with millions of accounts should reflect their preferences. I mean I get it, some stuff looks junky and not everyone is happy to meet you. ... Just like real life.
  20. Dorientje Woller wrote: 3. The player has the opportunity to receive something of value by any element of hazard or chance This - by my reading - is where the charge falls down. Gatchas don't involve hazard or chance, you get a straight 1:1 exchange, money for goods. You always receive 1 item for 1 play. The only complaint I can see is that the goods are "random", as in contents may vary. I can't see contents may vary as being a reasonable case for something to be gambling. This is further exemplified by Perrie's gumball analogy. I'm not a lawyer, nor do I live in California. I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt to whomever LL paid to avoid lawsuits and punitive measures from the state they've resided in since they were formed. Far as I'm concerned this is a waste of time, it smells like you just don't like Gatchas. My two cents, but go nuts on it if you like. Sorry for the delay in replying, I've not been near a PC.
  21. Dorientje Woller wrote: It's gambling Let me stop you right there - no, it's not gambling as LL defines it. Since the rest of your post is based on this faulty assumption it can be safely discarded. Feel free to read the official definition in order to post more accurately in future.
  22. LL are in the US. Country code +1 The area (state) code is already applied.
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