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  1. There's a whole barreload, but it's perhaps not as easy as you imagine. There aren't a whole tonne of folks just standing around waiting for you to have sex with them. People only enter into arrangements such as this is they perceive it to be worthwhile, entertaining and fulfilling. Additionally, to some folks, arrangements like this can have emotional attachment (and, at least for me, it's hard to imagine a successful, long-running RP where they didn't). In my experience, situations like this arise organically, rather than in a pre-written way. Situations where the character/user playing the central role are magnetic - when they draw people to them, enthrall them with stories, provide supportive advice or otherwise work with the participants of the roleplay in a quid-pro-quo manner. Humans have needs, and users in SL expect to have these needs met. It's not just about jollying around on a water bed. If you think you're up for this kind of challenge then perhaps invest a little, get yourself some smart-looking, largish property and start talking to folks. Draw people in and see what happens!
  2. No, sorry. I don't know what a "hair HUD" is or what it would do. This sub-forum is for those learning or wanting to learn LSL. If you want shopping advice, try the Wanted forum. You'll probably have to be more specific about what functionality you expect, and whether it needs to be compatible with a specific hair producer.
  3. That does simplify things a little, provided you're getting 1000Mbps (AKA "Gigabit Ethernet") through the wire already. Obviously, this only refers to LAN speeds, not the speed you get across your DSL/cable/WAN connection. You'll probably only benefit from the gaming router's 'intelligence' - the onboard CPU and RAM (assuming this is better than your existing router). Plus the ability to load up custom firmware if your existing router doesn't have that feature.
  4. If your existing router is not as good, then this will be better than your existing router. But it can't increase performance beyond the Client Network level - at some point you'll just find a new bottleneck and there's no guarantee that the bottleneck you currently have exists at the same level. If you're plugging a shiny new router into a toaster, the toaster is probably still going to struggle in Second Life. If you live at the south pole, the fastest router in the world won't improve the round-trip speed of your WAN link. Aside from the hype about processor speeds, 802.11ac 3x3 through 4 antennas is a solid offering, but it's hardly the top of the market. My guess would be that it'll be capable of high-speed WiFi for a couple of devices but not for a whole household. It'll certainly get a boost from the capability of over-powered OS firmware, too, but that is more difficult for the 'off the shelf' consumer to figure out. Anyone who uses corporate-level rack-based hardware (like myself) probably wouldn't see much benefit. TL;DR You'd have to test your network condition and PC capability to see if this would be cost-effective. If you have a solid level of skill you can probably get some good stuff out of this - but those are gains you might be able to get simply by spending more time optimising your PC and/or network. My source: BetaNews: WRT32x ac3200 Gaming Router
  5. You got griefed using typical 2006-2008 tools. It sounds like your gear (HUDs, etc) didn't handle the simulator slowdown very well, and probably stalled. NBD. Reset them as Qie advises and carry on with your life.
  6. Deformers (the schoolyard prank you got hit with) aren't new, nor could they ever be considered a security risk. Kiddies can only deform you with your permission. Take a look on Marketplace for an "undeformer" and - as Gadget says - be more cautious with animation requests in future.
  7. It's complicated, and I'm not an accountant or financial person but I'll try! Obviously I'm not involved with LL in any way, this is just my opinion as someone who helps manage a payment provider as part of my day job. Debit accounts have different legal requirements for processing and also need special procedures. Debit accounts are also charged different handling fees and are subject to VERY different fraud and security requirements (because almost anyone can get a debit account). In short, when you're used to processing CREDIT, debit accounts are a lot of hassle. An alternate theory is that LL really, really likes to maintain the complicated and secure cash-out process, and using a debit payment method might open them up to a higher degree of liability, fraud and/or individuals making a 'run' on their accounts. I don't know how likely this scenario is.
  8. Cool! And you're right, image embedding is troublesome. I just wanted to make sure people could see your work, unfortunately I'm no-good at mesh.
  9. Please excuse me while I fix your links. RPG Themed Crystal Necklace Pendant Here is a game screen of the objects weights Here is a screen of the older model... Sorry, but I can't comment on the content of your post. Good luck!
  10. Well, those are lies. The Personal Injury complex and false PPI claims both waste time and money. Risks still exist, It's just that they fall elsewhere in the economy. And yes, I know that post was meant to be a joke. Being taken seriously is a risk I see you taking often.
  11. Nothing is without risk, especially when it comes to social presentation. Individual land owners can ban you for any reason, or no reason at all. I'd guess (and only guess - I have no authority) that it's highly unlikely that LL themselves would ban you from the entire platform of SL just for wearing an avatar that breaks Intellectual Property rights (which is the assumption I'm making when you say "a company outside Linden Labs"), but that it is probably a not-smart thing to do. You're free to do it, but you'd be sponsoring people who don't care about IP rights, and are very unlikely to care about your rights as a consumer, either. Remember that LL provides no protection for purchases - no refunds, no investigations. If someone's selling someone elses work, they orobably won't be invested in making it work well or providing support - it may be broken or be sold without scripts. If it's mesh, it might be poorly rigged, or not rigged at all (essentially it'd work like an action figure, not an avatar). Few users in SL have sympathy for people who tried to take advantage of the system.
  12. LadyEllenT wrote: Ok, that's very good to know and I'm glad I figured it out early. I take a ton of snapshots but most of them are saved to my harddrive any way. Do you think this glitch is temporary and they will be back or does this mean they've been eaten forever? You may see the missing posts again. Sometimes the feed will let you load more, sometimes less. But this issue has been around since the feed was released, it's never been reliable. Good luck!
  13. Hi LadyEllen! I do see content on your feed, unlike Pleasureboi. About 15 days worth. The feed isn't a storage medium - it's poorly designed and the network it sits on top of is lousy. Really it's only any good for showing what you've been up to very recently because it will always error out sooner or later. I'd recommend keeping your snapshots somewhere else if you want a way to show them off forever.
  14. Oooo, I know this one! It's not a game? I mean maybe it is, maybe some people treat it that way. For me though, I "play" Second Life for the same reason that I play real life - the alternative is dull. Second Life is where a lot of my friends are, so I keep logging in. It's a good example of a place where I can create the things I want, with the level of complexity I want. I've very little attachment to the platform, it's the people. If Second Life were a game - if I could treat it like a game - I wouldn't still be here. Hope this helps!
  15. Yikes. You should follow the advice for Compromised Accounts and also Contact Billing. It may also be smart to get in touch with any payment insurance providers (e.g. for a credit card) you're with. Good luck!
  16. I always recommend Nalate's comprehensive guide to Troubleshooting SL Connections. Some ideas:- Can your friend get to www.secondlife.com in their browser, and successfully log in? How about my.secondlife.com? You could ask him to take a look at his Hosts file (provided he doesn't operate a webserver it may be safe to post that here). Or take a look at any web filtering he uses (sometimes Anti-Virus/Firewall products can bundle this).
  17. The stream is probably offline. Streamed media has nothing to do with Second Life, the viewer just forms the connection to the correct server. If the streaming server is offline, you won't hear anything. Ask or contact the stream operator, or test the Stream URL in your browser directly.
  18. andreajonesms wrote: Youtube does have some pay per use movies, bnot sure if that could be lnked to the sl TV or not. If so, then would that be a violation considering that I am paying for it? Check Youtube's rules. My expectation would be that, yes, re-streaming pay-per-view movies to an online audience would be outside of the licence terms. Also, this thread is non-authoritive, it's not a replacement for your own research.
  19. Haha my patience runs pretty short on the regular, I'm careful when I'm speaking to unknown audiences (e.g. in a public, busy sim) because... I don't know where that might go. But to be clear again, I wasn't pointing at any specific people's approaches! There's definitely a place for being able to narrow down your likes, and you seem to understand that it's a balance - too negative and you will seem negative, too jaded and you will seem jaded. It's not just experienced roleplayers who are having trouble finding good times, new users have this trouble too. And when they find an established Second Life user they will be asking themselves "Is this someone I can get along with, or are they too insular/grumpy/etc?". These people will have met older users that have given them a poor impression before, in exactly the same way that some older users have a poor impression of new users. My main criticism I suppose, isn't that people in this thread are doing anything wrong - other than maybe not understanding that this goes both ways. People tend to get the kind of quality from conversations that they deserve, either through intent or inattention (because conversation with them is less than great). Second Life is certainly still active enough that cool, intelligent and articulate people log in. Sometimes it's better to look what I might be doing wrong rather than blaming the world and ranting loudly across a room full of folks about the state of it all.
  20. Second Life is an online virtual world. Everything that happens has to be fired across the Internet from Linden Lab to you. Delays in this transmission are referred to under the very wide topic of 'lag' and it's caused by poor performance of your Internet connection. Improve the performance of your Internet connection:- Try a wired connection to your router Avoid high-bandwidth applications (e.g. Torrents) while using Second Life Avoid connection sharing while using Second Life Make sure nothing's getting held up at your Firewall or router Keep your network clean and healthy
  21. I think you and Harrison may be onto something. I agree that finding things in SL has always been hard - quality is often a fairly limited resource. But it is still your world, your imagination, right? When things don't match what you expect to find you adjust your world. If everyone around you talks "lyk dis" and you'd rather they spoke "like this" or "L1k3 7h15" then... find those people. Why sit around growing bitter and frustrated, resenting either other users or the platform? Why would it be anyone elses' perogative to give you the experience that you want? I've always found that a lot of folks are willing to say fairly disparaging generalisations about others - either in public or in their profiles. Typical in/out group stuff - "no sugarbabies", "no spampires", "no Madelaine's" - where do people think this negativity gets them? It's analogous to those folks looking for relationships with a long list of controlling preferences and generalised demands. If your objective is to sit in a place and expect people to drag you into their stories, or want to write stories with you, then... be a character with aspirational, captivating values. I don't get to enjoy RP the way I like it just because I'm an easy lay (tho it helps bahahaha) - I have plenty of fulfilling opportunities because I play welll with others, I compromise and my first inclination is to be optimistic towards potential for good times. I don't know anything about those with negative experiences, I've never met them (though I've been to Conall's places a few times now and then). I'm still just giving my experience of the things I see far too much of, and I wonder to what extent it may be symptomatic.
  22. Bryce Kidd wrote: 2. Such clubs are acceptable. And there are many of them. Heck, in this game we still own slaves. It is not uncommon to see some white woman dragging a black man about on a chain, by his collar. I know this is an attempt to be a plain-speaking response in a thread with plenty of hyperbole already, but I can't help but feel that this sounds... more controversial than it needs to be. I agree with a lot of your post! Almost all of it - in spirit - but I'm picky on language. In short: Second Life has no slaves. There is no system that removes agency from agents, we all have the same, inviolatable rights bestowed upon us by the ToS. No-one is forced to work to survive, no avatar can systematically have their abilities removed or their "life" ended because they're not the "right kind of avatar". Sure, people roleplay and pretend that they are slaves, and opinion/tastefulness of that is subjective (and off-topic). Pretending to be a slave, even taking the name 'slave' is not slavery. The pretend-slave can always (though, sometimes after a quick disabling of RLV) stand up, tear off their collar and demand that they are Spartacus and should be treated equally from that moment on - and the system of Second Life would agree. It is only by voluntarily opting into a power exchange relationship that anyone can appear to look like "a slave", and this is absolutely not the same as real slavery. It is flat-out, 100%, not possible for any user to "own" any other user. Slavery turns humans into property in the eyes of the law, it forcibly divides families, it is unjust and deadly - Second Life has none of that capability. Consensual BDSM is not slavery. Roleplayed non-consensual activity (whether Gor, interracial or.. I dunno.. Joe Arpaio-style prison RP?) is not slavery. Abusing and exploiting people, perpetuating atmospheres of hatefulness and intolerance ARE against the CS, but still are not slavery. My opinion is that claims like this are just as misleading as pretending that the Human Rights Commission is tuned into goings-on in Second Life. Slavery is largely condemned by Western culture as a bad thing and few 21st century humans with operating empathy would seek to recreate the atmosphere or environment of it being more widespread than slavery still is today. Words matter.
  23. So much shade, so little time. I'm not yet thirty (ALMOST, NOT YET, and don't you dare suggest otherwise), I've been active in Sci-fi, BDSM, Gor RP as well as general erotic, crime and/or relationship/girlfriend experience stuff. I've absolutely no interest in family/urban/kids/pregnancy/emergency-response/MC/vampire/breedable stuff. Been roleplaying from angles that I love in SL for 10 years (since my first week in-world), and across the Internet for a fair while before that. A lot of my closest friends roleplay daily - just about everywhere - and all hold themselves to high standards of quality. I probably fit into a few of the categories you list, too. I undertake relationships in SL. I have a small bundle of mental health issues - none currently requiring medication. I'm poly/submissive (which is a fun combination, esp. with new people). I also love Greedy. Most of these points are related, I find online stuff more manageable and I love exploring new dynamics. I also don't know what a capitol letter is, but I'm aware that just about everyone can be a snooty pretend-to-know-it-all. Sometimes ironically. I'm not going to engage in the silly judgements and ranting, I'm not interested in defending the state of RP across SL or the Internet. I surround myself with cool people who get it and genuinely make my time in SL an easier, more thrilling place with exactly the sort of offers for roleplay that I'm looking for. I've never struggled to add more cool people to the pile. If I were to give any "experience" here at all, it's that you could try the same - or at least try and reduce how much you care about people who don't qualify, or try to write off fewer people that might qualify, given time and compromise. Smart, articulate roleplayers exist, and they exist in SL. Plenty of reasons why you may not have found them, I guess. Good luck in future!
  24. The short answer here is that I agree with Pleasureboi. "Copybot" is just a script that copies the shape and appearance of objects. It's perfectly allowed to use scripts in this way - it's also allowed to copy your own items using exactly this script. What's not allowed is Intellectual Property theft, via Copybot or any other means. Stealing other peoples' work - regardless of the method. Whether using Copybot, Coopybat or Copyshoppycopbot or any other script or method, theft is bad and if you're caught, you'll suffer consequences.
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