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  1. General Discussion? Please don't tell me you have scrapped General Discussion for your convenience... General Discussion is what gives a forum 'life', it is the heart of the forum. If you rip out the heart what do you have? General discussion is where you can put the posts that do not fit anywhere else in the rigid structure; is where you make posts that aren't exactly rational and relevant to a pre-determined category. LIGHT GREY text on WHITE !!?? You can't be serious... I thought a modicum of professionalism was behind this work... (oops, sorry) Oh, and Previews can not be edite
  2. Why don't you blog under your linden name Hitomi? It would seem less underhand. Your constant praise for a not very good veiwer is becoming a bit ridicilous...
  3. It is still dreadful - slow, cumbersome, unstable, bad UI functionality, wastefull of resources... Thank God for Phoenix and upcoming Firestorm...
  4. Thank you Nelly - the link to creating micro-prims was most helpful
  5. HI I have seen Torley's tutorial on how to make 'micro' cubes but I can nowhere find instructions on how to make micro balls, cylinders, rings and such for use in jewelry making. Can somebody point me to the info? thx
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