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  1. They finally removed the User-To-User transaction Woohoo! To be completly honest, anyone who thinks that UTU is important go somewhere else :> Just Kidding. But seriously, I could have 50000L$, I would create an alt, and just send money between both my accounts, lets say i can make up to 100 transactions per hour, and i do the same thing for 24 hours, lets do the math ; 24 hours x 100 transactions = 2400 transactions per day, 2400 transactions per day x 50000L$ = 120000000L$ As you can see, in 24 hours, I have just made L$120 Million worth in transactions. As you can see, anyone can inflate the user to user transactions at any given time, without LL being able to single out what are your alts. So UTU is a completly useless data to me, and I am glad LL took it out, because wake up people, I am 100% SURE, that the L$40 Billion is NOT the exact number. If i was to give a complete guess, I would say probably L$20 Billion to maybe L$30 Billion. One more thing, donations, money gifts ALT to ALT money transfer are all things that make this data wrong, what LL is having troubles with, is taking the User to Merchant transactions, but lets face it...there is absolutly no way on earth to only take the user to merchant transactions.
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