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  1. Click on search, then click on Land Sales. There is a drop down menu. Click on that, and choose mainland. Then enter the amount you would like to spend for 512 sq. meters. Also check if you want PG, Mature, or Adult. TP to the land you want to buy, and then click on the land, or click at the top where the title is. It will have buy land. Then just click on buy.
  2. I belong to 11 spam groups. I open, and then close each spam group when I get on. I was in 7 spam groups just a few months ago. I decided to join a few more. The last four I joined, allows me to send out notices.
  3. If this is in Ondori sim, then I don't think you can sell your land. I think that sim is for Linden homes. I don't know how you would get rid of the land. You might want to email LL, and put the link to this page on there.
  4. Hey Bodhi01, I sent you a private message.
  5. I have a store that sells drugs, guns, cellphones, and other items. Also free money ATM.
  6. Hey Qie Niangao, that is a great song. Here is another great song.
  7. Update He was on last Friday for three minutes. I was reading, so I didn't see him at the time. Last night he came on, and was on for two minutes. I saw him that time. I then sent him a message. I asked him how everything was going. He then said "not very good". After he sent that, he went off line. So he is ok, but something is wrong with his computer. Next time I see him, I will tell him to send me a private message in the SL forum.
  8. I don't think he cashed out. He doesn't have payment info used on his profile. I also checked on ebay. He had no L$ for sale on there. Each L$ sells listing on ebay, I checked for what city the listing is at. None were from the city that he lives in. I did a search on skype, using his SL name. I found three names. One was from a city near Toronto. He said that he lives in the NE. I sent him a note card tonight. I think he may have computer problems.
  9. I think when LL banned third party L$ resellers, the L$ went down. You can still buy L$ on ebay, but it will cost more. I think I saw 10,000 L$ for $45.00.Last I checked, there were about three, or four listings. LL should rethink their policy on third party resellers. Perhaps they could allow companies to sell L$, if they provide RL info.
  10. Ok, he made a post in the forum last month. I sent him a message. Will the message go to his email? If he can read his email, but can't get on, then he might be able to send a reply.
  11. Last month, Ihired a scripter for a project. On Thursday, August 20th, I paid the scripter 25,000 L$. On the 21, he showed me what he was working on. And we talked the next day, and on August 23. The next day, he was on around noon, or so. I wasn't on then. He hasn't been on since. I copied his SL name, and pasted it in Skype search. I found a person with the same name, and he lives in Canada. He told me that he lives in the NE, and the location that I saw in my search is in the NE. What I would like to know is, can Linden Lab give me the money back, that he has in his account?I will wait till September the 8th. If he comes on before then, I will talk to him, and see if he can finish the project. He could be having computer problems, or something else could have happened. His profile says no payment info on file. So he may still have the money.
  12. If you are looking for a scripter, you could join a scripts group, and ask for a scripter in the group.
  13. Here is what you can do. Get a place on the mainland. Buy it, or rent it. Next build your house way up in the sky. You can even have a lawn, and trees up there. Set the location at 4,000 meters up. Then you can have your privacy, and your neighbours will be way far down below.
  14. I know I miss my DX ATM. I made a good amount of money on that. I did buy a free money ATM called Earn2life. I got that a few days ago.
  15. Could he have placed a virus, or a tracking cookie on your computer? If you are still having the problem, then I think he may have something on your computer, that is telling him when you are online, and your IP address.I would run Malwarebytes, and see if that will find anything. May want to clear some of your cookies.
  16. I think it affects L$ resellers. Not sure about free money ATMs. I also have those. Does anybody know if it will have any affect on free money ATMs? Those don't sell L$. Only gives out L$ when people do a survey, or watch a video, or do task. Since those don't sell L$, will it affect them?
  17. Tonight I just heard that LL is getting rid of L$ third party sellers. My store has a DX ATM, so that means that they will no longer be allowed to sell L$. What I want to know is this. Why? Why not allow members to sell L$? It looks like that LL is coming up with more, and more rules. There should be fewer rules, not more. What will LL not allow next? LL allows third party viewers, and I use one. It is Singularity Viewer. Will they not allow that next?
  18. Ok, I'm not sure if this has been asked. I didn't read every page. What if somebody builds a skill gaming machine, that does not accept payment in L$, and doesn't pay out in L$, but instead took payment in Bitcoin, and paid out in Bitcoin? Would that be allowed? It uses no L$. No gaming place would have any machines that sold Bitcoins, or took payment in Bitcoins.
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