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  1. Come and rent our land for the day.. or however long your event last. Ideal Location for beach / waterfront themes: Weddings, Concerts, rezzday parties plus whatever occasion you can think of! Have Land Name changing rights and event hosting rights!! only 1000L for the day Please see Land here!! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monet/176/88/21 4096 sqm If you have any questions please contact : Jania Cleanslate If I am offline please drop me a notecard thak you :-)
  2. Save on prims!!!! The Land comes with a fully furnished Inverse home (Tampa) plus you get 400 prims to use to enjoy your land with.. for more info im Jania Cleanslate or Ayaami Resident.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Monet/153/77/21 come on over and take a peek at this wonderful land for a steal!!
  3. ✰ Available Time Slots: All shifts are Flexible ✰ ✰ EXPERIENCED DJ/HOSTS/MANAGERS FOR MVS Nudist Club✫ ✰ ✰ TOP 40/POP/HOUSE & CLUB MUSIC + 100% TIPS✫ ✰ MUST HAVE A GOOD DJ GROUP FOLLOWING ✫ ✰ ENERGETIC & HAPPY STAFF & MANAGEMENT ✫ ✰ FUN ATMOSPHERE - GREAT GUESTS ✰ WE WORK AROUND YOUR RL SCHEDULE ✫ ✰ DRAMA FREE/WARM & FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE ✫ ✰ Also Looking for Strippers / Dancers 100% tips Plus $L 100 weekly ✰ IF INTERESTED PLEASE CONTACT Jania Cleanslate or Ayaami Resident ✰ Why don't you come on down, take a look around, grab an application and become a part of the next big thing in SL. ***Please note*** We're not open yet so there isn't any traffic built up. We hope to hear from you. Grand Opening This May 11th 2013
  4. MVS Is now hiring for the current position's ***Escorts ***Dancer's/ Strippers to strip in our V.I.P lounge ***Text Escorts Please Contact : Jania Cleanslate or Ayaami Resident For more info
  5. MVS Is now hiring for the current position's ***Escorts ***Dancer's/ Strippers ***Text Escorts Please Contact Jania Cleanslate or Ayaami Resident For more info
  6. Men come on down and get a free 100L giftcard for your lovely lady (ladies) in your life, (only one per avatar) Ladies Grab the man (men) in you life and make them come get you a free giftcard via EDS ! We are a Womens Store with Women Lingerie and accessories we have a Gifties Table. and an new exclusive item up on the MM Board. Slurl : http://slurl.com/secondlife/Lionheart%20Ahadi/28/219/28 or im Jania Cleanslate for a tp
  7. I do not get this option at all, I click submit ticket and now I am brought to a screen that says submit a case, then the option isn't even there for me to be helped with this issue. can someone please help me I be trying to log in for 3 hrs =o( second class citizen is right...
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