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  1. Homes come up all the time, not just when linden releases them. At least two people posted they were able to get homes just last night.
  2. Oh no. We got your point. It's just a very bad one. You said "Yeah hold onto something that I wasn’t happy with when I’m paying to acquire something I am happy with?" You're still under this false impression that you are not only owed not only a new Linden home, but the perfect home you are 100% satisfied and happy with. Problem is, I don't think you'll ever be happy. You'll keep swapping until you get the absolute best of the best, which statistically is very unlikely. In the meantime you'll keep complaining that there isn't an infinite number of choices available for you to easily get just the perfect one to your liking. It's like listening to Goldilocks in a game of musical chairs upset that she keeps losing because "this chair is too hard" or "this chair is too soft."
  3. It would seem to me if you don't have enough of something for everyone you'd want to get the ones you do have into their hands as fairly as possible. That seems to me what they are doing, mixing up times and days as much as they can to make it as fair and random as possible. Sounds more like they are trying to keep people from camping all day. Even when they release a sim by the time someone says something in the group or forums they are already all taken. So it's really just happenstance and luck no matter what time of day you try. You might get a new home or you might get one someone abandoned.
  4. Linden Homes have always been a limited commodity. They only have so many. This is just the first time in 10 years the demand has been greater than the supply. They don't want to make the same mistake they did 10 years ago either. Look at the old Linden Homes on the map. There are 4 continents of them. Everyone wanted one because they felt they were "owed" one as part of their membership so they cloned them. Most people played with it for a bit then got bored and moved on or kept it just because they could and it didn't cost them anything extra. What do people call them now? "The SLums?" No one is owed a Linden Home. You are owed 1024sqm of free land tier. You can use that toward a Linden Home in the style you want if one is available. That has never changed. It's just that nobody has wanted them much since a decade ago. I want to see everyone who wants a Linden Home to get one, and at some point they will. And if the limited availability and slow roll of new (and what people seem to agree are better) sims means the people who get them seriously want them for all the right reasons and not just because they can, then the end result will be all the better.
  5. My take away is that when people saw the houses by themselves they thought "Meh." But once they saw them in the context of a planned out community where every location was unique in some way it changed to "Oh hell yes!" So the very thing that makes them so desirable is the one thing that makes it impossible to simply pump out 50 or 100k copies overnight. If they *had* done that, the reaction still would have been "Meh" and they'd be left with a glut of empty homes. I think everyone understands this on some level and people aren't as much upset that they didn't "make enough for everyone" from the get go as much as they are upset they haven't been able to get one yet. It just sounds more egalitarian to cloak desire for yourself as concern for all.
  6. On a side note, I always roll my eyes when I tp someplace that has 8, 10 or even 15 thousand active scripts on the sim but they have a scanner that puts my name on some billboard of shame and pings me with a message like "Uh, if you could remove some of your scripted attachments to help reduce lag that would be greaaaat."
  7. I think you might be missing the point. No, there isn't a hard limit to the number of scripts you can use, but there IS a limit to how much processing time and memory the simulator can devote to everyone's scripts before performance degrades for everyone. So yes, you *do* need to worry because you have to share that sim with as many as two dozen other people. It's not just the number of scripts either. It's also what those scripts are doing. Someone can easily use a disproportionate amount of simulator resources with just 351 prims of stuff. If that happens people can report it and they'll find a bunch of their stuff returned along with a warning for abusing the sim resources. I had to do just that a few weeks ago when a neighbor in my sim on the mainland set up a giant breedables "mill" and had so many rezzed out constantly it drug the whole sim down to a crawl.
  8. I wouldn't call it "democratic". Nobody gets a vote. It's more pure libertarian if anything. And definitely chaotic beyond measure.
  9. You know much of the time you log in or teleport total strangers see your avatar naked anyway, right? Every time your body rezzes in for them before your mesh clothes do they get an eyeful.
  10. I've seen plenty of avatars that were short but did not resemble a minor. I've also seen plenty that obviously do resemble minors and try to say they are just short, petite, normal, real life sized, etc. No one characteristic can be used as a metric for determining the age your avatar appears to be.
  11. Only by fetishists who get all of their information from watching too much anime. "-chan" is not delineated by the age but by familiarity. Unless you think calling your grandmother "O bāchan" is saying she is a little girl. It's no more reserved for minors than "baby" is in English.
  12. Saying you're not an underage avatar does not by itself make you not an underage avatar . The fact that you even have to say it means it's obvious you know very well your avatar doesn't clearly look like an adult. Otherwise, why would you bother? Don't be mad at the people who look at you and think you look like a kid even though you say you're not. Be mad at the ageplaying pedophiles who have been using that excuse for years. You have complete control over what your avatar looks like. If you don't want to be mistaken for one of them in an adult sim, don't look and sound like one of them in an adult sim.
  13. OH NOE! Someone answered a question in a way I don't like! Must... resist... urge... to troll... *fails and launches a whiny rant about whiny rants*
  14. When I look for places to socialize I'm looking for places where people are, which means I sort the results by traffic and look on the map to see how many people are there. TPing into a place where everyone is AFK is literally like walking into a bar where everyone is asleep. And while AFK users aren't scripted agents and don't have to be registered as such, they might as well be for as much as they do.
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