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  1. Thank you so much... But, is there a way to find out exactly how long I should wait for the money to clear?
  2. I made a credit card deposit of five dollars that was only supposed to take 24 hours to clear, and yet it still says it is pending after the 24 span expired. The link you gave me seemed to help, but then it said right after that the order was canceled due to a lack of USD funds.
  3. I have already deposited the money, but I cannot acess it. While I thank you for trying to help, I'm looking for a way to buy Linden dollars with 5 bucks I already purchased into the market place. It just won't let me use it.
  4. Also, I have waited 24 hr like it instructed.
  5. I'm new to this, and I'm not quite sure how long, or if I need to even wait for the US dollars to become *Available for use.* At the top left in the market place, it says I have five dollars, but I can't use them to purchase any items / linden *when I figure out how to buy linden...*
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