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  1. I have been in sl since 2007 and a creator in a humble way. Frankly I am really fed up. Why do LL insist on shoving this down our throats? The more they "fix", the more they "upgrade" the worse this place gets. Noobs come and go fast these days. They come, fight the lag and give up. It used to be fun here...really FUN. Now spending a hour or two here is a great big pain in the rear. The sl ecomomy is fading fast and frankly with the roll out of mesh avatars, well...I fear they have just put the last nail in the coffin. There are clothing designers here who have made incredible things....none of which are going to work on the new mesh avis. Not to mention shapes and skins. I'm disgusted. Hey, LL......just stop fixing things and get rid of the lag so people stick around long enough to improve the economy.
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