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  1. hehe, yep, I think it will be more along the lines of the older homestead locations in terms of layouts. Dirt paths, wooded, etc. I doubt they would have anything like a trailer park, though. (I live in a trailer park in RL and actually is pretty much like a normal neighborhood... Streets, etc.).
  2. As far as I know. They got rid of the ban lines in the new continent. You can find a security system with the pacages that come with the home and install that as per instructions included.
  3. Chad Marbach


    Hi. Go to your Dashboard and look in your 'Land Manager' -> 'My Mainland'. It is listed there.
  4. I have my kitchen from primpossible ... basically a single prim (need a couple more for multiple users).
  5. That is something that will always be there on your dashboard whether you have a home or not. Nothing happening here. move along.... lol
  6. ok. But the limitation is enforced to prevent overload from people overrunning the servers with constantly renewed requests. (though originally, of course, in regard to the original homesteads).
  7. Actually, IMHO, I think the grabbing up of homes may be better (and more fairly accomplished) if the Lindens took the original 5 changes per week rule and made the number larger (20?, don't know) and also limited the number of tries per day or week overall. This may keep the servers from getting overloaded and keep people more in check.
  8. I have a house number on my houseboat. it was created by ivory.bouscario . I like the house number. I am not sure if she is taking any more orders for them now though.
  9. Hi. While in your home parcel, you select your 'About: Land' and select the 'Objects' tab. There is a selection for all owner objects in the parcel, select return to owner and all your stuff will be packaged up in their present locations. to unpack, you have to go to a sandbox and open it there and then grab all of it back one by one
  10. Figured it out. Was the graphic preferences along with bandwidth which both had to be raised. Thank you.
  11. I think I found the problem. Had logged in on my laptop (just got it, used, a couple weeks ago) and water level was way down even after a relogging. I then decided to try logging in via my desktop system. In there, everything is fine. So, it is probably something due to the configuration of my second life on my laptop. Going to go in on my desktop again, do a back up via the preferences and then go back over to my laptop and restore via preferences in there. Thank you everyone. (Actually am thinking of possibly some day changing from a houseboat to a traditional home or even something else that Linden Lab may come up with. The houseboat is nice, but I am more a landlubber). lol
  12. I went outside my houseboat and found that a swimming pool I had installed was empty (It is filled to the height of the lands water level), I then noticed that the overall water level in the land nearby and around me were also under the same lowered level (i.e. It seemed like it was a real low tide around the whole area and the houseboats were all in drydock). This is in the 'Menagerie' region of the new homes and I am just wondering what may be going on. Maybe I should walk underneath my houseboat and see if any barnacles to scrape off? My houseboat is tiggerfind located at Menagerie (92,152,22)
  13. Hi. Go to the 'About Land' Dialogue in your Second Life while you are in your home. I suggest going to the 'Objects' tab in the dialog and select 'Return' which will take all your own items out of the parcel and package them. Then go back to the 'General' tab in the dialogue and click 'Abandon Land'. The Land will go back into general circulation. The package of all your items you will have to extract at a public sandbox (all in the same relative position they were in when you packaged them). Their, you go through and grab them one by one back into your inventory and then when you acquire a new parcel, you will have them available.
  14. WHEN the newer 1024 homes are built and ready to get, to avoid extra land tier fees, you will have to abandon the 512 home and then move to a 1024 home. Not sure when the next batch is due to come out, but hopefully sometime within the month.
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