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  1. Figured it out. Was the graphic preferences along with bandwidth which both had to be raised. Thank you.
  2. I think I found the problem. Had logged in on my laptop (just got it, used, a couple weeks ago) and water level was way down even after a relogging. I then decided to try logging in via my desktop system. In there, everything is fine. So, it is probably something due to the configuration of my second life on my laptop. Going to go in on my desktop again, do a back up via the preferences and then go back over to my laptop and restore via preferences in there. Thank you everyone. (Actually am thinking of possibly some day changing from a houseboat to a traditional home or even something else that Linden Lab may come up with. The houseboat is nice, but I am more a landlubber). lol
  3. I went outside my houseboat and found that a swimming pool I had installed was empty (It is filled to the height of the lands water level), I then noticed that the overall water level in the land nearby and around me were also under the same lowered level (i.e. It seemed like it was a real low tide around the whole area and the houseboats were all in drydock). This is in the 'Menagerie' region of the new homes and I am just wondering what may be going on. Maybe I should walk underneath my houseboat and see if any barnacles to scrape off? My houseboat is tiggerfind located at Menagerie (92,152,22)
  4. Hi. Go to the 'About Land' Dialogue in your Second Life while you are in your home. I suggest going to the 'Objects' tab in the dialog and select 'Return' which will take all your own items out of the parcel and package them. Then go back to the 'General' tab in the dialogue and click 'Abandon Land'. The Land will go back into general circulation. The package of all your items you will have to extract at a public sandbox (all in the same relative position they were in when you packaged them). Their, you go through and grab them one by one back into your inventory and then when you acquire a new parcel, you will have them available.
  5. WHEN the newer 1024 homes are built and ready to get, to avoid extra land tier fees, you will have to abandon the 512 home and then move to a 1024 home. Not sure when the next batch is due to come out, but hopefully sometime within the month.
  6. Actually, when I had decided to go premium it was the quarterly subscription which I decided was best. It seemed (and still does) the best compromise in price and payment rate with getting a Premium account as is. (I live off a very fixed monthly based income that is not very high (you know, like most Americans, below the poverty level by quite an amount). I am glad they are allowing me to continue with my quarterly payments even though they are raised like the rest, but I have studied my budgets (monthly, quarterly, and annually) and have found I can handle the higher price and also that quarterly works out best for me.
  7. I have a Windlass houseboat and I have bought and added the Fayded Skydeck add-on (14 prim, 1 LI) and a Linden Houseboat Dock Swimming Pool (11 prims, ? LI). Those 2 plus, PrimPossible living room, kitchen, jacuzzi, aquarium and bed, plus an Akaesha Kama-Sutra Rug, a MeshPossible Cuddle-Hammock, 5 hanging chairs, 2 large Alienum planters and 6 small ones, a painting and assorted plants (some came with the windlass, some through my object Genie (Primpossible again), oh and a housenumber I had purchased from a local neighborhood resident (ivory.bouscario) and a wall radio (edberg.koenkamp) and the Linden LH-security system along with everything else... I am using 255 out of 351 in my land impact. I am also looking into the possible buying and installing the Blushed Living Windlass Addon which (11 LI). Hope this helps. (My Linden Home location is (Tigger Find, Menagerie, 89,154, 22)
  8. It seems they will be coming out with styles that are near a beach, etc. In this last posting by Patch Linden there is a picture of what looks like a nice beach house. https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/435708-the-new-linden-homes-update-post/?do=findComment&comment=1899666
  9. Actually I believe anyone is allowed there.
  10. I think that as it is, All premium members will be able to get the newer linden homes (and houseboats). I think Linden Lab wants to phase out the older homes in the long run. I do a lot of planting and generation of stuff in my home and renting plots to do it doesn't fit my RL income. So having a parcel is good (and a larger parcel better...duh). But, Should have patience.
  11. As it is. To get a Linden Homestead (whether the newer ones or the older ones) you have to be a premium member. Also their are other benefits to being premium (L$300/week. abilitity to go places non-premium can't, et.al.). I have been a premium member for a couple years now (Making Quarterly renewals). And I like it.
  12. I get my connection via my landline (ADSL) .. no data caps and high speed enough for the download end at least. Hopefully switching to fiber sometime in the next few months.
  13. True. I for the most part am not really into action gaming or anything like that (after all SL was created as a 3d chatting universe and not as a gaming platform). I personally think it would be great if it could get ported to the Stadia.
  14. Thank you for the responses. Actually if it is ported to be usable by Stadia, a little more per month wouldn't bother me. I do have chromecast on my tv (and my pc which I am using now). I was asking because the Stadia should be able to be used with most devices (both the devices I listed will be in it when it comes out), I think I would definitely enjoy using my SL on my TV (48" HD). Plus, if Stadia does work, that would open another avenue of access to Second Life to everyone which is a definite plus in my opinion.
  15. Just saw Google's new unveiling of their Stadia. It is supposed to be usable on most devices. Just wondering if there may be a possibility the Linden Lab or third party developer would be able to port Second Life to it eventually. I believe it would be a great platform for expanding the Second Life world.
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