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  1. The control panel should still be working in the older homes I would think. As for a mailbox, the older homes never had those.
  2. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leafminer/170/144/34
  3. In terms of people trying for a sample data and extracting what they feel from that. I think your sampling may be WAY too small. According to my N-Phone there are over 6 Million (60 Million?) on Second Life (No mention of whether premium or not).
  4. That was a problem with the old homes. Never anyone around (even though you might see a bunch on the mini-map right near you). The houses were actually fairly nice (for what a resident could get back then). Just the 'neighborhoods' were not really instantiated into them much. Lived in a house in Meadowbrook for a while and maybe came across 1 person outside in that whole time (other than the meadowbrook hub which was just north of my region and the few I saw were all just sitting and nothing was going on). Bellisseria seems to be a lot more lively, Though the houses seem a little more closed in. I am living in a Houseboat for now, though that (possibly due to the fact I seem to be on the outskirts of the continent) seems to be pretty much quiet and almost as empty seeming. But, I am pretty much of a loner anyways (Strange that I am in Second Life...lol).
  5. Well, it seems that the lag is lesser in the new areas (new algorithms?). My system is an older one as is, So I always have a bit of lag no matter what... lol
  6. Actually. There were community areas in the old lots, but no one ever really used them (or even knew of them). They were labelled as the info-hubs for different areas (I know Meadowbrook had 2 at least). The ones in Bellissaria are better designed and much more active.
  7. Hello. Yes, you can build skyboxes in Belliseria. They are supposed to be 2000 meters up. As far as checking out the new homes, you can go around Belliseria yourself and see them in many ways. Have fun!
  8. hehe, yep, I think it will be more along the lines of the older homestead locations in terms of layouts. Dirt paths, wooded, etc. I doubt they would have anything like a trailer park, though. (I live in a trailer park in RL and actually is pretty much like a normal neighborhood... Streets, etc.).
  9. As far as I know. They got rid of the ban lines in the new continent. You can find a security system with the pacages that come with the home and install that as per instructions included.
  10. Chad Marbach


    Hi. Go to your Dashboard and look in your 'Land Manager' -> 'My Mainland'. It is listed there.
  11. I have my kitchen from primpossible ... basically a single prim (need a couple more for multiple users).
  12. That is something that will always be there on your dashboard whether you have a home or not. Nothing happening here. move along.... lol
  13. ok. But the limitation is enforced to prevent overload from people overrunning the servers with constantly renewed requests. (though originally, of course, in regard to the original homesteads).
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