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  1. You can choose what Victorian you want when you get the property. And you can also change the choice after via your mailbox there.
  2. Yes. Go to your 'Area Search' (World->Area Search or The tool button (if using firestorm)). Go to the 'options' tab and activate 'Current parcel only'. Go to the 'List' tab and click 'Refresh' (will have to click it a second time once it is refreshed for the system to give the Li values). Click the 'Li' heading and it will sort it. (clicking again will reverse the sort).
  3. I had found Xzari Curtains - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Taravista/211/196/38 - To be quite good. Many designs and layouts as well as functionality (opening/closing, up/down, wind effects, color, transparency, et.al.). and the prices are reasonable also fairly low LI for them (also can make copies) oh, and can also be resized (Via the HUD they come with). I put curtains all over my Vic. TiggerFind Hoping that this helps.
  4. Thank you. Nope didn't have to do any resizing. Just had to be accurate with the line up, plus comes with HUD to change the door, counter and backsplash colors. I am thinking of adding more backsplash in some of the areas (It's just behind the stove now). Your kitchen seems to have a better selection in terms of appliances. (Have always liked modular stuff... much more flexible and easier to set up a room in terms of windows and doors etc.
  5. Moss & Mink also have a modular Kitchen (I have it in the left rear room of my hardy). That works pretty good.
  6. Don't know anything about the curtains or blinds, if any. The scripted components in the houses did not seem to be active (main control, mailbox, etc.). As far as curtains, From past experience, they would either have default type window configurations (like they did in the old homes, but you either had no curtains, light weight curtains with no animation or control or blinders also with no control).
  7. I like the new home design and they do seem more spacious. The 'Hardy' seems to be best of the four models. I could see the rooms being laid out with what I would like as a setup. Looking from the front of the house : Front Left as a dining room, front Right as a living room, Rear Left as a Kitchen, Front Center and Rear Center as Foyers. Upstairs would be 2 bedrooms Master on the right side of the house, 2nd on the left front and a full bathroom in the rear room. IMHO.
  8. Just as they were due to come out with the newer Linden Homes, they had a location that had all the Traditional house and Houseboat types all rezzed and open for people to walk though and look at. Unfortunately they had discontinued it though. So, to get a good look and idea of what they are like, as was said before, walk around the neighborhoods and look at the different models.
  9. Actually the Traditional Houses and the Houseboats are on 1024 parcel sizes and campers are on 512. Selection of the type (Within the selection of the particular class you are in (Traditional, Houseboat, Camper) can be made and changed again and again at anytime you inhabit the property. As far as people abandoning properties and then grabbing up others, well, location, location, location as any realtor would tell you. Actually I think one problem is that people have their own Alternates and they go get multiple parcels (primary and whatever alternates they have).
  10. The control panel should still be working in the older homes I would think. As for a mailbox, the older homes never had those.
  11. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leafminer/170/144/34
  12. In terms of people trying for a sample data and extracting what they feel from that. I think your sampling may be WAY too small. According to my N-Phone there are over 6 Million (60 Million?) on Second Life (No mention of whether premium or not).
  13. That was a problem with the old homes. Never anyone around (even though you might see a bunch on the mini-map right near you). The houses were actually fairly nice (for what a resident could get back then). Just the 'neighborhoods' were not really instantiated into them much. Lived in a house in Meadowbrook for a while and maybe came across 1 person outside in that whole time (other than the meadowbrook hub which was just north of my region and the few I saw were all just sitting and nothing was going on). Bellisseria seems to be a lot more lively, Though the houses seem a little
  14. Well, it seems that the lag is lesser in the new areas (new algorithms?). My system is an older one as is, So I always have a bit of lag no matter what... lol
  15. Actually. There were community areas in the old lots, but no one ever really used them (or even knew of them). They were labelled as the info-hubs for different areas (I know Meadowbrook had 2 at least). The ones in Bellissaria are better designed and much more active.
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