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  1. Hi Kaijah, Just to clarify, would contributors be reimbursed for the upload fees on the sound files, or is that expected to come out-of-pocket? Since uploads are L$10 per file, a full 20-file set would cost L$200. If the rate is L$100 per 20 questions, then contributors will be investing more than they're earning if they aren't being reimbursed. I'm not asking for myself, but it seemed like it would be important info for anyone else who might be interested in your opportunity.
  2. For anyone interested, I talked to Lorenzo (saintfrozt) inworld about this the other night, and what we seem to have determined is that his offlines (and thus group notices) where going to email, and his email was either bouncing or sending an autoreply back to people he was receiving group notices from. Although this part hadn't come to me when we were talking at the time, I would guess the email messages were either blank or had only an image/html, which would explain why the IMs they received from him were blank. Lorenzo, were you were able to fix it based on that help?
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