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  1. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vice%20Beach/65/168/1902
  2. I used to build...when I was young :smileysad: now my avatar is too old to lift wood prims :matte-motes-big-grin-evil: I need a good builder to remodel my store. I don't want all in mesh because it takes long to load for people with slow machines. So I'm looking mostly for prim building, but with a nice architectural/professional touch. If you know somebody can you tell him/her to contact me? My store is Rodeo Drive http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vice%20Beach/21/205/22 Thanks :matte-motes-sunglasses-2:
  3. Thanks for the info. :matte-motes-grin:
  4. Thanks for the links, I'm educating myself on that, never had time to care about it before. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  5. :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: Can someone explain what's the deal w/ bots? What do they do? How do they do it? I have lately had a flow of bots that come in pairs and trios, my land orb detects long stays and ejects them, then I check the profiles and find that many people put in their feed they are bots and banned. So, I ban them as well, but I was thinking today, what do they do? How can they harm my business? Or other' Will appreciate any insight into the matter Thanks
  6. Seems someone is doing a great job at that, I did receive payment for all the unpaid products. :matte-motes-big-grin:
  7. "That's the Tao of Linden for you.. nothing changes." To my amazement, it did, they refund me every failed payment to my account :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: Seems someone is doing a great job at that, hope everyone gets paid.
  8. At this point I believe what someone else suggested once, they put interns to work on SL. But even so, they should make them pay for the mistakes they do.
  9. I filed a JIRA and was updating everyday with the new non paid items, and it was closed as 'duplicate' opened a CS ticket again, and same 'copy/paste' response that I need to file a JIRA, so its circular and I don't know which department is keeping track of what you need to pay me :matte-motes-frown:
  10. Unfortunately I guess will go the other way, people will buy more in the MP if its free for them, unless we really plan into pulling everything out from MP which I don't believe many will want to do. My JIRA was closed as 'duplicate' my CS tickets were closed as "file a JIRA" so its circular, and I don't see in my near future LL is paying us as they said in a previous message here.
  11. Yes, in a previous thread LL said it will refund us, we had to file a JIRA, I did, and update everyday w/ the new transactions that werent' paid, and just as someone else said. The JIRA was closed as 'duplicate' customer service also closes this complains sending you to file a JIRA, so its circular and nobody is keeping track in LL about this. I am, but they are closing all claims about it, so I have no idea how are they planning to fulfill the promise that they will pay us. :matte-motes-crying:
  12. Yes, is terrible I have the same problem, though I'm keeping track since July 1 and trying to keep up because keeps happening. At least they said they will reimburse and not 'bill the customer' like they have told me a couple of times before.
  13. Thanks that's good to hear, I filed a Jira and I'm updating it daily with the new occurrences.
  14. :smileymad: asking myself the same questions, it keeps happening, so I have a long list of non paid items as of today. I filed a Jira , bug report, and will keep opening customer service tickets, is not possible that they simply say they can't do anything about it, but keep the L$ because customers are saying they were charged.
  15. I just opened 4 tickets for products delivered to different customers on July 1 and 2, that I didn't get the payment. I noticed 2 today and when audited yesterday found 2 more, though June seems to be ok, anyone else with this issue?
  16. Same here JULY 1 and JULY 2, I just opened 4 tickets for products that were sucessfully delivered and I didn't get the L$, just when I was so happy that the revise product button is back, now I have one more issue with the MP :matte-motes-dont-cry:
  17. I don't believe they do this kind of mess on purpose, I'll rather think they 'don't master the codes,' in other words, they don't know what they are doing, and make lots of mistakes. Like updates to the viewer, every update gives you surprises, why they keep messing with it? Beats me. One update, when you get messages from chatty objects, you get lots of little boxes in the top right of your viewer, we used to have a right click and 'delete all' , now you can't, you have to delete one by one. Next update, they fix it, next update, is wrong again LOL, just to mention one thing because I'm sure we have dozens of examples. In the MP pages, I learned to live without the 'test delivery' , which was very useful when I needed to check a product, now to get that you need to go to the slooowww search and crossing fingers for it to be found, etc.
  18. I am going crazy with the lack of 'edit page' in the same page as it used to be, I have more than 1000 products, and since you are not supporting automatic reassociation for limited quantity products, I need to reassociate as soon as they sell, the manage inventory page search is too slow, and many times doesn't show the product so I have to search manually. PLEASE PRRRLLLEEEASE return the -edit page- in the pages, why did you take it out? What on earth could an innocent edit page button do to you? :womansad: Plus, please tell your 'scouts' about SL, I opened a ticket and he said all my- Unassociated inventory items (99)- were unlimited quantities and would need to migrate, they don't know we can't put permits when we put things in the magic box, so it shows like that in the Unassociated inventory items listing. But the worse is that he insisted the -edit page- link was not part of the changes of the new design, and probably wasn't there for a long time. Which is not true, I use that feature several times a day! So believe me I noticed immediately the lack of it. Thanks
  19. Hi Rya, Yeah, tell me about it! I have limited quantity items that I used to edit directly from the page everytime one sells. Now I need to look in the search of the general manage inventory, which is sooo slow that I need a nap between searches. Plus, I opened a ticket about it and the 'scout' who 'helped' me of course had no idea, and is arguing the only thing that changed was the payment addition, yeah, as if I don't use the MP pages several times a day to update stuff. And even worse, said that my magic box contained all unlimited quantity items that i need to migrate...as if we can put the quantities when we upload the objects there. Is terrible they put this interns helping customers, they have NO IDEA about SL or MP or anything.
  20. Yes, you 'synchronize" and all objects dissapear from there, you refresh and they start appearing, terrible, awful, no good, very bad days for MP sales, lots of upset customers...from both sides. No kidding, MP has gone crazy! And support isn't helping at all. I have limited quantity products that I pay for each script that I sell. Customers are buying, paying, not getting the product, I don't get the payment, so I can't redeliver and MP answers that I should ask payment from the customers, when they paid already. A mess...:matte-motes-crying: When its unlimited quantities I'm sending the products to the customers, regardless of me not getting the payment, as long as they provided proof they were charged. I'll rather have a happy customer than an angry one. Its terrible and support, isn't supporting anything, they are clueless at the moment, but they are not losing L$ as we are, since they are indeed charging the customers.
  21. MP has gone mad these days, since Mar 4 is not working properly. With unlimited quantity products; delivers, charges customer and I don't get the L$, or doesn't deliver, charges customer I don't get L$ and have an upset customer that CAN rate. Really bad. Plus, tickets are not helping, someone who doesn't even read the complain tells you to 'migrate' to DD, or to contact the customer and charge them LOL yeah, so as if they are going to pay twice. I'm really upset because limited quantity products are things that cost you to create, as affiliate I pay for each script, so is not just that I am not getting L$ but looking at mine going out drop by drop with each order that is being 'undelivered' when in fact it is dellivered. Its a mess, worse than ever, at least for me. Copy products that I create doesn't worry me much, since they are unlimited, but the others (faint)
  22. NOT the case for unlimited quantity products, unfortunately we have to keep bothering w/ it, and is worse than ever these days. Delivers, charges customer and I don't get the L$, or doesn't deliver, charges customer I don't get L$ and have an upset customer. Really bad.
  23. Sometime ago a customer contacted me for help, I had no record of the sale at all, so to end the argument I told him; if its true you bought it from me write a review on the product, which he did. I open a ticket about the issue, because I had not the L$ for such sale, I never received an explanation from LL about this issue neither the L$. Yesterday it happened again; I put a received receipt in some products, and I have a receipt from a product which is not credited to me L$900, I contacted the customer and indeed he received the product. So yet again, the sale was made the customer paid the product and I have not the L$. I have opened a ticket, which I hope it gets resolved this time. Has anyone NOTICED something like this? If it were not for received receipt, or the customer contacting me for support I wouldn't know, even when I have the magic box notifications on, sometimes the messages are capped so I don't see everything that went out. Plus, with direct delivery I get not a notification.
  24. Thanks to all; Kaluura; is warpPos( vector destpos ) Dilbert; no is not alpha Triple; I'm having problems at merely 300 and 500 m no, I don't have nothing over 1500 m is in server class5 Well, reading some of your messsages make me try the basics, go to another sim and check, voila, the script works perfectly well and the prim returns to its vector w/o problems, just like old times happy dog. Though still I need to make it work in my sim LOL, but at least I know is not the script. Thanks a bunch for the brainstorm :heart:
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