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  1. Ah, ok. I hoped there may be a way around using the rez box but it seems that's the simpler solution for a sale item. I appreciate the reply. Thanks
  2. Ah, learning something every day.. Thanks for the reply...found some item name conflicts. Appreciate the help .
  3. I'm building a BBQ with an opening lid that has 4 prims. I have a script that will open and close the lid at a touch and works perfect, but is it possible to link the lid to the rest of the BBQ somehow? I know i can leave it unlinked and put it in a rez box to sell, but if I can keep it as one linked piece it would be better.
  4. Hello again. I have another issue and I hope this time I have a legitimate scripting question. I'm using MLPV.4 and I copied the give item script from the Wiki Addons page. It works fine, but every time I click the button in the menu to receive the item, the little script error icon comes up for a short time. Any idea what may be causing this? I c/p ed the script and didn't change a thing, and I followed the instructions to the T in the tutorial. Resetting and recompiling the script has no effect. As I said, it works fine but I don't want to sell it like this.
  5. I'm thinking I didn't phrase my question properly. Here's what I'm trying to do - I have a prim that I'm trying to activate the glow by touching a switch that is linked to the glow prim (I decided against particle flames). Ihave a touch-to-glow script working, but I want it to activate by touching another prim. All I need is what I'm told is a simple script to allow the remote prim to talk to the glow prim.
  6. Thanks all...and I apologize for misusing the forum...it seemed like the best place to get an answer.
  7. I'm not sure if this has been discussed before but my eyes are going wonky scanning through the forums and script library so I thought maybe someone could point me in the right direction. I'm building a barbeque and I'd like to have the flame turn on and off at the touch of a button, but I'm no scripter and I can't seem to locate a script that will do this.
  8. I hear ya on V2. And no, it still didn't work in Phoenix, but I found workaround - sort of. I took the stairs from the other build, stretched them to fit the new build, and they worked. Go figure. Anyway, I guess there was a SNAFU somewhere. Thanks for all the assistance. We'll call this mystery...closed, but not solved.
  9. I use Phoenix so just for the hell of it I opened Viewer 2 (shudders) and it worked fine there. Figures.
  10. I was thinking that too, Couldbe. I tried unlinking it as well. One part was ok, but not the steps. I guess I'll wait and see. Thanks.
  11. All the copies in my inventory are no trans. I never noticed before i tried to put the bouse for sale, but I did create a new sculpt and it was fine until i took it into my inventory, then it became no trans as well. This has me scratching my head.
  12. Yes, it is set to trans. As I said, I used this same sculpt map last week in a different build.
  13. I have a sculpt map set for a nice set of spiral stairs, which I've used successfully on one build. I'm trying to use them again and everything goes good until I try to take them or a copy into inventory. They immediately change to no trans. I've used sculpt maps many times and even though I'm far from a pro, this is pretty basic stuff. I use my own prims, I show as the creator, and there are no scripts or megaprims to complicate matters. I know this must be something I'm overlooking because I've used this sculpt before. Any thoughts?
  14. That fixed it - all inventory present and accounted for. Thanks again!
  15. That makes sense...I will get a man right on that. Thanks
  16. Not sure if this is the correct place for this, but here goes. Once again, all my notecards, all LMs and a few pics and textures have gone missing when I use Phoenix. If I log in using V2, everything is there, but since this viewer is unusable, this does me no good except I'm able to move a needed item into a different folder and when I log back into Phoenix, it's there. I should note that I have several LMs saved in my Favorites folder and they are not affected. Only the ones in my LM folder go missing. Same for Notecards. This has happened once before and it's really more of a nuisance than a major issue, but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this and may know why it happens and/or how to fix it. Thanks.
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