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  1. Thanks for the replies. And it's not a DD or even MP issue anymore. I can no longer sell my houses because even though I set the perms to copy/mod/no trans, if I give one to anyone, they are changed to no/no/no. Thanks, LL.
  2. Just added a new build to the Marketplace using DD (not the first time I used it). I set all my houses to Copy/Mod/No Trans. When I did a test delivery, it came in as No Copy/No Mod/No Trans. I double checked delivery at my inworld store and it's fine. So I deleted the one from the Marketplace and redid it (what a pain in the a** with DD!). Still has the perms all No,No,No. Been selling on the MP for a few years now and never saw this before. Anyone else have this happen?
  3. No luck with Caspervend. I wish I had some scripting skills so I could create something like this. I'm pretty sure it would be popular item. I always hate having to scroll through vendors, especially in a high lag store where it can take a few minutes for each panel to rez. More often than not I get tired of waiting and leave the store without buying anything. I don't want this to happen at my store, which is why this type of display system works so well (well, it would if the Titan creator gave a damn about his customers and offered some support). Customers can look around at all of the houses and simply click on the one they want to rez. which is very convenient. I find it strange that no other vendor creators offer this type of vendor. Anyway, enough of that. My offer still stands for anyone who can make something like this or would be interested in modifying one they already have. Contact me inworld and I can show you what I need.
  4. Thanks Morgaine. I've heard good things about CasperVend. I'll send him a message.
  5. I sell houses and I use a vendor rezzer at my land so my customers can rez a demo. Currently I'm using the Titan vendor system, which as anyone who bought it knows is a piece of unsupported crap. The thing is, it uses what they call SISS panels, meaning I can set up remote display panels my customers can use to view and rez my items instead of having to flip through a sales vendor 6 items at a time. I believe this makes it much easier for people to see all of my items at once and enhances their shopping experience. Unfortunately, they seem to be the only vendor system who has this option. However, after pulling out my hair trying to keep this damn thing working properly, I'm about to give up. It keeps freezing up and the backup system they use usually doesn't work, meaning every time it freezes, I have to reload every item - a lengthy and unpleasant chore with 50+ houses. And after that, it's touch and go if it'll work. Has anyone heard of another system that uses this type of display? I'd be willing to pay for a custom vendor if anyone is up for it.
  6. Ok, I guess I'll give it a few days and see if it clears up. Thanks for the replies.
  7. I'm not sure. I use scripted doors I bought from Scobas. The scripts are no mod so I can't see what type it is. That does make sense, but it's never happened before in the years since I've been using these doors and it struck me as odd that I'd get 2 IMs in five minutes about the same problem. And a few minutes ago it happened to me at my build location on a house under construction. Could it have something to do with the upgrades the Lindens are doing?
  8. A customer Imed me about a strange problem and I can't figure out what it might be. Hopefully someone else has experienced this. It began after a region restart. He is able to open the doors of his house but when he tries to walk through, something is blocking the path. After a minute it clears and you can pass through normally. This happens intermittently, not every time the doors are opened. I use a phantom door frame and that isn't the problem. I've never seen anything like this before. Update: Just got another message from another customer with the same ssue. Different house, different region. And the sim was offline for a bit there too before this happened. Weird.
  9. It acts like a ghost prim. It was a rez box and when I touch it the rez menu came up, but when I right clicked to edit it, only the land edit came up as if I was just clicking on the land. The EM came over and he was able to highlight it using Ctrl-Alt-T and returned it to me. This made me think it was a setting I'd changed.
  10. I use Firestorm but Viewer 3 is doing the same thing. I found an invisible prim on my land and pressing Ctrl-Alt-T did nothing. I used the land info to highlight it but I was unable to delete it. The estate manager came and he was able to highlight it and return it to me using Ctrl-Alt-T. This used to work, although I rarely use it. I read about a bug that happened several versions back, and I read about a work around that involved turning off shadows, but that has no effect either. Is there a setting I've turned off? I looked through the preferences menus and saw nothing that looked like it would help. It seems odd to me that both Firestorm and Viewer 3 are both doing it. Firestorm is my regular viewer and I only use Viewer 3 occasionally.
  11. I've been building houses here for a few years and I agree with what everyone has said. I'm still learning new techniques and I don't think I'll ever stop learning. I always start with the foundation and I like to keep it thick - usually 2m - to allow for uneven terrain. I'm kind of a 'design as I build' builder, although I do look at pictures of homes to get a rough idea. It's difficult (or impractical) to do a full copy of an existing RL plan for SL so a lot of improvising takes place. As for when to texture, that's kind of a personal decision. I like to texture as soon as possible as some textures might not work well with certain construction and it's not fun having to start over and make changes to your beautifully designed home because that texture just won't work. I've seen a lot of homes here with doors 10 feet high and tall walls. This is great for camera angles and moving around, but I prefer to keep my builds as realistic as possible. I usually make my walls 4m high, give or take. This seems a good compromise in height for realism and still allows for a decent camera angle. Of course, this is something that's entirely up to you. As someone else stated, make sure you keep everything square. Setting your prims at 0,90,180, or270 degrees makes life so much easier. And learnign how to adjust textures so they line up and look scaled properly can make a big diffference in the way your home looks. One thing no one touched on that you will need is a way to package your home. SL only allows you to link 256 prims in a linkset. If your home is under that, it's not an issue, but I find that's rarely the case. And there are some pieces, such as kitchens, that I like to keep separate so if a customer doesn't want it, they can just delete that linkset with one click and it won't affect the rest of the house. A rez-box system is the way to do this. They allow you to have several linksets and it will keep everything aligned and in the correct position.There are several available, and CasperVend makes one you can buy for 1L$. One thing that I found extremely useful is a prim generator that creates simple sculpties. It's easy to use (like building with regular prims) and it helps cut down a lot on prims while still maintaining a decent level of detail. There are a few inworld sculpt tools available so shop around, but i found this one to be the easiest to learn. Hope this helps you get started. I must warn you, I find building here a bit of an addiction and when I finish a house I can't wait to get started on another one. Good luck, and if you ever need some help or advice, feel free to contact me inworld. Wolfen Greggan
  12. Log home builder looking for realistic sculpted animal heads (not just a texture) to place over fireplaces, etc in my builds. Elk, moose, deer (with antlers), or bear. Must be full perm and would prefer if sculpt maps & textures were included. These will only be sold as part of my cabins (with copy/mod permissions) and not as a stand alone item. Please contact Wolfen Greggan if interested.
  13. I agree on the no support issue. Their website is even still up but no support there either. If anyone else made a vendor with the separate panels I would drop this one in a second, despite all the L$ I forked over for it. I haven't had any more issues with wild prim counts, but I'm being careful not to mix sculpts and mesh in the same linkset so hopefully that was the problem. Can't figure out why I have this same mesh item linked with sculpts in another build and it's ok, but SL is wonky like that so who knows. Sometimes you just gotta shrug and move on...lol.
  14. Just a quick update - the Give Contents option didn't work. Well, it worked once, then the object was empty. Probably a user problem but I used Darkie's script mod and it's working as needed. Thanks again for the assistance.
  15. *Slaps forehead* Completely forgot about the Give Contents option, and yes, I would rather do it that way than to use a script. Thanks Rolig and Darkie - much appreciated.
  16. I want to be able to have a customer click on a sign board and pay for a single item. I know I can do this by setting the price for the sign, but I want them to buy the object in the sign, not the sign and item. I found a script by Wednesday Grimm in the scripting library that does work, but it makes the customer have to type in the amount to pay and I simply want them to be able to click and buy without having to do this. I'm sure there must be a simple way to mod the script but I don't know much about scripting so I thought maybe someone here could help. Here's a copy of the script I'm using: // Script Name: SINGLE_ITEM_ONE_PRIM_VENDOR_by_Wednesday_Grimm.lsl //SINGLE ITEM ONE PRIM VENDOR by Wednesday Grimm.lsl // Downloaded from : http://www.free-lsl-scripts.com/cgi/freescripts.plx?ID=1138 // This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it. // Additional Licenes may apply that prevent you from selling this code // and these licenses may require you to publish any changes you make on request. // // There are literally thousands of hours of work in these scripts. Please respect // the creators wishes and follow their license requirements. // // Any License information included herein must be included in any script you give out or use. // Licenses are included in the script or comments by the original author, in which case // the authors license must be followed. // A GNU license, if attached by the author, means the original code must be FREE. // Modifications can be made and products sold with the scripts in them. // You cannot attach a license to make this GNU License // more or less restrictive. see http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html // Creative Commons licenses apply to all scripts from the Second Life // wiki and script library and are Copyrighted by Linden Lab. See // http://creativecommons.org/licenses/ // Please leave any author credits and headers intact in any script you use or publish. // If you don't like these restrictions, then don't use these scripts. //////////////////////// ORIGINAL AUTHORS CODE BEGINS //////////////////////////////////////////// // CATEGORY:Vendor // DESCRIPTION:SINGLE ITEM ONE PRIM VENDOR by Wednesday Grimm.lsl // ARCHIVED BY:Ferd Frederix // vendor // Wednesday Grimm // June 10, 2003 // // Simple vending script, gives correct change. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // HOW TO USE THIS SCRIPT By Jacqueline Bancroft // //This is a vendor program for a single item. This is how it works: // //You rez a cube and pretty it up.. maybe put a texture of what you're selling on the side. //Put the item that you want to sell into the cube you made. //Put this script inside the cube you made, and then open up the script to edit it. // //Where it says gPrice, put the price of the item you want to sell after the equal sign. // //Where it says itemName, put the item name of the item that you want to sell after the equal sign. Be very aware that the script is case sensitive, so make sure you spell it correctly. For example, "My Object" is different than "my object". // //Where it says summary1 and summary 2, fill in a description of the item what you wish to sell. make sure that you surround the description with quotation marks, or else the script will go wonky. When a potential customer touches (clicks) on your box vendor, your box vendor will whisper summary1 and summary2 to them. // //That's about it. Be sure to thank Wednesday if you use this script. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// integer gPrice = 5; // cost of the item // name of the item in object's inventory, to vend string itemName = "test_note"; // two summary lines to describe the object string summary1 = "this is a test note, it tests this script"; string summary2 = "it is very interesting. Cost is $5"; // give the item to a customer dispense(key toWhom) { llGiveInventory(toWhom, itemName); } default { state_entry() { // we need this permission to give change llRequestPermissions(llGetOwner(), PERMISSION_DEBIT); } touch_end(integer total_number) { // if someone touches object describe what's for sale llWhisper(0, summary1); llWhisper(0, summary2); } money(key id, integer amt) { if (amt >= gPrice) { // customer has given us at least enough money amt -= gPrice; dispense(id); } if (amt > 0) // give back change { llGiveMoney(id, amt); } } }// END //
  17. Thanks Marcus, I do use sculpts so I will definitely look into that. I found the issue with the furniture linkset - I had 2 mesh patio chairs (equivalent to 10 prims) in the set. I removed them and it went down 400 prims to where it's supposed to be. So, the moral of the story - no mesh parts in a Titan vendor. I am still getting a big discrepancy in the prim count of the house. Not as much as the other issue (only 73 difference) but I'll give your suggestion a try to see if that fixes it. Thanks for the help.
  18. Im using the Titan vendor system for my houses and, as some of you probably know, support for this otherwise excellent product is absolutely nil. I like it because it allows me to place my houses on separate panels instead of requiring my customers to sort through the vendor so I'm going to try to work with it and hope someone here can help me out. The current problem I'm having is that I have a furniture linkset for one of my houses that is 192 prims. I want to set it up in the house for display purposes. The problem I'm having is that the land sees this set as 632 prims for some reason. I've checked to ensure I didn't duplicate any items and I've tried rezzing it on two different parcels with the same results. Tired of scratching my head and I'm not going to set it up like this and use up all my prims whenever someone rezzes it so if anyone has any clue as to what the problem might be, I'd appreciate some help. Thanks :matte-motes-grin:
  19. Thanks...I figured it wouldn't be that simple. Appreciate the reply.
  20. Not sure if I imagined this or not but I seem to remember seeing a prefab home store where the merchant had small scale models of his builds. This was probably a couple of years ago but now I build and sell homes and I'd love to have this feature for my store. Does anyone know if this is possible and who I might contact about it?
  21. I played around a bit more and ran a male avatar test in the delvelop menu. It reset my av to the default male av and when I reattached my shape and skin, the black headgear was gone. Hopefully for good. Anyway, all good (for now).
  22. I managed to finally get my av to rez somewhat normally in V2.6.1 using the 'renderunloadedavatar' debug setting (the latest V2 version Ruths my av so I use 2.6.1). I have to do this every time I relog, but at least I'm not a cloud. However, I now have some freaky headgear reminiscent of the old sculpted hair (see pic). Since V2 doesn't have this sculpted hair edit feature, i can't figure out how to get rid of it. I tried changing my shape and skin, but the funky dew rag remains. I'm having no issues when I use Phonenix but I'm trying to give V2 an honest try and I'd like to get this figured out. Anyone have any ideas?
  23. The ones I have are no mod so I guess I'll leave it as is for now. I appreciate the replies.
  24. I've scripted a garage hoist to move up and down and it works pretty good. I can stand my av on it and it goes up with the hoist, but vehicles don't. Before I go wading into a bunch more tutorials, is there even a viable way to do this or am I wasting my time looking?
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