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  1. Ok, it happened again so I guess I better report it. My question is, since a JIRA has already been opened and closed on it, do I open another one or is there some other way of reporting this to LL so my account will be added to the list of those having issues?
  2. I have the same issues and it's been going on for some time now. The Lindens are aware of it. I could also log in with alts so it's definitely an account issue. What works for me is to remove my payment info. I usually have to remove and reinstate it twice, then I'm able to log in. Once I get logged in I reinstate it. It happened last week and after I got logged in it was fine until today. I couldn't log in a few hours ago and when I tried to log in just now it happened again. Very annoying and I hope it's fixed soon.
  3. Happened again today. Had to remove my payment info twice before I could log in. No offence, Caleb, but any past attempts at getting support from LL have fallen on deaf ears.
  4. Tried to post on the JIRA but I couldn't find a way to. It looked like it was already closed. Anyway, after a couple of attempts at removing my payment method, I was finally able to log in.
  5. I wasn't having this issue until today. If I try to log in with my main av, it just hangs with the status bar at 1/10th of the way across. No error message, although it's only been about 5 minutes now so it'll probably time out shortly. I can log in with my alt no problem. It seems the issue is not fixed.
  6. Just did a search for the av that was leaving it and it's not found. Looks like it was a temporary spam av. And yeah, maybe I am a little paranoid about spammers and griefers leaving crap. I've been in SL long enough to see the mess they can make and I don't need that childish crap messing up a sim I worked hard to create. If it's just an info gatherer for a survey, then it's not as bad, but I still don't want it on my land.
  7. Thanks for the response. I didn't know I could use the area search to look at it (just a simple builder...I don't pay much attention to the bells and whistles of the viewers). I did return the object but after reading your post I unbanned the av so maybe tomorrow there'll be another one to examine. Doubt I'll learn much but it might give some clue as to what it is. No, I didn't try to IM them. When I see an av that's a day or two old leaving suspicious scripted items on my land repeatedly, it leaves little doubt that it's not a newbie. Obviously there's some malicious intent. Your theory about a name collector makes a lot of sense based on where the prim was located. I hate spammers as much as griefers so either way, I want to put a stop to it. Thanks for the tips. I'll post again if I get a shot at examining it.
  8. I have a sim where I sell log homes and my demo rezzer requires me to leave the rez objects feature on. So far it's not a big issue. From time to time I find the odd prim left by someone, usually a package. It's not a public sandbox but I don't mind this on a limited basis. A couple of days ago I noticed a prim left by a new av, which I returned as I usually do. The next day, the same av had left another prim. Again, I thought this was odd but I figured a new player found a place to rez their new items and didn't clean up. Not a big deal. Today I see they've done it again and I decided to find out what it is. I used the Firestorm pathfinding feature and located it. It's an invisible scripted prim that was left inside a shrub. I turned the beacon on so I could see it but no matter what I do, I can't click on it so I have no idea what it's purpose is. I'm concerned that this may be something that will allow them to somehow steal from me or my customers so I banned the av. Unfortunately, as we are all aware, they can simply create a new av and keep doing it. I can keep returning items and banning any other avs that do this, but I'd really like to get to the bottom of it. Just curious if anyone else has had this happen and knows anything about it. I'm not going to post the av's name here but if this is happening to anyone else contact me and we can compare notes.
  9. Don't mean to hijack the thread, but I'm having a similar problem. A new av has been placing a prim on my land. The first couple of times I just returned it, but again today I find 1 prim by a 3 day old av on my land. I tried the pathfinding trick and found it. It's an invisible prim hidden in a shrub. I turned the beacon on so I can see it but no matter what I do I can't click on it. I've banned the av thinking maybe they were trying to put something on one of my sales boards to steal from me but this thing is nowhere near any sales areas. Just curious if anyone else has seen something like this and can enlighten me.
  10. Another option would be to save the objects as a group. By that, I mean hold down the shift key and click on each object you want to save then take a copy into your inventory. This will eliminate the need for mod permissions and will save it as whatever the last item you click on is called (it'll show in your inventory as a "broken" object box, for want of a better term). When you rerez it from your inventory, all the items will be in the same position, but if you clcik on anything else before you have them where you want them, they'll no longer move as a group. Not ideal, but it's sort of a workaround for no mod items. Using Rez-Faux or another large item packaging system would be a better way to go but this will work in a pinch.
  11. I agree with Sara...NVIDIA is definitely the way to go. I use a laptop for SL and although it doesn't work on the higher settings, and it does work wirelessly although plugging it in improves SL very noticeably. When I first started SL I had a laptop with imbedded Intel graphics like yours and it was next to useless so I know where you're coming from. I swapped to a new Dell with NVIDIA and it truly made SL worth playing. That being said, a laptop with a dedicated mid to high end graphics card can be pricey, but if budget is a concern, there are plenty of good used ones avaliable. I picked up an older Dell for my wife on eBay with an 8600 processor and mid range NVIDIA card (can't recall the model atm) for $200 and it's been running SL fine for 2 years now. I just got a 2 year old ASUS gaming laptop for less than $400. Again, it won't run SL on ultra settings but it's definietly playable without a lot of lag and I can run it on mid/high settings. For the price, I'm not complaining. Remember, laptops with dedicated GPUs will run hot so a cooling pad isn't an option - it's a necessity.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I got this for a great price so no big deal if I have to run on mediu/high settings. Maybe down the road I'll look into upgrading the graphics card. It runs pretty hot so chances are it's going to fry one of these days lol.
  13. I just got a new (to me) laptop and it works on high settings, but if I turn the shadows on I get this message: The NVDIAOpenGL driver lost connection witht the display driver due to exceeding the Windows Time-Out limit and is unable to continue. The application must close. Error code:7 Just wondering if there's anything I can do to make this work. I have fiber op internet and get about 80Mb/s. I'm not unhappy with the performance, but this is an I7 gaming computer and I was wondering if there's anyway to tweak it or my Firestorm_X64 settings to make it work a little better. Here are my system specs: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. G60JX 1.0 Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601) Board: PEGATRON CORPORATION G60JX 1.0 Bus Clock: 533 megahertz 1.60 gigahertz Intel Core i7 Q 720 64 kilobyte primary memory cache 256 kilobyte secondary memory cache 6144 kilobyte tertiary memory cache 64-bit ready Multi-core (4 total) Hyper-threaded (8 total 6078 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory Slot 'DIMM0' has 2048 MB Slot 'DIMM1' is Empty Slot 'DIMM2' has 2048 MB Slot 'DIMM3' has 2048 MB NVIDIA GeForce GTS 360M
  14. Thanks for the responses. The select faces worked (should've been able to figure that out). I'll give Charles' link a look see after work to fill in the blanks. Now to work on my Gimping skills!
  15. Ok, decided it's time to learn to texture mesh objects so I bought a mesh guitar kit that comes with a sample and 14 (!) UVW maps for texturing. It didn't come with a dae to export to a 3D program (not really fluent in any of those yet, although I've played with Blender a bit). It already has the shadow inclusion map on the example. I'm reasonable sure I can add the textures to the UVW maps in Gimp, but then what do I do with them? I've done this with sculpts before, but that's comparatively simple - 1 face, 1 texture. So, without getting too technical, can anyone tell me if this is possible? I'm guessing that it must be because if it needs to be uploaded to Blender to texture, there would've been a dae file included and not just the texture maps (for want of a better term). Also, I've been doing some reading and learned that mesh objects can have up to 8 faces. This came with 14 texture maps (guitar body, fretboard, knobs, strings, etc). Can they all be added? Sorry if this seems like a basic noob question, but I gotta start somewhere, right? I know it has to have something to do with layering the textures but I have no clue how to do that and haven't been able to find any posts about doing this. If anyone could point me to a post or tutorial it would be very much appreciated.
  16. For the past week, I noticed items were going missing from my inventory. The folders are still there but they're empty. This happened once before so I opened my cache, logged out, deleted the cache, then relogged and let my inventory build back. No problem, took a few minutes and everything was back. But two days later it happened again. Deleting my cache again fixed it, but for how long? I have about 31,000 items in my inventory (I'm a builder and business owner so I collect a lot of things). My inventory has been around this many (give or take a few thousand items) for some time now and this seems to be a relatively new issue, at least to happen this often. Is this just because of the number of items or could there be another problem?
  17. The local might work for textures, but what about uploading sculpt maps? Logging out of Firestorm and into the hated SL viewer to get to the beta grid just to see if it's done right, then log back out so I can actually use a workable viewer to continue building is enough to make me want to give it up. And saying temporary free uploads aren't workable with this server side baking sounds like a load of crap to me. It only works if you pay? Come on!
  18. Figured it out. Last year the sim my business was on was owned by Azure Islands and they booted me out with 2 weeks remaining on my rent with no warning and no reason given. After several IMs, and a few days later, they said sorry and offered to set me up on a new piece of land (even offered a free weeks rent...wow!) Needless to say, I'd already scrambled to set up my store elsewhere, not hat I was going to ever rent from them again anyway (Fool me once...) Anyway, since they're affiliated with the Chung dynasty, I've been banned from all their estates. No big deal, but I intend to tell all the store owners whose busnesses I can't patronize to contact Candy Azure if they have an issue. Thanks to all who offered advice, and especially for the help inworld (you know who you are).
  19. Well, I get this message when trying to go to stores so I don't think the public/private thing has anything to do with it. And yes, I understand that the RedZone issue wasn't SL messing with me (that's just my biolerplate reply when something screws up inworld). My av is 6 years old and I have no alts (no, really, I don't). I've been operating a successful business here for 3 years, payment info is on file, age verified, GMA rating. I've only heard back from one of the sim owners, and they have no explaination. I'm not on their banned list. Still waiting to hear from the other one. Just thought this may have happened to someone else who might shed some light on it. I don't go to a lot of places here anyway, so it's not a real big deal, but things like this annoy me until I figure them out. I guess I'll have to submit a ticket.
  20. No collar, no RLV. The exact message is "Teleport failed. You are banned from the region."
  21. Twice in the past couple of days I've tried to TP to stores and received a message that I couldn't TP because I'm banned from the region. When it happened yesterday I IMed the owner to ask why and she promptly told me that not only wasn't my av banned, but they had no banned avs. She could offer no explaination. It happened again tonight at a different store and I still haven't heard back from the owner, but like the first it's someone I've had no contact with in the past and can't think of a reason why I'd be banned. I'm starting to think SL is messing with me (again). About a year ago I began getting banned and it turned out sim owners were getting lists from RedZone about griefers and copybots that were far from accurate, to say the least, and somehow I ended up on one. Just curious if anyone out there might have some insight on why this might be happeneing.
  22. I have a full perm touch to light fire script that works good except the sound doesn't work. The sound is in the fire contents, along with the scripts and textures and it will play inworld, just not with the fire. There are some lines in the script for the sound. If anyone can help please send me an IM inworld. Thanks! Got some help and found out it the problem was the name of the sound wasn't named correctly in the script. Thanks to all who responded. :)
  23. Still having this issue. I just tried it again with a regular prim I set the transparency to 100 on. Ctrl-Alt-T does nothing. No highlighted prims of any kind. This used to work. I use Firestorm but relogged with Viewer 3 and it made no difference. I have those annoying selection beams turned off. Could this have something to do with it or maybe another preference setting?
  24. Read all about slam bit - not the issue. Even signed up for a premium account to get help - what a joke that was. I did create a bug report and the problem I'm having is similar to another bug where premissions are changing to no mod. This was happening to me too but when I repackage my houses in a more reliable large item rezzer, it fixed it so I assumed it was the rezzer. Now it's even worse so I guess business goes on hold while I wait for the Lindens to wipe their asses and get to work.
  25. Thanks for the links, Sassy, but neither of these cover my problem. When I rez the item, it works perfectly - perms are as they should be. When I transfer it to another av, it goes no/no/no. I can't reset the perms because to me they look right. This just started happening - it worked correctly until yesterday.
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