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  1. Is there any specific VWR and info you need for jira? i crash everytime i try to upload a model. And i have been following the tutorials on wiki Mesh and still crash.
  2. I am fully aware it hasnt yet been Officially posted yet, i was just putting my View and that i was having a viewer problem. I did not no they had pulled it from the download page. I felt it right to say i was having a problem as i'm not one of those who moan and dont file jira's etc.. Laterz
  3. Mesh Project Viewer is unusable. I have crashed 5 times in 15minutes. Cant even do a jira to help you as i was just stood there waiting to Rez. Sent all my Crash Reports from viewer thats all i can do. Really i do hope this isnt the way its going to go, BAD! not a good start to me!!
  4. Kinda guessing like Gwyneth said offices open @ 8am, they will have all there briefings for the day ahead with coffee & Donuts. Then back to there Depts and brief there teams with more coffee & Donuts then press the button and fire up Mesh/Regions lol. MMmmm all this talk about Donuts has made me hungry
  5. I dont as a rule grumble but i would totally agree with you and this was so much more than Second Life. There was only a sudden influx of Second Lifers when us residents saw the blog about it. Its all well and good them closing it down but they have left other gaming communities high and dry. Are LL going to publibly apologise on there forums for destroying something they created before LL moved in?. Why try to fix what aint broken and fix what is broken first.
  6. Ah well back to SLProfiles site then, opps unless LL are going to buy that and close that too. These new Resident profiles had better be good is all i am saying and worth the wait. I personnaly havent seen much progress lately just more restarts.
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