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  1. Hello, I'm looking to buy a full private region. Price depending on Tier date. Name will be chaged and region will be moved. Please drop me an IM or notecard in the next 24h. Thanks, WDL Bayn
  2. Hello LL, One question I have here regarding point 4) © (i) (1) from the program application : Under limited circumstances, an Operator Account will be allowed to make Linden Dollar payments to Second Life residents who provide services to an Operator for the management and operation of its Skill Gaming Region This includes tier payments and/or games purchase ? Thank you, WDL Bayn
  3. Hi LL, Coming back to my original question, and I'll have to agree with Gaia Gabe here, how would we know what games should we apply for if the approved game list is still empty? It's creators 1st, then operators. We can't have both the same deadline as it's nonsense. What is no game will pass your validation until Aug. 1st? Thanks, WDL Bayn
  4. Hi LL, Thank you for taking the time to address my specific question. I will have more as I've already contacted a local attorney. But the 1st one is : That legal oppinion must be US oppinion or EU oppinion ? I'm based in EU. Thank you, WDL Bayn
  5. I'm wondering about the part of obligation from the operators to provide a "reasonable legal oppinion that describe each skill game including detailed operational description". We will only be allowed to operate approved games. This double checking nonsense. Why is necesarry for an operator to present the legal oppinion for a game that is already approved and certified by LL that complies with the new ToS ? What will happend when we want to use a new game ? We have to apply again ? What if we want to become operators but have no idea what games will pass the approval process? What if no ga
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