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  1. If an owner wants his property to be private, he has several ways to do so. One is to limit access to his parcel to a limited number of people or a selected group. If you are not in that group, you'll see that parcel surrounded by the typical red ban lines. Other users (ie, tenants) use security systems which, upon detecting your presence in the area, will either give you the option to leave asap or eject you straight away. Conclusion: if an owner has not taken any of the above mentioned measures, he has no reason to be upset (provided your avatar is fully dressed and otherwise adhering to
  2. I think you may need to give some more information, what exactly do you mean by "will not log out"? Describe what you do and how you come to the conclusion that it doesn't. Ie, does your SL viewer keep on running after logging off?
  3. When trying to minimize lag, the first thing to do is to determine what kind of lag you are experimenting. Basically, there are 3 categories, each with their own solutions. Linden has incorporated some handy features in their viewers to determine lag. Firstly, there's a small lag-meter accessible via the Help menu (in SL viewers). It shows you the 3 lag-categories: Client Network Server The little balls in front of each category tells you, according to their color, their state (Green = OK, Yellow = Some Problems, Red = Bad) Here's a breakdown of those 3 categories: Client: basica
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