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  1. Query sent inworld regarding future rental payments on Tether's End, prior to purchase.
  2. Looking for a full sim to rent for less than 80.00USD/week if possible. Please only reply inworld to Subversive Vavoom.
  3. Randall, the reason that I haven't started one is pretty simple... First of all, I'm hoping someone is out there who's doing one that gets mentioned here and no one has to reinvent the wheel. If it's out there, and I can support it, why not? If it's not out there.... I would certainly like to be a guest blogger on something like this, and cover a couple of truly interesting events per week. Is that enough for me to start my own blog? Maybe, maybe not. As I mentioned to Syo, I don't think that creating something like this has to be the end all be all coverage of all events, but rather those that are unique and creative and probably only a small percentage of the total events going on. Ideally, such a blog would have multiple reviewers, because that's what works for a good fashion blog too. Also the case with fashion blogs, event planners could be contacted and asked for information on upcoming events, the same way designers are asked for prereleases or demo copies to ascertain what is actually worth blogging about. I realize that this would be a huge undertaking, and yet I also realize that with four or five people who are already avidly attending interesting events, each one could shoulder a small percentage of the workload. Lastly, I think that the blog could function a couple of different ways. Bloggers could tell you about interesting events that they attended, past tense, if it provided the basis for future installments of the same type of event at the same location, with data on the when's and what's. I don't see the point in telling the world about the most amazing SL ballet that you've ever seen if it's the last performance that troupe is ever doing. I do however see the point if this is something they do every third Sunday or what have you (which I hope is the case for many SL based performances). The alternative is to review venues in general and discuss the upcoming events without any sort of knowledge on the quality of the future events. While I think this could work in cases of announcing a special upcoming show, it might not work as well for something like a hosted dj dance. At some point I think that the blogger's instinct has to kick in and pick events based on their experiences at that venue to 'cover' based on their interests. Another reason to have a team of bloggers instead of just one
  4. Syo, I don't think that a blogger has to blog about every single event on the grid any more than they have to blog about every single new skin, blouse or shoe. Finding out about the events could be done a number of ways. One could start researching the events that are in the calendar to find out which would strike them as interesting perhaps, and if they are regular occurrences. I don't have all the answers, however, I think that through some investigative processes (like asking club owners for a schedule of events) that they could start the ball rolling. For the little guys, who aren't advertising in the calendar, a blogger would need to start networking and really do some digging to find them. Wouldn't it be great though, to help provide some extra coverage and support? Who's to say that they wouldn't find you (the blogger) through this process! Perhaps a team of bloggers could combine their skills and networks to help cover as many quality events as possible. I don't think of it as replacing the events calendar, let me be clear. There's no way that one could provide instant posting of all events on the grid without it potentially turning into another disaster such as our current method. Why? Because it's automated. There's no one to actually filter out all the non-events that are being posted there. A blogger would discuss events that are going to happen again in the future at a venue they've visited, and that have given them personal reason to attend. Just like they can't know that a new outfit is coming out unless they get in the loop and start blogging existing articles of clothing, right?
  5. After 10 years of a dysfunctional events calendar, would someone please direct me to a more useful source of information pertaining to events in SL? I see hundreds, no, thousands of blogs about fashion and photography. I sometimes see blogs discussing travels in SL to empty sims that make for nice pictures with no events. I rarely see blogs about roleplay adventures in SL, but I never, ever see blogs about recurring events that are designed for multiple locations or more than just one person (ie, not just your sim or your bf the dj) that provide diversity and promote creativity. I gave up yeaaars ago on the calendar of events, and I understand that probably a huge portion of events never get posted there in the first place (because, if you are a long term resident who's jaded, perhaps you feel it's pointless to post there). I don't mean this as a rant on the calendar, as that would be beating a dead (and broken) horse that I feel the labs have never really cared about. What I would like to find, or potentially help someone develop, is a platform where absolutely no commercial sale events would be posted. Some of my suggestions would be: 1. Blog about events that are a live happening. Not an ongoing contest, not something two weeks ago, not an all day fake event to boost someone's store traffic. (yes 5th Ave. I'm looking at you right now) 2. Blog about events that really have something unique to offer. Events that take effort organizing and executing! The last thing we need is the same info we could get from the calendar, about every Best in Red for 1k. I wouldn't mind a break down by musical genre of where to find alt indie or some such, but would suggest avoiding the typical bland dance events where there is absolutely nothing but a DJ who plays "it all". Shows, real games (not casino games) or discussions would be ideal. 3. Blog some of the little guys. Clubs like Franks, Sweethearts, GOL, and Big Daddy's really don't need this kind of promotion. Lesser known clubs are the ones who could benefit, and who are frequently more creative too. 4. Lastly, blog more than the when/where/what :) What are some *real* reasons to go to this event? ++++++++++++++ I hope that perhaps I'll spark some discussion in this line or perhaps someone will post a blog link that fulfills my every dream of a great event blog. Either way, just because a blog may be posted in reply doesn't mean you shouldn't reply as well, if you have something supportive or suggestive, or if anyone would like to kick around the idea of doing a completely non-profit events blog, please feel free to contact me. I do not have a personal agenda or club :) ++++++++++++++
  6. Is it possible for creators of mesh to easily go from a normal size/scale av down to a very small (some say micro size) av in their rigging? I ask this because while I know that some fashions can't possibly be made to fit my already-mesh-body (i'm a petite avatar by Yabu) there are some "loose" garments, and accessories like hair that could definitely fit if they were just smaller and rigged for the smaller 'skeleton' that goes with it. So, to be clear, I'm not asking this question in relation to body hugging garments made of mesh, but rather, less body-contoured items like mesh hair. Secondly, when you purchase a full perm mesh that presumably you can't reupload, are you stuck with the rigging for it permanently? I wish there was a way to work with creators to offer riggings for the new mini/micro/little/small avs on accessories! :)
  7. Here's what I'm looking to have made... 1. Target rezzer that emits a target of my design on temp that will fall slower than what 'normal' gravity would pull it down from a sky location. Targets need to be spawned as high as 3000 meters, spawn in a random pattern, and be able to be copied (the emitters/spawners) over a large distance for aerial combat. 2. Targets register hits from SpellFire weapons and disappear if hit dead/square on. If Target falls/touches you, damage is registered as though it's a 'bullet' or opponent. Prefferably I would like to know if it is possible to calculate the damage percentage according to how long it touches you (like a zombie grab, the longer you take it, the more damage ensues). 3. Scoring of # of targets hit is a huge bonus. Any and all quotes will be considered.
  8. http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Celestial%20Real​m/93/214/2236 Welcome to the land of the Dinks, where your size is magically changed just by visiting. Imagine being shrunk down to the size of a mouse, able to see the world from this new perspective in the backyard of your home! Your journey begins in your bedroom and continues on through such wonders as the garbage cans, water puddle lake, and even into the tunnels where the Gnarlies live, who are a different kind of Dink! Visit the floral fields of the Flutters, or take a picnic with the monster sized ant watching nearby. Look out for the hairy spider, and don't fall down that rabbit hole!! ShrinkyDink Petites RolePlay, Hangout Rated: Mature For: Petite Mesh Avatars, Micros, Tinies Roleplay guides, storylines, landmarks, events and details are located at our landing point. Biggies (aka normal sized avatars) are welcome, however they should know that entering in biggie/large form invites attack from the Dinks, the little people who live there. Peaceful treaties can be made amongst the two. Weapons are limited to only the petites/tinies/micros and include bows/arrows/slings, slingshot, swords, rocks, wands, and similar. NO COMBAT SYSTEM, no meters, no huds required or used at this time. *** Moderators wanted/needed ***
  9. You're welcome to join ours......ShrinkyDink Petite RP is opening (hopefully this weekend but I've been sick..trying to get it finished) up and has a group in search.
  10. Opening Soon at this location: http://slurl.com/secondlife/The%20Celestial%20Realm/93/214/2236 ShrinkyDink Petites RolePlay, Hangout Rated: Mature Roleplay guides, storylines, landmarks, events and details will be announced INWORLD to the open group of ShrinkyDink Petites Roleplay. Biggies (aka normal sized avatars) are welcome, however they should know that entering in biggie/large form invites attack from the Dinks, the little people who live there. Peaceful treaties can be made amongst the two. Weapons are limited to only the petites/tinies/micros and include bows/arrows/slings, slingshot, swords, rocks, wands, and similar. NO COMBAT SYSTEM, no meters, no huds required or used at this time. Classifications of castes will be available and purely optional. Moderators wanted/needed. NO CHILD AVATARS: this means that avatars who are openly behaving as babies, toddlers, or referring to their age as being a minor are not allowed. Shortness is completely understandable and ok. Sexual offers=permaban. For more info please simply join the group!
  11. I've had people ask me if megas sunk into the ground contribute strangely to lag, presumably due to collisions. I wonder if there is any actual weirdness with those???
  12. Fantastic Poke me inworld so I can send you a special 'welcome to the family' type giftie for your new av!
  13. I'm terribly late in finding this post but just wanted to say a couple of things in hopes that it helps. With petite av's there is indeed a glitchy clothing situation where if you wear for example, more than one overlapping mesh (especially in the torso) you will see some nipple action going on. I don't see it often if I have the mesh body with 1 layer of mesh clothes, but if I add something like a tattoo mesh with lots of alpha, then out come my boobs which was not my intent. Sculpted clothing (for example, Severed Garden does awesome stuff for petites) can help allay some of those situations, however if someone doesn't rez the sculpt then you're back to square one. If confronted about this situation, I simply explain that it's a glitch that I can't fix by tossing on a garment layer, and that if I need to leave, I will. I have a very low tolerance and understanding of why glitches like this result in bans or ejections. I feel that we're all adults and that regardless of the ratings, we shouldn't be punished for accidental peeks of our bodies.~shrugs~ Best of luck to you and yours!
  14. Super yay! I would love to talk with you inworld and invite you over when it gets closer to being up. Please friend me, or I will offer friendship to you, if that's cool.
  15. If you're willing to openly answer a few questions here on the forums, I think that it might possibly help you find some partners. If not please just ignore me. 1. Are you focusing on a particular set of products? Clothes, Furniture, Houses, etc? 2. Are you hoping for fantasy or surreal designs? 3. What advantages are you offering for such partners?
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