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  1. I like the beta viewers most because I like to be on the cutting edge of what's new in SL tech. I always looked forward to viewer 2 when I first heard about it, and admitedly there was a bit of a UI shock for the first week or so, but ever since then it feels like home. I don't like the other viewers because to me they all feel a bit clunky, and they lag behind in tech. It almost feels like they just took viewer 2 and shoved a bunch of random stuff down it's throat to make everyone happy. Meh. Just not my thing I guess. I would prefer though if LL would at least keep an eye on thrid party vie
  2. I'm not going to live in a 2006 world cause some ppl don't wanna upgrade their damn PCs or get a job to buy one. The world isn't going to wait for you people, get used to it.
  3. Hey everyone, the original poster is right! However I think that he didn't go far enough, let's apply this logic to the real world too! Hell why not, great ideas come in many forms! I vote that we all revert technology back to the 1920's because there were no nuclear bombs back then and someone might use one of them badly. Then let's ban all imports to America so that we can stay isolated in our little 1920's world and not have to worry about outside content flowing into our country. Who needs to actually compete with quality products when we can ban them and put oven mitts on creators hands
  4. What a great un-feature. I know everyone in SL has been begging for this. LL, instead of improving your lines of communication, would you please just work on making your game more reliable please? When the odds of an avatar loading correctly are somewhere around 50% it gets a little stupid. How come WoW is so polished and enjoyable? Why can't you do that? I love SL, but I just want it to work, not more un-features like these profiles. Also how come Activision Blizzard can remake the entire world of Azeroth in a year, and you guys started working on stability 2 years ago and items from the mar
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