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  1. By "Free" do you mean "Available"?
  2. Kenbro Utu wrote: So you want the Marketplace to start setting price limits for merchants? No. A seller wants to sell a 32 prim sofa at L$800, that is their business. There was a lot of stuff on MP that was set at a decent price at the time, but a few years later, wouldn't be worth that much. IMHO it wouldn't be unreasonable for sellers to review their listings every few years.
  3. Marketplace needed a cull - not just on unsupported stuff, but also old listings way overpriced in comparison to what is now available. It will all happen again though. And freebies have been drowned out by demos. Not that demos are bad, in fact the opposite, but there's still no way to remove a term from search. *weary sigh*
  4. I am mostly a shopper, and have to say I agree. I do use MP as the quickest way to find items, but will more often than not look for an in-world store. I do have a hard time understanding why so few merchants add the fees onto the MP price, or is that something already experimented with? Getting around those fees is a great motivator for me, and it feels like a reward for shopping inworld. In the past, I have also turned up inworld to check out an item and seen so much more, or just enjoyed the ambience so much that I go on a spree, something much rarer just looking at a page of listings. I will say that MP listings can carry a lot more product info than you get inworld, so there are times I'll be standing in a store checking out the MP, and on occasion I even bought the item from MP as it was cheaper there! I know, doesn't really make sense but hey. I do hope your post sets something rolling, inworld is the place to be
  5. Yeah, keep them up to date, or remove them. I might follow a LM out of curiousity - without one I might follow the SLURL on a listing, or sometimes look at the creator profile, but once I did one of those, I need to have been suitably impressed to want to try a 2nd method. Sadly too many sellers on MP don't seem to care. You can choose whether you are associated with them or not
  6. I removed the spurious superscript ² from a listing and it all went through. *Seems* to be sorted. Updating all listings now, wait and see what happens and if the backlog of payments comes through. Pat on the back for figuring this one out.
  7. Super String you certainly are not the only one experiencing this. I escaped all the other problems people seem to be having, in fact, migrating went like a dream. Took me around 5 minutes to complete the migration, maybe 10. Easy as. Did a test purchase, payment taken, all items received, but Transaction stuck on 'Being Delivered' for both myself and the buyer. No payment received for that or any subsequent transaction. It's not that I rely on sales to pay tier or anything, but that is not the point. The payment system is broken, at least for some of us. I'm watching and voted for the JIRA, if there's anything more I can do, let me know.
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