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  1. wow,, you are desperate for attention aren't you. Don't bother responding to this cause frankly my dear child I don't care. I mute people like you. Yes you have been putting people down read your own words. You wrote them
  2. Some of us don't have the luxury to sit at home and play on FB saying we work at home. STOP putting everyone down who is struggling getting one of the new homes from LL. YOU Beth Macbain have no busy in this thread if you already have a home. All you are doing is rubbing it in everyone's face who doesn't have one. Your criticism is not needed. It just irritates people. So if you don't have something nice to say about ALL the people in SL, then just hush.
  3. OK, so I had to put my thoughts in here also. I am a premium member, and I am not able to get one of the new Bellessarian houseboats either. I do this every day at least once until I cant refresh anymore. I have sent notices to LL, and there reply's are horrible. They have never really answered my question on when they will be available to all paying members. So yes it is very frustrating almost to put of cancelling the game. If any of you have ideas on were to look, and to keep better tabs on when they are going to release more houseboats, please let me know.
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