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  1. Saturday nights are HOT at The Rhythm Factory! We have DJ Rawk live on stage cranking out the best in new, hard to find, and unique rock and metal tunes. Come discover something new with us! Host Zanne is totally on board as Rawk's 3rd biggest fan, so she's gonna be helping him out tonight, mostly because he's forcing her to haha. Come on and join us for two hours of the best tunes, and company, in the coolest freakin' venue around! Go there and git it dun!
  2. DJ Zanne and Host Rawk are celebrating the end of tax season tonight! Whether you're dirt poor now or feel like you hit the lottery, you're all welcome at our old TRF warehouse! Come on over and party along to the best in today's rock and metal that you won't find anywhere else, set amongst the aged and worn down beauty of our venue. Beware the WTF song, though. We don't want you to pee your pants or anything. Bring your own mops. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Terra del Sole/37/100/3802
  3. Today, is the grand opening of The Lambeth Asylum! This is a walk-through build with a story to be found, and our own Halloween installment that will be up for all of October. Tonight, we'll be having two events here for the opening, and then we'll hold a contest here on October 29th, for the MONSTERS' BALL. I'd love for you to come check it out! October 1 - DJ Terry @ 4 pm, and DJ Zanne @ 6 pm with spooky rock tunes! Lambeth Asylum in Second Life 
  4. It isn't just you. I can't log in either. It started for me when marketplace stopped working, then I couldn't tp anywhere. THEN the search wasn't even working. Now I can't log in either. It's telling me my user name and/or password is wrong... no... it's not.
  5. Sorry, so apparently "12LI and 18LI respectively" is adult. I changed it to "12 Land Impact and 18 Land Impact, respectively", and it worked. Just rolling my eyes here.... ffs...
  6. I've struggled trying to figure out how LL decides what words are "adult" and which aren't for years now. Apparently today, my bedroom curtains are offensive... Could someone please tell me what part of this description is considered "adult" so I can change -it and get on with my life? ---------------------------------------------------- This is just a very large monotone decorative item to cover a section of wall. It comes with both a lit and unlit version, 12LI and 18LI respectively. It is mod so you can size it to fit your ceiling height. This set comes in monotone colors and features wrought iron details for the windows and a frosted leafy texture for the glass. The curtains are White and dark gray, and again they are mod, so you may color them if you so wish. The lights in the lit version do not give off any light, but you can set them for that purpose if you like. They just sort of shine and twinkle. As ever, if you have any questions or problems, please feel free to IM me inworld.
  7. Hi guys and gals! The Original Steel Horse Saloon is on an epic search for awesome staff! Staff must be prompt and reliable. We need rock DJ's that truly enjoy the music they play, and hosts that truly enjoy people. Please contact me inworld (Zanne Boucher, obviously) if you are interested. A little about us... We're silly, friendly, mischievous, but talented! The staff we have now I truly believe are the best around, and we're looking to expand the family. We are currently open between 2 pm and midnight slt, Monday through Saturday. Many of our DJ's have been picked up for internet radio stations and dual-stream here at The Steel Horse. We have occasional contests to thank our vips, but are not a contest driven club. Our sponsors include Death Row Designs and Trendstyle Customs (motorcycles). Mostly, we love to have fun, meet new people, and listen to the best tunes that the rock genre has to offer. If you love what you do and love to hang out and are friendly, please IM me. ^_^ Hope to see you soon!
  8. Ahhh of course. I just assumed since we're on Second Life forums talking about Second Life and all.... So to clarify, I mean SLT, aka PST. <script id="overlay_tmpl" type="text/html">// <div id="<%= overlayId %>" class="_mp3rocket_overlay_style" style="left: <%= overlayLeft %>; top: <%= overlayTop %>; width: <%= overlayWidth %>; height: <%= overlayHeight %>"></div> // </script>
  9. You have to love what you do! :matte-motes-big-grin-squint: The Steel Horse Saloon is currently hiring DJ's and Hosts for time slots of 2pm through to midnight, Monday through Saturday. I'll add on a little blurb-type thingy after this about us and what we do, but if you're interested, please contact me, Zanne Boucher, inworld for more information and an application... a formality, you know. :matte-motes-wink-tongue: Welcome to The Steel Horse Saloon, the friendliest and most rockin’ biker bar on the grid! Whether you’re a biker, a prep, a newbie or and oldie, no matter what, you’ll find the craziest, silliest, and sweetest family and friends right here! Specializing in rock tunes, and at times some country, we offer the best staff and vip associations around. We do have occasional contests to thank our vip’s for their patronage, but they always come back for the music, fun, relaxation, and pick me ups we all need. Welcome to the family, sorry in advance… you will be treated as such! :D http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malkine/221/34/23
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