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  1. I'd love to buy a full sim but as I want one on coast they are hard to find and then after paying a crazy price, you have to pay a tier for the sim you buy. So looking to rent a full sim on coast and prices do not seem any less than they were earlier this year. My partner and I are keen on flying but if you buy/rent somewhere near coast say separated by a half or full sim. Eventually some buys that sim and puts up sky domes up to the height limit and then security systems make it impossible to fly out to coast. Been on here over 12 years and way things seem to run, the way prices seem way over the top it makes enjoying SL harder. Sorry guys just a dippy minded person going on and on so pay no attention and warm regards to all.
  2. Hi everyone Been on SL for 12 years and a year a go I got the Belleza Freya body and desperately would like a nice mesh head to go with it. Sadly, while I know what I'm doing with the mesh Freya body, I have no clue on what is easiest or best head to pair with the above mentioned body. Mesh heads look so complicated and that has put me off going for it as I'm not the sharpest knife in kitchen draw. Sooooooo, having said that, if any kind soul can give me some advice on an easy to used good Bento mesh head I'd be so grateful . Ta ever so much and warm regards to all from Sammi
  3. Ah last, others seem to be thinking about something I'd never been able to understand, why are not all the continents of Second Life been so isolated from each other for so long? It would, in my ever so 'umble' opinion give Second Life a vital injection into its extensive body of enthusiastic life, More communication, more business and allowing others with similar interests to get together and enjoy Second Life that much fuller. As an avid aviatrix in Second Life, it would give both myself and everyone else, a much much larger world to explore. I'd like to be part of this initiative and join this group. Warm regards to all from Sammi
  4. Yes I've got same problem here in the UK. I was on and just logged out for a few mins and tried to get back in again and got silly message saying they could not log me in and check my caps lock was not on etc. Tried my alt and that said same thing. This must be a big problem to happen so quickly and all we can do is wait to see what happens an hope they get us back on again soon .
  5. Oh gosh thank you Ren. I note what you have been kind enough to put in but to be a pain in bum can you tell me where I can find that particular Abuse Report Category in SL. MANY thanks for your help in this mater and I've saved all the gory text so will take it forward. Regards with thanks from Samantha,
  6. I've been on SL for nearly 8 years and seen a lot of changes. But tonight on here, after asking a group associated with this retailers products, for assistance. I recieved from the owner of a particular brand of avatar associated products so much bad language and insults that I actually felt asaulted. I would really like to ask for help in asking for redress or even making others know about this persons lack of manners and texted bad language. Over a few years now I have purchsed his products as I felt they were very good. I asked some of the group members for help over a particular problem and they were kind and very helpful. However, tonight I received an IM from him he was very insulting and his language was disgusting. I was able to keep myself responing in kind in the hope that he would see I ment no offence. This did not work and sadly he just lost it completely. I kept a textual record of his ranting and would like to complain about him buttttttttttt how do we do it? Thank you and sincere regards
  7. Started having this problem this evening . If I try to log in with my main av, it just hangs with the status bar at 1/10th of the way across. I was able to log in with my Alt Avatar but despite using the SL and Singularity viewers, the problem persists.I have been on SL for 7 years and have a nice collection of things in invent and don't want to lose my things or my account. Any help would be gratefuly received.
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