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  1. I agree with all of Magnets ideas yes yes and yes.

    I would also add more specific filters for certain categories for example for clothes a choice by color.

    For buildings number of rooms,bathrooms,pool ect... kind of like realestate research

    As for demos i don't understand why they show in research at all. Why not do like any other website and be able to add demo to cart from the item page itself that would make some real space and clean up the MP !

    As a merchant i would also truly apreciate some statistics tools for my items (other then just the number of sales) as well as access to some general MP research statistics in order to target my clients needs better.

    Yes for fixing all the bugs and yes yes yes please make it faster, so so slow now!

    Yes for adding enlisting date

    In one word you all have grate ideas, too bad nobody is gona do anything about it ...lol

  2. Hey all,

    As many of the creators on second life I am converting to mesh and having all the problems that go with it and for me especially when it comes to rigging.

    I found this really grate easy to use online rigging program : http://www.mixamo.com/c/auto-rigger

    For now it is not compatible with second life avatars because that needs a specific skeleton. But I'm thinking if enough people show interest maybe they will do something for us :)

    Here is the post, please leave a comment and let them know that we really need this tool 


    Thanks to all and I will keep you updated

  3. The best solution for me was to merge the table and the feet and then upload the towel separately. This actually saves prims instead of making more heavy once it is linked together.

    I also used LepreKhaun idea and just used planes that worked like a dream. So the idea is if you put your physics in a box (bounding box), that box has to cover the totality of your object. Other then that you can do whatever you like. Si I just put one plane on table and one behind the head that covered the wide and the height.

    And the result is two prims yay, prim magic : https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/MESH-Massage-table-FULL-PERM-SEMI-EXCLUSIVE-Low-prim-High-detailed/5095373

    Thank you all for your help.

  4. I have a client who wants his furniture animated, it dose not have to be custom but he needs to be able to sell them. No freebies.

    PG animations only

    9 animations for each object.

    - sofa - table - chairs - snink - bath (water ect) - bed ...

    Please contact Tiola Violet and let me know what we can do.
    Please make sure that your idea takes the TOS of the animations into account. 

  5. Ok these attacks are getting tiring.

    Why don't you just contact me and ask question and I will tell you why I need a sculpted builder if you are interested rather then publicaly opposing to something you know nothing about?

    Of course we have clients in second life. What a strange thing to say, we also have NDA which I am sure I do not need to explain to you as a builder.

    And of course we have inworld samples if you had just taken the time to go to the agency you would see that, there is a rezzer by the window.

    Also I am not asking anybody to agree with my request in any way as it is perfectly normal and If you don't like what we are doing just past your way I don't come poking into your work saying what I do and don't like about it.

    We have a growing list of 3D artist and please forgive me if I have not had time to fully update the list on the website as we have only been open for a month, not that is any of your bushiness that is.

    And to be clear what the conditions say is you can work with the agency or decide you leave the agency and work with the client. So I really don't see what the hooha is about. I don't oblige anybody to work with us and those that do are happy with the services.

    So I mean...pfff... whatever, constantly justifying myself is just tiring. If you have more questions just call me and we will have a chat then maybe you can have a better idea before giving bad opinions.

  6. Hi everybody i am trying to get my head around how physics.

    I am having trouble getting the physics right. When i stand on the table I am making i was floating 30 cm above it.

    Here is what I have worked out so far : 

    - The physics must cover the whole mesh. If it is smaller then the mesh then it will automatically stretch to fit.

    - If it is rotated when you try to upload check the axis : my physical shape show as -90,90,0 rotation. I did an "Apply Rotation" and it is now 0,0,0

    So i fixed the shape so it was no longer just a cube and coverd all the object, then fixed the axis, and now when I upload it .. Well see the pick its distorted.




    Also I need to know how physics work on soft-links. What happens when if we unlink the object uploaded with one physics?

    I noticed that the main link prim changes what you see when you upload the physics, for example if i add the towel to the file and upload with the towl as the main prim i get this : 



    What am I doing worng, any ideas?

    Maybe softlinks don't work with physics? And you have to import piece by piece?

    Any advice is welcome



  7. The products on the blog are not in second life, they are from the portfolio of my out of world builders.

    The inwould builders come to work with us as a team, they don't want to waste time on commercial work and running after orders and we help them with that, they do not work for us, we work for them.

    The clients are happy to find the agency because they have real trouble finding builders. The agency is a security; many clients are worried about paying an advance directly to the builders so we guarantee the build and keep their investment safe. And if a builder "poofs" from SL we find a replacement or give them the advance back.

    Also they can order shoes, a bathtub, a house and a dress all in the same place.

    We try to assure that there is somebody inworld  to talk about their project with them and advise them as much as possible.

    I understand that many builders prefer to be autonomy and that’s great, but I also know that everybody that comes through the door at the agency is really happy we are there to help them.

    As for the fees, the agency is costing money between publicity, rent, and employees...

    So please don’t be so quick to shoot down all our hard work.

    Thank you


  8. Toila violet smiles, I am guilty of all of what you just said.

    I'm incapable of keeping a branding method over my 5 years of creation, I always think what other people do is better and change it all the time. As I do this for fun it may not be the "commercial" way of doing things but hey that's not a crime.

    Yes, I have tried to create many different things, with more or less success and I am proud of it, and had lots of pleasure doing so. All the building kits, textures, tattoos, eyes are 100% me :) along with most of the clothing. Fot the sculpty stuff i use building kits becase i'm usless at 3D.

    And yes, I also prefer to sell 1 object to 100 people then to 10 so I do low prices because that's what feels right to me.

    When I say "bought everything" I mean full perm stuff  yes. Alot are my own creations, some are made with parts of building kits or templates. I sadly can't do hair no matter how much I have tried, but they were purched full-perm mostly from sweet and pop and I add scripted color flowers, bows, lollipops, resizing scripts stuff like that.

    If the worst I risque is things disapearing then thats fine by me. And if someone sees somthin that sould not be in my store then please let me know and i will take it down. I can't do better then that !

    Thank you very much for your insight Czari

    Do you think i should rebrand everything?
    Should i put up my prices? I've tried before but things just don't sell.

  9. I sent out a notecard to a bloggers list looking for people that like my stuff to blog it and in return I got contacted by this really nasty guy accusing be of selling copybotted items on my marketplace and that he and other bloggers were reporting me.

    Of course he took 15min to yell and rub it in my face but when I asked for explanations and help he was too busy.

    So now I feel awful and don’t quite know what to do?

    Although a lot are my own creations some I mix with things I buy, tweek, modify, script and add stuff too.

    But I definitely bought EVERYTHING and am not aware if things that I sell have been stolen.

    What should I do?
    How do I know if I have really been reported?
    How can I prove my good faith to Linden
    And what are the risks, can they shut down my account?

    Any information would be appreciated.

  10. MESH Agency is in need of a few sales reps. You must meet the following requirements:

    1. Look and act professional!
    2. Be at least 30 days old, but no experience is needed.
    3. You will be trained.
    4. Work on commission + you will get a fix depending on the number of visitors you help.
    5. You make you own schedule.
    6. You mush speak perfect english

    Its an easy job, you don't have to be there all the time, you will receive an IM when people land at the agency.:smileyhappy:


  11. ...::::: MESH AGENCY CREATIONS :::...

    Mesh agency reunites quality professional 3D creators to bring to life your ideas.

    The transition to mesh has been hard for most second life creators and we can’t all be good at everything that’s why using a professional 3D designer can help you get what you need. 

    A selection of talented 3D mesh creators at you service.

    I'm sure we can answer your all your requests.

    Drop in and see for yourself, if your interested fill out a project application form.: SURL MESH AGENCY

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