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  1. sorbitan Nightfire wrote: The discussion is on how LL is participating in forcing out the entrepreneurs ... If you opened a clothing shop in sl and made only 500 L per month ... Then all you have or do is a hobby! You are NOT an enterpreneur!
  2. All I want to say is: First, LL stopped listening to creators, then UCCSL did the same... Many people did some great work in UCCSL , but they left for several reasons... now it's a very different group, than what it was in December and everything that was achieved with the creator guilds, the headquarter etc. got taken down.
  3. Joining an in-world groups like SCRIPTS is a good option to ask questions and get advice instantly, to find beta testers for your scripts, have others watch over errors or ask for scripts or other in-world resources and locations regarding scripting. It's a general purpose group around Scripting. SCRIPTS can be joined over this URL (alternatively ask me for an invite): secondlife:///app/group/2953b37f-edeb-5099-1c41-03b4d5068f68/about There are other specialized groups (but not necessarily as big as SCRIPTS), like: Scripting Weapons, Scripts for Germany, Script collectors and many more. Yo
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