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  1. Thanx, Cerise, This answer told me what I wanted to know - that basically so many of those measurement devices out there are faulty - not just inexact, but downright wrong!! Shame on those who distributed them without scientific testing! I am 5'11" in RL and was quite comfortable THINKING I was 6'2" in SL, even tho a majority of Avs around me towered over me. I am unwilling to 'shrink' to an accurate 6'2" height as I already get enough grief about looking too young. I have almost completed my 5 stages of Loss, and come to acceptance that I must be happy with a 'relative' value of a realistic height. It seems to me that furniture designers in SL would have tried to scale to Real World heights of tables, chairs, etc. - I guess I was wrong! :-(
  2. I've had a Be-Bar for over 2 years, and it has an avatar Height measurement function. I use it often on myself and avs around me. It states that I am 1.889m tall, or 6'2". This corresponds closely to readings given by various Height Check items around SL in stores and other locations. I happened to notice that when I enter "Appearance' Mode (at least in the Emerald Viewer) It tells me I am 6'9" (2.06m). For whatever reason, that bothered me, so I experimented by rezzing a phantom cube.. turns out.. I am 6'9" :-( So, my question is.. why is there such a discrepancy... ??? Was there some kind of fundamental units change in SL?
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