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  1. Thanks, I will try that. I didn't have much luck trying to explain the situation to support.
  2. Ok, so I see the basic appliers are either Omega or Slink. I also see classic Avi as well. Here's my question. which of the appliers have the most clothing options? Opinions are very much appreciated. Also, thank you Roxy - I will check out Lumae's skins. If I'm understanding correctly, I will most likely need a new body/shape, a new head, and maybe new hands and feet along with a skin (and hopefully the skins include the hands and feet?)
  3. Hi. A funny thing happened on the way to reactivating my SL account. I've had two in the past, the second one created after the first one couldn't be located. But THIS time around, my FIRST account was reactivated, so everything I have in my inventory now seems old and WAAAAAY outdated. I am working with an old LAQ avatar skin and shape - ALICE glow skin. I have NO idea how to update this, and I am very unfamiliar with the latest skins and shapes. Does anyone have suggestions for re-doing my avatar? Is there any way to take the look of my face and get close to the same result
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