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  1. Disconnects me without touching anything, I let it load always, without moving anything or opening anything, I have a 6MB cable connection and I play other games and I do not give any problem.
  2. Hello, think that I had been solved with the firewall, but it happens again, here I leave a catch of what happens when I disconnect. 
  3. Ok at the end I have solved it, but I am without firewall, if the active happens again, I already put it on the list of accepted programs, but still not working the same, thanks for the help, greetings!
  4. Hello, first of all sorry for my English, it is not very good, I hope at least you understand what I say. I did not go into second life for a while, and today I decided to do it again, but to my surprise, the game did not load my inventory, and before long, the viewer disconnected me. I have tried all the cache cleaning, reinstalling the viewer, uninstalling and reinstalling from 0, both the last official viewer and the phoenix, but I still can not access the game, please, someone who really knows Problem can i have, can you help me?
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