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  1. That made me chuckle... I feel like there has been a lot of constructive discussion here already, but I’ll throw in my two cents even if I echo others. I’m a creator on the platform. I almost exclusively design and sell heads for furries. I too have recently been hit with waves of items being delisted due to, what I would call, false flags. Previously this occurred on roughly one item a week, but today I saw that half of my store was delisted. ? I’m sure a lot of people are wondering “why now?” especially since some of our items have lived in the furry accessories category for years, for example my first head was listed in 2012 and still lives in that category. I think it is important for furry related items to remain in their own category to make it easier for furries to find what they’re looking for. I’d also like to point out the unfortunate fact that furry things do make some people uncomfortable, limiting exposure to these individuals would hopefully result in less flags. I’m not entirely sure where my heads fit going forward. The email I received from my flags say they should go under “Avatar Components > Cosmetic Enhancements”. I’ll comply, but I’m thinking that they’ll be flagged there too. Maybe in the interim LL allows furry content creators to leave their items under the Furry accessories. Once additional categories have been placed elsewhere, we can update our listings then?
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