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  1. ok,. so when i bought this laptop, it had windows vista loaded on it, and only 800mb of ram. second life didnt have any problems before, and now..... i have loaded windows 7 onto this laptop, updated my memory to 2 gigs and have downloaded all the updates for my drivers and devices that i can find. but all i get is black screen, i cant see anything when it loads up. if i move my mouse around after launching i can find a place to type, but no idea what it is. why wont it run....please help.


    and in case you didnt understand....i cant see ANYTHING at all. nothing, so i cant go into preferences or any of that.


    here is some info on my laptop windows 7 professional 32-bit (6.1, build 7601)
    toshiba satellite a215
    AMD turion(tm) 64x2 mobile technology TL (2 CPUs), ~1.8GHz
    2048MB Ram
    Directx 11
    ATI Radeon x1200 series (0x79 1F)
    internal DAC(400MHz)
    830 MB
    1280 x 800 (32 bit)(60hz)


    and here is a link for a screen shot of what its doing http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Technical/load-up-errors-on-my-viewers/qaq-p/1512411

  2. I have posted this before, but i cant get SL viewers to fully load. i have tried installing and uninstalling, back and forth with several viewers, mainly the regular SL viewer and Pheonix viewer. it installs without a problem, but when the actual screen comes up to log in, it gives me a black and grey screen. here is what it looks like and stays like when i start up the viewers


    SL viewer.jpg

    I have recently installed Win 7 from vista, when i had vista on here, it worked, but now that i have 7 on here, it doesnt...i have updated all my drivers, and even installed silverlight so i can get more memory in case that was the problem, and it is still giving me the same problem. any ideas on whats going on?

  3. when i load up the viewers, which i have tried regular SL viewer, and pheonix viewer, i get the load up screen, but its black and grey, and when i move my mouse around, it shows in a few spots where i can type, but i can't see anything, nothing i type, no images, just black and grey.


    i just got this laptop, and when it had vista on here, SLV and PV worked, and i had no problems, but since i installed windows 7 on here, it keeps doing the exact same thing. not sure what to do. i have run CCleaner and tried a few times to re-install the viewers but it keeps doing the same thing. any ideas?



    this is what it looks like

    SL viewer.jpg

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