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  1. I had played a PC game called Myst...and somehow thought, ( quite mistakenly) that SL would feel like an unlimited version of Myst! I logged in 2008, and this is my original avie. Like many of us, I wondered what made me pick that name, but I have grown into who Lenni became. Like another writer said, if I hear my avie's name called out in RL public, I look! She is the cute tomboy version of my female me. I met a friendly avatar named Hippie Bowman, found me on Help Island, on my second day, and he took me home with him. He showed me how to ice skate, and I got it , finally, but then
  2. In honor of forwarding artistic content and empowering creative people, we have acquired Burning Sim in Second Life. It’s just an empty desert, similar to the one Burning Man celebrates in real life. And I think we should all share it. We opened May 1st with live music, with our first building teams, but the contest is ongoing, so join the next one! Fill out the entry form and build your artistic and creative content for 30 days on a 8320 parcel, with 1904 prims at your disposal. It’s all free! You could easily win exclusive use of this full sim for 30 days. We let public vote decide the winne
  3. Yes we do have 3 spots left! Don't forget it's all about fun and meeting other builders, and enjoying a big space. Don't let the idea that you could win a whole sim scare you off...anyone can have it, we need not be pros, just creative!
  4. This is going to be a blast! I can't wait to see so many happy faces on our sim!
  5. Times are hard on us all financially, I agree..but I can't wait to meet on this cruise! It's about 300 per person if you share a room with someone..150 down holds the room, and you have until march to pay it off. Once on board food and fun is free! I am saving up and will make it happen. For all the time I have spent in SL, this is my treat to myself Love you all and hope you can make it!
  6. If Second Life we gone tomorrow, I would be really upset. I'm sad that more of you don't feel as strongly about SL as I do. Perhaps it's because I have made special friends that I am afraid I would lose. They are from so many countries and walks of life, and we surely do love each other after all these years. I never tried to make money in SL, or role play something I am not..I just fell in love with the people around me and enjoyed our never ending struggles to figure out, and survive in our virtual place. If LL does dump SL, I would hope they at least gave us a month or two warning, so we
  7. I have had the same skin and hair for over 3 years now. I have worn the same outfit for the last two years, just my leather jacket and jeans. I know i am not the norm, as my SL friends are always out to get me to change, or go shopping with them so they can "just dress me up and see what it looks like" I am busy in SL, I film, and don't like to shop, so this works for me. Some have said it is nice they can recognize me in any crowd. LOL
  8. Hippie thank you so much for starting this wonderful dialog! And thank you so much for your love inworld and out. Some say that you can't trust in SL, therefore they have chosen not to love. I chose to trust first instead, and have found love in a slow moving, wonderful way inworld. I am lucky enough to say that Hippie came up to me at a noob area 2 years ago, and asked if I wanted to go iceskating. I couldn't even walk, but I followed him anyway. What a fateful moment that was, but I never knew then how important it was going to be. I put on skates after several attempts, and then wore them
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