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  1. Thanks for your reply animats, we really experience something different from what your are describing. We DO crash when we walk into the non-visible sim. We log in every day for about one hour and we experience crashes like this about 50% of the time. Sometimes it happens to me, sometimes to my friend. I live in the Netherlands and he lives in Brazil. So we have totally different Internet paths from the servers to our homes. We both use the Firestorm client. Is there any way we can force a reload of the world around us? Best regards, White
  2. We like to travel and explore a lot in Second Life. Often we are following a (rail) road that seems to go off the "edge of the world". Yes, the next sim is offline you will say. But no: other avatars, who travel with us CAN see the next sim! If you do go into a sim you cannot see, you are sure to crash. In your web browser you can press F5 to attempt a reload. But what can we do in SL?
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