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  1. SL Photography was something I love to do. Did it quite a lot before I took a hiatus from SL. Maybe we could get together and look for places to do shoots together! Sounds like fun to me! I'll ping you in-world.
  2. Hey all, For the last couple of years I've been in and out of Secondlife, mainly due to the fact that the place I used to roleplay out disappeared and I found it difficult to start over from scratch. And most of my friends have moved on from Secondlife all together. Recently, my fiancee and I decided to come back and give it another try. I'm always open to new friends. It's pretty much what gives secondlife substance, I think. I'm a gamer, tech entusiast, roleplayer and I don't bite. So if you so care to, drop me a line in-world. I'd much appreciate it. I'd love to make new friends and try to get going on secondlife again!
  3. I was assuming it was something like that, but I wasn't sure. I haven't seen something like that since my middle school days. Was pretty popular back then. I'll hit you up in-world, hopefully we can chat the next time we're both on. Sorry it took me a few days to get back to this thread. Work has been busy! That pesky RL. *Laughs* I've only met a couple of people who share the same interests as do, and they've always been a friend of a friend sort of thing so I never really got to know them. Computer games, 3D modeling (Mainly Hardsurface/Environment). You and my S.O could talk about Pocket Planes all day, I'm sure. She loves that game. I'm only partially into it. (Because of her, shhh, don't tell her that.)
  4. Hm. We seem to have quite a few overlapping interests.. Maybe we'll get along quite well. On a sidenote, what in the world is fingerboarding?
  5. Black Gold Online? Can't say I've heard of that one.
  6. Similar to Liam I'm a PC gamer. MMOs, CS:GO, etc. Though I do have a 360 and a PS3, I rarely play them. If you have anything you want to play on the PC feel free to drop me a message.
  7. I'm always up for making new friends. Feel free to hit me up in-world at any time!
  8. Welcome back to SL, Rilo. Feel free to add me as well, if you wish.
  9. Hey Misa, Welcome back to the fold. I can understand what it feels like to come back and have most of your friends list pretty much dead (if I'm understanding your post correctly). Happened to me as well, when I took a break from SL a while back. I'm always up for making new friends so feel free to hit me up in-world at any time to chat, maybe even hang out.
  10. Heya! If you happen to catch me in-world, we can hang out. See if we get along or not. I'm generally easy to get along with, or at least I'd like to think so.. *Laughs* Feel free to drop me an IM.
  11. I have to agree, Firestorm would be my pick for a viewer. Well, course that's the one I use generally. It's optimized pretty well and like Sephina mentioned it's far better than the standard viewer provided by Linden Labs. If you ever start looking for new viewers, I could also suggest Singularity has a decent one. I've never gotten lag or performance issues when I did use it back in the day.
  12. I can say I do and I don't regret a moment of it. It's just something that happened. Made a friend here on SL in our favorite RP sim, got along well OOC and we found out we clicked very well. She confronted me about how she was feeling, which honestly at the time surprised me a little, but I had to admit I felt the same way. At the time it was only a SL thing, don't get me wrong for the both of us it was real, but actually traveling and meeting each other was out of the question. It was a financial issue and both of us didn't have the funds to book a lenthy trip. Eventually we managed to pool together our resources and get her out here to me for the first time for a weekend visit and I have to say it was a wonderful weekend. Everything that clicked with us hanging out in SL naturally worked very well in RL when we went around the city.. Eventually, when we worked out a budget, she packed up everything and moved here with me. Going on two years and still strong. I think some of the others posting above me might have pointed out, but I agree with the idea that things just happen and you don't neccesarily have to go looking for it. And it does work, if things are right. You can have a relationship that starts on SL.
  13. Welcome to the forums. Feel free to drop me a line in-world and add me as a friend. My online time is a little spotty these days depending on what I have going on, but if we're on at the same time I'd be more than happy to hang out.
  14. Ah, I see and know what you mean. I did a course on audio back in the day.. Wasn't my thing. *Laughs* Well, the thing about SL is that you can do whatever you feel like. If you like to mix music and share it in one format or another I think that might be a way to go. But yeah, finding a good spot you enjoy to hang out and chatting with people is also a good place to start in meeting new people and making connections.
  15. I think this would be nice for some people but like I think it was mentioned earlier in this thread, it wouldn't be for everyone. SL isn't really a game per say, at least that's not how I look at it. It's more like a community and most of the people I know (or knew) on SL didn't have a high-end computer because they didn't really play games like Battlefield 3 or Sleeping Dogs. So even if by some chance the graphics quality of SL jumped ten-fold, a lot of people would still be running at half or lower settings. And in my opinion, SL has come a long way in the quality of the user generated content, especially once Mesh was released.
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