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  1. The same thing just happend to me a dance ball, i forgot my tag, it came into inventory. Put my tag on and released it and it was eaten? SL that was lots of dances, no lost and found after restarting. now my area is going down for so called degrgation in my area, yes there was no dance ball after I just updated it!
  2. why is mac viewer named SecondLife when downloading it shows SecondLife Is this a misprint?
  3. i have problem everything is loading on my avatar 20000 items is that a database issue until i crash. i started deketing the worn items but they kepp going forever
  4. second life, new one cant be opened, and comes with a regular folder - why cant we dont load it? Second Life Viewer Download the SL Viewer on Windows even if oyu try to find it in program files you cant find it. I crashed and now cant get back in. it even makes you look for the file which cant be found?:matte-motes-not-even:Version Number:
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