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  1. I finally gave up and went to Phoenix. I feel much better now.
  2. The Outfit Editor is unusable. You seem to think people buy only one or two items of clothing. Please provide a way for us to use only the links feature it is based upon and not have to deal with the editor itself.
  3. I've less than zero interest in linking SL with FB or Twitter, or in having featured like them in SL. Better linkage to Google Calendars would be nice. Other than Google Calendars and being able to rationally tell somone inwolrd when I'll be on, I'd just as soon NOT have SL and RL linked up at all. The two worlds have very little to say to each other, and a lot not to say. Making it easier to find out who's currently performing live inworld is about the only additional social netwroking I'd be interested in. Anything else would just be a bother and in the way. Also....the 2.0 outfits fe
  4. Just give us permanent inworld email adresses and all will be forgiven. Using IM windows to communicate about coming and going is very dicey.
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