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  1. I'm fully in agreement with this notion. Please LL remove the ability for slurs to be used on marketplace. Thank you.
  2. I have had issues lately with mesh suddenly dissappearing ENTIRELY on random sim locations. At first it was my home location which is on mainland. It did this for days and then suddenly with no warning was fine again. Then it was my full sim I rent that began to do it. Things that happen during this time are: - Mesh entirely disappears. - Friends list disappears. - Names in IM boxes and group chats don't show. - When I try to teleport out I always crash. I have tried to fix it doing the following: - Driver updates. - Different viewers. - Viewer updates. - Character tests. - Picking up all
  3. Way to go you guys!! These turned out beautiful!! A great way to represent Second Life!
  4. Mesh has made me trash a LOT of stuff from my inventory that isn't mesh! Mesh is just better in my opinion, and fits my avatar better, and has made me be more careful about what I buy as well because usually demos are available which is fantastic!
  5. I think browns tend to be the most challenging color to find the right hue in. As for blue's I vary from dark to light but I almost always stay blue eyed in SL like I am in RL
  6. I've been in Second Life for over six years now, and I first came to Second Life because I was a big fan of the game The Sims. I ended up wondering one day if there was a "live version" of The Sims and when I googled live virtual environments Second Life is what popped up! I've been hooked ever since!
  7. Stripes are so fun! I especially love subtle stripes on my apparel! and Gabby being girly is what spring is all about! It's so easy to do when you are able to bust out all the pretty colors and accessories.
  8. If you are looking for some great up to date gardening places check out Forest Floor and Organica. Both are absolutely fantastic
  9. Thanks for the responses! I'm actually surprised, I was talking to some people about this subject and many of them said they keep the same eyes always. I guess eyes really speak to who your avatar is and their overall look. I know anytime I change eyes my entire avatar appears different, even it's personality. The eyes I just switched to give me a kinder, softer look, while the ones I had before that made me come across as much more intense. Pretty need that such a minor detail can create so much charisma in an avatar!
  10. All are fantastic choices! I'm a big fan of Maitreya as well. The quality in the texture and meshwork Onyx is putting out is just perfect. Chance, Entente is off to a great start! I love the full custom avatars they have for sale. It's perfect for beginning avatars!
  11. Second Life is an ever evolving community filled with the opportunity to change our avatars from day to day to whatever we want to be. For you personally, how much have your changed in the last year? Find a pic that you took roughly a year ago and find one of your most recent and share with us the changes you have made in a single year. I feel like my avatar has not only grown with technology but gathered a lot of sophistication and style over the past year. Being a fashion blogger i've had the opportunity to really learn about new fashion trends, keep up to date on what's happening in wo
  12. What new stores have really captured your attention this spring? It doesn't have to be necessarily a new store on the grid, but just a new store that you have discovered personally. I have absolutely loved the new store coldLogic. So many great mesh items for women. This season i've also really started to like items from the store Decoy. It's a store that's been around quite a while, but a store that is relatively new to me. For funky bright accessories this season I've become a huge fan of Aura. Tyr Rozenblum's earrings are a knock out. What stores are you noticing and spending you
  13. Love how girly your choices are! So cute I love anything lace!
  14. Pastels are my favorite in spring. So simple and pretty! These tops are great. I got them at March Mesh Madness. (which is filled with all things awesome.)
  15. I wore IKON eyes forever when it was under the Fashism brand. Finally decided to switch things up and try something new, but those eyes look fantastic on you!
  16. That's the website's issue though, not the specific blogger correct?
  17. Thanks for responding y'all! It was interesting to hear about and also see the poll results on my blog. I actually was pretty surprised with the outcome of the responses!
  18. Unlike real life, in Second Life we have the ability to change our eye color as often as we like. Are you someone who likes to change your eye colors often, or as the season changes? I personally tend to wear lighter colors in the spring and summer and darker in the winter, but it seems this year i've done things a bit backwards . I wore a really light pair from Mayfly during the winter months, and now that spring has rolled around i've gone a bit darker with my choices. My current favorite eyes are from Insufferable Dastard. I absolutely love them. What eyes are you wearing this spri
  19. What are some of your favorite colors or patterns you are seeing this spring in Second Life fashion? Feel free to post pics of your finds! I personally am in love with simple stuff this season. Items that have a clean, fresh look to them. Nothing overpowering, and stuff that has a light appeal to it. I absolutely love these tank tops from Decoy. I'm especially drawn to the simple solid colors and the faded stripe tops. A simple, classy, elegant look for the spring season. I also really love the Organique flats from Ingenue. The simple solids in the pretty organic colors are absolute
  20. It seems a lot of the fashion/modeling industry has morphed from magazines/virtual runways to blog format. Maybe I just think that though because I'm a blogger and follow a lot of the blogs, but it seems blogging and photography have become a lot more common than fashion specific events within the SL community.
  21. Chance has encouraged me multiple times to bust out my male alt and go shopping. All three looks are a lot of fun. I agree!
  22. Oh my gosh y'all! The March Mesh Madness has SO MUCH STUFF. Check out coldLogic's mesh items as well. Absolutely lovely. I was so excited. Also check out Jane. Her stuff is perfect! I just bought this dress below at March Mesh Madness and absolutely adore it:
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