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  1. From what I understood, if you already get the third strike you are already out. So the third warning already became the ban message.
  2. I sent a support case after reading your comment, and still no reply from them (but I imagine those take time) I wasn't sure if I should use it before since you need to select a specific category to report about your issue, and none of them seem to fit my problem (as far asI know) so I went with technical questions -> avatar issues. Hopefully this works out.
  3. Those were also an accident, but I don't really have a proof for that. But basically, one new feature from the ban system is that it kicks out and gives a strike to anyone who tries to sit on an object (that is not part of the quest) since people were using random objects from the area to be able to cheat and move around faster. In my case, I actually didn't sit on any object to cheat my way around. Whenever I start lagging and my avatar keeps moving on it's own I always use the option "Sit down/Force sit on ground" to make my avatar stop... Apparently that also counts as sitting on an object so thats why I got the strikes. The first time I didn't know that and the second time I forgot about it so I was very careful to not get a third strike from that. So the third strike that gave me the ban was for the HUD automatically removing itself
  4. So me and my friend play Paleoquest, but recently some rules have been changed and a new ban system was added. Unfortunately that caused me and my friend to get strikes (and a ban for me) for something we didn't do. So apparently one of the new ban system seems to be that, if you remove the game HUD you get a strike (which can lead to a ban) and kicks you out of the land. But sometimes a 'temporary network fault' can happen which automatically removes your HUD and that also counts as if YOU removed the HUD making you get kicked out and getting a strike. Here's the screenshot of when I suddenly got a ban message and kicked back to my home, it happened right afterwards I finished a Quest normally and then my game HUD dissapeared and I received a message talking about the 'temporary' network fault'.  *EDIT* I ended up sending a support case, and finally got a response. My ban has been lifted, and also the anti-cheat system will be changed so issues like this won't happen again!
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